Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical requirements of design and construction for inspection and testing laboratory—Part 1:General specificationGB/T 32146.1-2015E
建标 (Construction standard) 101-2007 Construction standard of scientific technology museum JIANBIAO 101-2007
Technical specification of energy saving reconstruction of existing building DG/TJ 08-2010-2006
Residential building mailbox (isolated)DBJT 08-66-1994
Specification for simple and low risk construction building inherent defects insurance and safety production liability insurance and servicesT/GZAES 001-2022
Specification for technical inspection service of residential building inherent defects insuranceT/GZAES 002-2022
Design Guideline for Stage Lightign SystemWH/T 40-2011
Design standard of residential building in suburb central villageDGJ 08-2015-2007
Multi-storey housing mailbox DBJT 08-64-1994
Design standard of residential building of Jiangsu Province DGJ32/J 26-2006
Inspection specification of automatic fare collection system (AFC) of urban rail transit DG/TJ 08-2037-2008
Multi-storey housing mailbox (SXB-N-type)DBJT 08-65-1995
Engineering technology specification of changing flat roof of multi-storey housing to slope roof DG/TJ 08-023-2006
Technical specification of residential building with multi-story and tall steel structuresDG/TJ 08-2029-2007
Technical requirements of security system for urban public transportation parking lotDB31/T 1020-2016
Technical specification for technology residential housing based on construction-installation integrationT/TMAC 015-2019
Guidelines for parking in elderly care community―Parking site selection and parking ratioT/LXLY 2-20202020-7-1
Guidelines for evaluating the rational use of energy in hospital buildingsT/SHWSHQ 02-20192019-9-1
Technical requirements acceptance specification for inspection and testing laboratoryGB/T 37140-20182019-7-1
Construction regulations for forest health and wellness base in Guizhou provinceDB52/T 1198-20172018-1-18
Technical specification for application of anti-cavitation pressure regulating valveCECS 442-20162016-10-1
Design code disasters emergency shelterGB 51143-20152016-8-1
Technical requirements of design and construction for inspection and testing laboratory―Part 2:Electrical laboratoryGB/T 32146.2-20152016-7-1
Technical requirement of design and construction for inspection and testing laboratory―Part 1:General specificationGB/T 32146.1-20152016-7-1
Technical requirements of design and construction for inspection and testing laboratory―Part 3:Food laboratoryGB/T 32146.3-20152016-7-1
Standard for design of intelligent buildingGB 50314-20152015-11-1
Specifications for Radon control techniques of civil buildingJGJ/T 349-20152015-10-1
Code for designing of electric vehicle Battery-swap stationGB/T 51077-20152015-9-1
Construction and service specifications for rural toiletsDB33/T 3004.2-20152015-8-16
Sliding and Swing Gate OpenerJG/T 462-20142015-5-1
Technical specification for application of exhaust duct system in residential buildingsCECS 390-20142015-4-1
Energy management systems. Certification requirements for public building management organizationRB/T 107-20132014-6-15
Design Code for First-aid StationGB/T 50939-20132014-6-1
Design code for buildings of elderly facilitiesGB 50867-20132014-5-1
Code for design of school GB 50099-20112012-1-1
Evaluation standard for green construction of buildingGB/T 50640-20102011-10-1
Construction acceptance and maintenance standards of the barrier-free facilitiesGB 50642-20112011-6-1
watre-free sanitary toiletGB/T 18092-20082009-8-1
Code for design of electronic industry clean roomGB 50472-20082009-7-1
Test method for the performance of civil kangNY/T 58-20092009-5-1
Construction Standard of General Hospital JIANBIAO 110-20082008-12-1
Construction Standard of Rural Ordinary Elementary and Middle SchoolsJIANBIAO 109-20082008-12-1
Construction Standard for Help and Protection Center of Vagabond MinorsJIANBIAO 111-20082008-12-1
Architectural and technical code for laboratory animal facilityGB 50447-20082008-12-1
Construction Standard of Township HospitalsJIANBIAO 107-20082008-11-1
Construction Standard of Public Library JIANBIAO 108-20082008-11-1
Requirement of the setup and function of community commerce infrastructureSB/T 10455-20082008-11-1
Code for design of cultural center buidings in towns villagesJGJ 156-20082008-10-1
Technical specification for outdoor advertisement facilityDB33/T 700-20082008-8-5
Code for Architectural Design of CinemaJGJ 58-20082008-8-1
Construction Standard of Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine JIANBIAO 106-20082008-8-1
Evaluation standard of energy efficiecy for existing civil buildingsDG/TJ 08-2036-20082008-7-1
DG/TJ 08-2040-2008DG/TJ 08-2040-20082008-7-1
Code for Construction and Acceptance of Electronic Information System RoomGB 50462-20082008-6-1
Code for planning of city and town facilities for the agedGB 50437-20072008-5-1
Code for design of railway passenger station buildingsGB 50226-20072007-12-1
Code for Engineering Acceptance of Generic Cabling SystemGB 50312-20072007-10-1
Code for test of scale acoustic model for auditoriumGB/T 50412-20072007-9-1
Technical specification for application of energy-saving bathroom with two-way heat collecting technologyCECS 224-20072007-9-1
Code of Design for Access Control Systems EngineeringGB 50396-20072007-8-1
Code of Design for Video Monitoring SystemGB 50395-20072007-8-1
