Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Specification of regional risk assessment for geological hazard in development zoneDB32/T 4122-2021
Code for geotechnical engineering investigation of urban cable lineT/CEPPEA 5008-2021
Technical specification of geological disater risk assessment for construction program DGJ 08-2007-2006
Specifications for risk assessment of geological hazardGB/T 40112-20212021-12-1
Technical specification for hot dry rock drillingDB37/T 4311-20212021-3-2
Code for the design of landslide stabilizationGB/T 38509-20202020-10-1
Technical specification of design for geological hazard control engineeringDB37/T 3657-20192019-9-30
Technical specification of construction for geological hazard control engineeringDB37/T 3658-20192019-9-30
Technical specification of supervision for geological hazard control engineeringDB37/T 3656-20192019-9-30
Code for investigation of landslide control engineeringGB/T 32864-20162017-3-1
The limitation on infilling components of sea reclamation and enclosure projectGB 30736-20142015-4-1
Code for hydrogeological investigation of railway engineeringTB 10049-20142015-2-1
Regulations for gradation and classification on urban landGB/T 18507-20142014-12-1
Regulations for valuation on urban landGB/T 18508-20142014-12-1
Technical Specification of Vacuum Preloading Construction for Soft Soil ConsolidationHG/T 20578-20132014-3-1
Code for unfavorable geological condition investigation of railway engineeringTB 10027-20122012-6-1
Code for Hydrogeological Investigation of Metallurgical IndustryGB 50615-20102011-6-1
Technical code for geotechnical engineering of tailings embankmentGB 50547-20102010-7-1
Engineering construction code for investigation of geotechnical engineeringDB33/T 1065-20092009-12-10
Specification for acceptance of dam safety monitoring systemGB/T 22385-20082009-8-1
Code for insitu tests of geotechnical engineering investigation of metallurgical industryGB/T 50480-20082009-4-1
Drilling technical regulations of electrical power engineeringDL/T 5096-20082008-11-1
Standard for inentification and description of rock & rock massCECS 239-20082008-9-1
Standard hydrogeological investigation for civil engineeringCECS 241-20082008-9-1
Standard for engineering geological drillingCECS 240-20082008-9-1
Standard for engineering classification of soilGB/T 50145-20072008-6-1
Code for deformation measurement of building and structureJGJ 8-20072008-3-1
Specification for construction supervision of dam safety monitoring systemDL/T 5385-20072007-12-1
Regulations for dynamic monitoring on urban land priceTD/T 1009-20072007-9-1
Specification for field Direct shear test of bock and soil massHG/T 20693-20062007-4-1
Standard of chemistrys industry trade of the peoples republic of china regulations for operative technique of high pressures spurtal pour thick liquid constructionHG/T 20691-20062007-4-1
Constrction techmical regulation for low strength concrete pile cast in tube by vibratingHG/T 20694-20062007-4-1
Planning code of oil-field surface production facilities constructionSY/T 0049-20062007-1-1
Technical Code for Investigation of Geotechnical Engineering of Fossil Fuel Power PlantDL/T 5074-20062006-10-1
Technical code for the hydrogeological investigation of electric power engineeringDL/T 5034-20062006-10-1
Specification of design and construction for landslide stabilizationDZ/T 0219-20062006-9-1
Specification of geological investigation for landslide stabilizationDZ/T 0218-20062006-9-1
Monitoring code of rockfall,landslide and debris flowDZ/T 0221-20062006-9-1
Specifications of supervision for geological hazard stabilizationDZ/T 0222-20062006-9-1
Code for engineering geophysical exploration of water resources and hydropowerSL 326-20052005-11-1
Technical specification for multi-channel transient surface wave investigationJGJ/T 143-20042004-10-1
Code of geological mapping for water conservancy and hydropower engineeringSL 299-20042004-8-1
Dynamic penetration testSL 237-047-19992003-10-1
Technical specification for detecting snd and surveying underground pipelines and cables in cityCJJ 61-20032003-10-1
In-situ shear testSL 237-043-19992003-10-1
Guidelines for the assessment of zones of groundwater overdraftSL 286-20032003-8-1
Regulations for classificatoin on agriculatural landTD/T 1004-20032003-8-1
Code for investigation of getechnical engineeringDGJ 08-37-20022003-2-1
Regulations for gradation and classification on urban land GB/T 18507-20012002-7-1
Code for investigation of geotechnical engineeringGB 50021-20012002-3-1
Code for investigation of geotechnical engineering GB 50021-2001(2009)2002-3-1
Code for engineering geological Investigation of frozen groundGB 50324-20012001-12-1
Specification for geological observation of water resources and hydropower engineeringSL 245-19992001-11-1
