Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical code for ground treatment of sand-gravel cushion in electric power engineeringT/CEPPEA 5010-2021
Technical regulations for pipeline supports and hangers in utility tunnelT/CAS 431-2020
General technical standard for intelligent inspection robot of utility tunnelT/CAS 428-2020
Construction specification of cast-in-situ bored pile DG/TJ 08-202-2007
Design specifications of foundation pit works DBJ 08-61-1997
Technical Specification of Red Mud (Bayer) Subgrades Application for Highway EngineeringDB37/T 3559-20192019-6-29
Technical Specification for Construction of Cement Stabilized BaseDB37/T 3577-20192019-6-29
Prestressed spun concrete square piles JG/T 197-20182019-4-1
Steel sheet pilingJG/T 196-20182018-11-1
Pipe supports with thermoprobeGB/T 31259-20142015-6-1
Maintenance and Repair Specification for 9FA Gas Turbine and Steam Turbine Combined Cycle UnitDL/T 1214-20132013-8-1
Thermoprobe GB/T 27880-20112012-6-1
Technical code for monitoring of building excavation engineeringGB 50497-20092009-9-1
Code for Design of Steel Tank FoundationGB 50473-20082009-8-1
Technical Code for Building Pile FoundationsJGJ 94-20082008-10-1
Specification for design of ram-compacted piles with bearing baseJGJ 135-20072007-10-1
Construction monitoring specification of foundation pit works DG/TJ 08-2001-20062006-12-1
Specification for GroutingYSJ 211-19922006-10-11
Technical Specification for Jet GroutingYSJ 210-19922006-10-11
Technical specification for retaining and protection with reinforced cement soil piles and anchorsCECS 147-20042006-8-1
Technical specification for down-hole dynamic compactionCECS 197-20062006-4-1
Technical specification for cast-in-situ pile with expanded branches and platesCECS 192-20052006-3-1
Technical specification for ground anchorsCECS 22-20052005-8-1
Technical Specification for Offshore Cement Deep Mixing Technique to Consolidate Soft SoilsJTJ/T 259-20042004-10-1
Technical specification for testing of building foundation pilesDGJ 08-218-20032003-12-1
Technical Code for Testing of Building Foundation PilesJGJ 106-20032003-7-1
Technical code of ground treatment of buildingsJGJ 79-20022003-1-1
Specification for dynamic compaction foundation (same as YBJ 25-1992)YSJ 209-19922002-6-21
Specification for castin-place piles (same as YBJ 25-1992)YSJ 212-19922002-6-21
Specification for design of ram-compaction piles with composite bearing baseJGJ/T 135-20012001-12-1
Technical Code for Improvement of Soil and Foundation of Existing BuildingsJGJ 123-20002000-6-1
Technical code for vibroflotation method ground treatment of fossil fuel power plantDL/T 5101-19991999-10-1
Standard for soil test methodGB/T 50123-1999(2007)1999-10-1
Code for Design of Soil and Foundation of Building in Frozen Soil RegionJGJ 118-19981999-4-1
Technical Specification of Roadbases and Subbases with Chemical StabilizationCJJ/T 80-19981998-12-1
Code for Technique of Building Foundation Pit EngineeringYB 9258-19971998-5-1
Code for measurement method of dynamic properties of subsoilGB/T 50269-19971998-5-1
Design Specifications of Foundation Pit Works DBJ 08-1961-19971997-4-1
Technical code on dry jet mixing method to stabilize soft foundationTB 10113-19961996-4-1
Technicsl Code for Building Pile FoundationsJGJ 94-19941995-7-1
Technical specification of foundation treatment DBJ 08-40-19941994-7-1
Construction specification of cast-in-situ bored pile DBJ 08-202-19921992-8-1
Key test point for pile foudation YBJ 236-19911992-1-1
Technical specification for dynamic compaction foundation (identical with YSJ 209-1992) YBJ 25-19921992-1-1
Specifications for Rock TestYBJ 46-19931992-1-1
Specification for GroutingYBJ 44-19921992-1-1
Technical Specification for Jet GroutingYBJ 43-19921992-1-1
Technical specification for pile construction of prestressed reinforced concrete pipe YBJ 235-19911992-1-1
Technical specification for vibratory sand compaction pile construction YBJ 234-19911992-1-1
Technical specification for steel pipe pile construction YBJ 233-19911992-1-1
Technical specification for deep stirring of soft soil foundation YBJ 225-19911991-10-1
Construction operation specification for ground and foundation engineeringYSJ 402-19891990-3-1
Specifications for construction and acceptance of ground and foundationsGBJ 202-19831984-5-1
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