Code of Design for Intrusion Alarm Systems EngineeringGB 50394-20072007-8-1
Standard for design of intelligent buildingGB/T 50314-20062007-7-1
Design Code for Office BuildingJGJ 67-20062007-5-1
Technical specification for operation and maintenance of municipal solid waste transfer stationCJJ 109-20062006-8-1
Technical code for transfer station of municipal solid wasteCJJ 47-20062006-8-1
Arrangement criteria of urban residential area and public service facilities in residential area DGJ 08-55-20062006-4-1
Technical specification for chemical disinfection centralized treatment engineering on medical waste (on trial)HJ/T 228-20062006-3-15
Technical specification for microwave disinfection centralized treatment engineering on medical waste (on trial)HJ/T 229-20062006-3-15
Code for Design of Dormitory BuildingJGJ 36-20052006-2-1
Standards for design of traffic and setting up parking lots(garages) in architectural engineeringDGJ 08-7-20062005-12-22
Specification for checking and measuring of intelligent buildingCECS 182-20052005-10-1
The construction standard of general kindergartenDG/TJ 08-45-20052005-8-1
Technical regulations for temporary work operationDGJ 08-114-20052005-7-1
Specification for the environmental protection design of catering tradeDGJ 08-110-20042004-12-1
Architectural and technical code for biosafety laboratoriesGB 50346-20042004-9-1
Standard for school construction of general and primary secondary and high schoolsDG/TJ 08-12-20042004-8-1
Technical specification of communication auxiliary engineering of residential building - Part 1: design specifications DG/TJ 08-606-20042004-3-15
Technical standard for communication accessory project of residential buildings Part 1:Design standard Part 2:Engineering & acceptance standardDG/TJ 08-19606-20042004-3-15
Code for design of special education schoolsJGJ 76-20032004-3-1
Technological classification of community intellectualization systemCJ/T 174-20032003-12-1
Design code for sports buildingJGJ 31-20032003-10-1
Code for design of residential building for the agedGB/T 50340-20032003-9-1
general technical bid of weak current engineering DG/TJ 08-603-20022003-1-1
General technical tender document for intellgent buildinging systemsDG/TJ 08-19603-20022003-1-1
Code of applied technique for energy conservation on the envelope of residetial buildingDG/TJ 08-206-20022002-12-1
Design Code for TheaterJGJ 57-20002001-7-1
Code for acoustical design and measurement of gymnasiumJGJ/T 131-20002001-3-1
Water-free sanitary toiletGB/T 18092-20002000-10-1
Standard for design of intelligent buildingGB/T 50314-20002000-10-1
Code for Design of Detention HousesJGJ 127-20002000-8-1
Design Code for Archives BuildingsJGJ 25-20002000-6-1
Standard guide for radon control options for the design and construction of new low rise residential buildingsGB/T 17785-19992000-4-1
Code for design of library buildingsJGJ 38-19991999-10-1
Code for Design of Buildings for Elderly PersonsJGJ 122-19991999-10-1
Technical specification of mailbox arrangement DB/TJ 08-201-19981999-4-1
The safety code for mechanical parking equipment - General principleJG 5106-19981998-12-1
Design Code of GarageJGJ 100-19981998-9-1
Stage Elevating Rigid Fire CurtainWH 0101-19961997-7-1
Stage-used Electric Single-point LifterWH/T 0102-19961997-7-1
Standard for quality test and estimation of ancient building repairing engineerings (in southern area)CJJ 70-19961997-5-1
Design Code for Mechanical Parking GarageDBJ 08-1960-19971997-4-1
Specification of primary decoration design and completion verification of residential building DBJ 08-20A-19971997-4-1
Building Construction of Baseplate Outside of Air Conditioner Room DBJT 08-1991-20001996-8-1
Technical code for adding stories of brick-concrete structures of buildingsCECS 78-19961996-5-30
Standard for Graphic of Landscape ArchitectureCJJ 67-19951996-3-1
Multi-storey Housing Mailbox (SXB-N-type)DBJT 08-1965-19951995-1-1
Multi-storey Housing Mailbox DBJT 08-1964-19941995-1-1
Housing Mailbox (Isolated)DBJT 08-1966-19941995-1-1
Code for Urban residential district planning & designGB 50180-19931994-2-1
Standard mailbox of high-storey housing DBJT 08-59-19931994-1-1
Code for design of scientific experiment buildingsJGJ 91-19931993-11-1
Design Standard for Facilities for the ElderlyDGJ 08-1982-20001993-7-1
Medical care accessories DBJT 12-32-19921993-4-1
Preparation Specifications for Archive GuideDA/T 3-19921992-10-20
Code for design of rubbish transit station in cityCJJ 47-19911992-7-1
Code for design of museumsJGJ 66-19911991-8-1
Code for design of hotel building standardsJGJ 62-19901990-12-1
Construction standard of middle and primary school (trial implementation)DBJ 08-12-19901990-10-1
Design Code for Office BuildingJGJ 67-19891990-4-1
Code for Design of Dietetic BuildingsJGJ 64-19891990-1-1
Co-ordinating sizes of kitchen in dwellings with furniture and equipmentGB 11228-19891990-1-1
Architectural Design Code for General HospitalJGJ 49-19881989-4-1
Store building design standardJGJ 48-19881989-4-1
Code for design of commercial warehouseSBJ 01-19881989-1-1
Code for Architectural Design of CinemaJGJ 58-19881988-12-1
Code for design of cultural center buildingsJGJ 41-19871988-6-1
Code for design of sanatorium buildingsJGJ 40-19871988-1-1
Design code for kindergarten and nursery buildingsJGJ 39-19871987-12-1
Specifications for the design of Dwelling-house constructionGBJ 96-19861987-7-1
Code for Design of Dormitory BuildingJGJ 36-19871987-7-1
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