Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical code for engineering hydrology for nuclear power plantGB/T 50663-20112012-3-1
Design for operation of reservoirGB/T 50587-20102010-12-1
Technique guideline for water quantity measurementSL 365-20072008-1-8
Specification for river channel change surveySL 383-20072007-10-14
Technical standard for stage observation platformSL 384-20072007-10-14
Standard of integrated quota for urban water useSL 367-20062007-6-1
Technical standard for soil moisture monitoringSL 364-20062007-6-1
Technical specification for the construction of groundwater monitoring stationSL 360-20062007-5-2
Standard for observations of precipitationSL 21-20062006-10-1
Code for reservoir hydrologic and sediment surveySL 339-20062006-7-1
Code for hydrologic boat surveyingSL 338-20062006-7-1
Code for discharge measurement of acoustic Doppler currentSL 337-20062006-7-1
Technical standard for groundwater monitoringSL 183-20052006-3-1
Standard for construction of hydrological fundamental facilities and technical equipmentSL 276-20022002-10-1
Standard for essential technical terms and symbols in hydrologyGB/T 50095-19981999-5-1
Technical standard for observations of ice regime in open channelsSL 59-19931994-1-1
Code for measurements of suspended sediment in open channelsGB 50159-19921992-12-1
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