Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Design specifications of prestressed concrete structure DGJ 08-69-2007
Design code for database architecture of highway bridge health monitoring systemDB32/T 3940-2020
Technical specification of compression strength inspection of structural concrete - rebounding method, ultrasonic-rebound method, drilled core method DG/TJ 08-2020-2007
Technical code of practice for grouting treatment of tunnel lining void fillingT/CSPSTC 72-2021
Design Code for Hydraulic Concrete StructuresDL/T 5057-1996
Application technology specification of reclaimed concrete DG/TJ 08-2018-2007
Building technology specification of small R.C. hollow-block masonry DG/TJ 08-2006-2006
Application technology specification of steel ingot milling steel fiber reinforced concrete DGJ 08-59-2006
Code of practice for design depth of prefabricated concrete building componentsT/CSPSTC 50-2020
Management specification for quality inspection of hydraulic engineeringDB37/T 4371-20212021-7-15
Cementitious grout for sleeve of rebar splicingJG/T 408-20192020-6-1
Construction specification for prefabricated lining board of water conveyance channelDB37/T 3921-20202020-5-3
Anchor channel assemblies for building constructionJG/T 560-20192019-9-1
Design specification for specified concrete filled steel tubular membersCECS 408-20152015-12-1
Technical specification for application of composite wall of cast-in-place foamed concrete with light steel keelCECS 406-20152015-10-1
Technical Specification for Grout Sleeve Splicing of Rebars JGJ 355-20152015-9-1
Technical code for application of concrete under cryogenic circumstanceGB 51081-20152015-9-1
Ribbed of Pre-stressed Concrete Composite SlabJG/T 461-20142015-4-1
Technical Specification for Test of Chloride Ion Content in ConcreteJGJ/T 322-20132014-6-1
Code for design of steel and concrete composite bridgesGB 50917-20132014-5-1
Code for quality acceptance of oil and gas construction engineering--Seawall engineering in beach-shallow seaSY 6879-20122012-12-1
Code for design of concrete structuresGB 50010-20102011-7-1
Code for Construction of Mass ConcreteGB 50496-20092009-10-1
Technical specification for application of autoclaved aerated concreteJGJ/T 17-20082009-5-1
Code for Durability Design of Concrete StructuresGB/T 50476-20082009-5-1
Technical specification for steel tube-reinforced concrete column structureCECS 188-20052008-11-1
Technical specification for test of reinforcingJGJ/T 152-20082008-10-1
Technical specification for strengthening concrete structures with grid rebar and mortarCECS 242-20082008-8-1
Specification for quality management of ready-mixed concrete and precast concrete componentDG/TJ 08-2034-20082008-7-1
Technical specification for testing concrete strength with drilled coreCECS 03-20072008-1-1
Technical specification for testing concrete strength with drilled coreCECS 03:20072008-1-1
Specification for design of steel-concrete mixed structure of tall buildingsCECS 230-20082007-11-1
Standard for durability assessment of concrete structuresCECS 220-20072007-10-1
Reinforcrd concrete fruit supportNY/T 1254-20062007-2-1
Technical specification of steel-reinforced concrete structuresYB 9082-20062007-2-1
Technical specification for concrete structural element with cold-rolled and twisted barsJGJ 115-20062006-12-1
Technical specification for self compacting concrete applicationCECS 203-20062006-8-1
Technical specification for concrete structures with specially shaped columnsJGJ 149-20062006-8-1
Technical specification for polystyrene form concrete structuresCECS 194-20062006-4-1
Design specification for concrete gravity damsSL 319-20052005-11-1
Technical code for composite steel soil-cement mixed diaphragm wallDGJ 08-116-20052005-9-1
Specification for prestressed construction of building engineeringCECS 180-20052005-8-1
Technical specification for cast-in-situ concrete hollow floor structureCECS 175-20042005-4-1
Technical specification for post-installed fastenings in concrete structuresJGJ 145-20042005-3-1
Technical Specification for Concrete Structures - Pre-stressed with Unbonded TendonsJGJ 92-20042005-3-1
Technical specification for dwelling house with EPSC form latticed concrete wallCECS 173-20042005-2-1