Standard for hydrogeological investigation of water-supplyGB 50027-20012001-10-1
Specification for operating of drilling shaft and trenchingYS 5208-20002001-7-1
Specification for subsoil dynamic property test of dynamic machine foundationYS 5222-20002001-7-1
Specification for dynamic penetration testYS 5219-20002001-7-1
Specification for pump-in testYS 5216-20002001-7-1
Specification for injection testYS 5214-20002001-7-1
Specification for in-situ direct shear testYS 5221-20002001-7-1
Specification for engineering geological mappingYS 5206-20002001-7-1
Specification for pressure enter testYS 5224-20002001-7-1
Specification for pumping testYS 5215-20002001-7-1
Specification for geotechnical field descriptionYS 5205-20002001-7-1
Specification for electrical vane shear testYS 5220-20002001-7-1
Specification for standard penetration testYS 5213-20002001-7-1
Specification for static load test of rock and oilYS 5218-20002001-7-1
Specification for cone penetration testYS 5223-20002001-7-1
Code for construction and rockmass testing borehole for hydroelectric and water resource geotechnial projectsDL/T 5125-20012001-7-1
Specification for exploration of the natural construction materialYS 5207-20002001-7-1
Code for Test of Soil - Percolation TestSL 237-20014-19992000-7-1
Code for Test of Soil - Slaking TestSL 237-20008-19992000-7-1
Code for Test of Soil - Relative Density TestSL 237-20010-19992000-7-1
Code for Test of Soil - Moisture Content TestSL 237-20003-19992000-7-1
Code for Test of Soil - Compaction TestSL 237-20011-19992000-7-1
Specification of soil testSL 237-20001-19992000-7-1
Code for Test of Soil - Specific Gravity TestSL 237-20005-19992000-7-1
Code for Test of Soil - Grain Size Analysis TestSL 237-20006-19992000-7-1
Code for Test of Soil - Consolidation TestSL 237-20015-19992000-7-1
Code for Test of Soil - Boundary Moisture Content TestSL 237-20007-19992000-7-1
Technical rule for engineering geological mapping of fossil fuel power plantDL/T 5104-19992000-7-1
Code for Test of Soil - Density TestSL 237-20004-19992000-7-1
Code for Test of Soil - Capillary Water Rise TestSL 237-20009-19992000-7-1
Code for Test of Soil - Bearing Ratio TestSL 237-20012-19992000-7-1
Code for Test of Soil - Preparation of Soil SamplesSL 237-20002-19992000-7-1
Code on geotechnical investigations for metro and light rail transitGB 50307-19992000-6-1
Code for survey and design on hydrology of railway engineeringTB 10017-19991999-9-1
Specification for Dynamic Observation of Groundwater in Urban AreaCJJ/T 76-19981999-3-1
Code for Profundity of Geotechnical Investigation DocumentsDBJ 08-72-19981998-10-1
Specification for Documentation of GeotTechnical Investigation DBJ 08-1972-19981998-10-1
Inspection -- Acception Regulation and Quality Evaluation Standard of Geotechnical EngineeringYB 9010-19981998-7-1
Inspection -- Acception Regulation and Quality Evaluation Standard for Water Supplying Projects of Hydrogeological Investigation and Water WellsYB/T 9033-19981998-7-1
The surveying regulation for loess area of railway engineering geologyTB 10055-19981998-7-1
Code for geological drilling of railway engineeringTB 10014-19981998-7-1
Verification Specification for Deformation Measurement of Building and StructureJGJ/T 8-19971998-6-1
Standard for geotechnical investigation reportCECS 99-19981998-4-22
Technical code for investigation of geotechnical engineering of fossil fuel power plantDL/T 5074-19971998-1-1
Code for investigation of engineering of slopeYS 5230-19961997-5-1
Code for monitoring of geotechnical engineeringYS 5229-19961997-5-1
Classification of Rocks and Soils to be DredgedJTJ/T 320-19961997-3-1
Quality Control Specifications for Concrete of Port and Waterway EngineeringJTJ 269-19961996-10-1
Loess samplerJG/T 5061.7-19951996-6-1
Code for initial pressure testing of collapsible soilsYS 5227-19951996-4-1
Standard for engineering classification of rock massesGB 50218-19941995-7-1
Planning and engineering code of oil-field surface production facilities constructionSY 0049-19941995-6-1
Code for investigation of geotechnical engineeringGB 50021-19941995-3-1
Technical Standard for Sampling of Undisturbed SoilsJGJ 89-19921993-8-1
Test methods for soilsYSJ 225-19921993-7-1
Standard for basic terms of geotechnical engineering investigation of buildingsJGJ 84-19921993-1-1
Engineering geological drilling specification DZ/T 0017-19911992-7-1
Remote sensing technology for hydrogeological investigation of water supplyCECS 34-19911991-12-27
Classification of soilGBJ 145-19901991-8-1
Specification for side-pressure test of type TY predrillJGJ 69-19901990-12-1
Specifications for hydrological and geological survey of water supplyGBJ 27-19881988-10-1
Inspection - acception Regulation and Quality Evalueation Standard of Geotechnical Engineering Investition ResultYB/T 9009-19981986-10-1
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