Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Prefabricated plastic formwork with ribsT/CMRA 11-2021
Technical specification of membrane structure inspection DG/TJ 08-2019-2007
Technical code of practice for monolithic precast concrete utility tunnelT/CSPSTC 71-2021
Unbonded prestressing steel strandJG/T 161-20162017-5-1
Corrosion-resistant and Lubricating Grease Specialized for Unbonded TendonsJG/T 430-20142014-4-1
Plybamboo Form with Steel FrameJG/T 428-20142014-3-1
Code for quality acceptance of the concrete filled steel tubular engineeringGB 50628-20102011-10-1
Technical code for infrastructure application of FRP compositesGB 50608-20102011-6-1
The aluminum-plastic composite panel curtain wall engineering construction and acceptance specification (with explanation)CECS 231-20072007-12-30
Unbonded prestressing steel strandJG 161-20042004-12-1
Technical specification for structures with concrete-filled rectangular steel tube membersCECS 159-20042004-8-1
Main building of thermal power plant - Temporary provisions for steel-concrete composite structure design DLG J99-19912004-6-1
Code for Design of Steel-concrete Composite StructureDL/T 5085-19991999-10-1
Construction machinery single row ball slewing ringsJG/T 66-19991999-6-4
Structure Design and Construction Specifications for Steel-concrete Composite Floor YBJ 238-19921992-1-1
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