Technical specification for fiber reinforced concrete structuresCECS 38-20042004-11-1
Panels for interior thermal insulation of the outer-wallJG/T 159-20042004-8-1
Technical specification for structural strengthening with sprayed concreteCECS 161: 20042004-5-1
Technical specification for structural strengthening with sprayed concreteCECS 161-20042004-5-1
Code for design of reinforced concrete silosGB 50077-20032004-1-1
Technical Specification for Concrete Structures with Cold-rolled Ribbed Steel WiresJGJ 95-20032003-8-1
General technical specification for mechanical splicing of barsJGJ 107-20032003-7-1
Standard for test method of mechanical properties on ordinary concreteGB/T 50081-20022003-6-1
Technical specification for strengthening concrete structures with carbon fiber reinforced polymer laminateCECS 146-20032003-5-1
Technical Specification for High - Strength Concrete StructuresCECS 104-19992003-3-1
Technical Specification for Concrete Structures of Tall BuildingJGJ 3-20022002-9-1
Construction operation specification for reinforced concrete engineeringYSJ 403-19892002-6-21
Technical specification for steel reinforced concrete composnte structuresJGJ 138-20012002-1-1
Specifications for Bolt-shotcrete SupportGB 50086-20012001-10-1
Corrosion Prevention Technical Specifications for Concrete Structures of Marine Harbour EngineeringJTJ 275-20002001-5-1
Test code on non-dispersible underwater concreteDL/T 5117-20002001-1-1
Specification for Design of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Structures JGJ 12-19991999-10-1
Post-tensioned Prestressed Construction Specification DGJ 08-235-19991999-8-1
Specification for design of reinforced concrete shell structuresJGJ/T 22-19981998-12-1
Specification for the ConstructionTechnique of Cementitious Grouting MaterialYB/T 9261-19981998-10-1
Design Specification for Prestressed Concrete Structures DBJ 08-1969-19971998-7-15
Technical Specification for Concrete Structural Element with Cold-Rolled and Twisted BarsJGJ 115-19971998-7-1
Specification for Design of Steel-Reinforced Concrete StructureYB 9082-19971998-5-1
Application technology specification of milling steel fiber reinforced concrete DBJ 08-59-19971997-4-1
Specification for Pressed Sleeve Splicing of Ribbed Steel BarsJGJ 108-19961997-4-1
Technical specification of concrete structures of cold-rolled and cold-twisted reinforcement bar DBJ 08-58-19971997-4-1
Specification for design of reinforced concrete pile capsCECS 88-19971997-2-21
Specification for Concrete Structures with Cold-Rolled Ribbed Steel Wires and BarsJGJ 95-19951995-7-1
Technical code on the centrifugal concrete filled thin - wall steel tubular structuresDL/T 5030-19961994-7-1
Technical specification for concrete structures prestressed with unbonded tendonsJGJ/T 92-19931994-5-1
Specification for design of reinforced concrete continuous beams and frames considering redistribution of internal forcesCECS 51-19931993-9-11
Specification for design and construction of hydraulic and removable formwork projectJGJ 9-19781993-8-1
Specification for quality control of concrete and precast concrete componentsCECS 43-19921992-11-9
Testing methods of concreteGB 50152-19921992-7-1
Concrete strength Pre-burring and pulling-out test methodTB/T 2298.1-19911992-1-1
Concrete strength Post-inserting and pulling-out test methodTB/T 2298.2-19911992-1-1
Quality inspection and assessment of prefabricated concrete structural membersGBJ 321-19901991-3-1
Technical specifications for plate-lifing structures reinforced concreteGBJ 130-19901991-3-1
Technical specification for strengthening concrete structuresCECS 25-19901990-9-25
Specifcations for Design of concrete structuresGBJ 10-19891990-1-1
Inspection and evaluation of concrete strengthGBJ 107-19871988-3-1
Standard for Quality Inspection and Assessment of Composite Steel Form YB/T 9251-19941986-10-1
Testing methods for mechanical performance of ordinary concreteGBJ 81-19851986-7-1
Specifications for the design of reinforced concrete silosGBJ 77-19851986-7-1
Testing methods for the performance of ordinary concreteGBJ 80-19851986-7-1
Technical specifications for ancher-shaft sprayed concrete supportGBJ 86-19851986-7-1
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