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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Planning technical standards of new town and central village in Shanghai suburb (trial implementation)DG/TJ 08-2016-2007
The standards for beautiful village construction of ShandongDB37/T 4074-2020
Foundational data specification of city construction spatial information—Part 1:Classification and codesDB31/T 401.1-2019
Urban road names planning specificationDB37/T 4278-2020
Administrative boundary—Boundary settlementMZ/T 112-20182018-11-5
Administrative boundary—Detailed map—IntegrationMZ/T 111-20182018-11-5
Specification for the construction of rural complex—Part 2: Guidelines for planningDB37/T 3177.2-20182018-5-25
Specification for the construction of rural complex—Part 1:GeneralDB37/T 3177.1-20182018-5-25
Basic requirements of tourism facilities in island city and coastal cityGB/T 33538-20172017-9-1
Light-emitting diode guidance sign for streetsMZ/T 055-20142014-7-7
Technical Code for Smart Card System in Urban ConstructionGB 50918-20132014-6-1
Code for Warehouse Land Plan in Town and VillageCJJ/T 189-20142014-6-1
Standard for Urban Planning DataCJJ/T 199-20132014-4-1
Urban municipal supercision and management information system-Mode acceptanceCJ/T 423-20132014-3-1
Rules of engineering-quantity calculation for land consolidation and rehabilitation projectsTD/T 1039-20132013-8-1
Completion standards on land reclamation qualityTD/T 1036-20132013-2-1
Guideline for the county-level land rearrangement planningTD/T 1035-20132013-2-1
Code for urban environment(decorative)lightingDB31/T 316-20122012-12-1
Code for planning of intersections on urban roadsGB 50647-20112012-1-1
Standard for classification of urban land and for planning of constructional landGB 50137-20112011-12-1
Code for lighting design of urban nightscapeJGJ/T 163-20082009-5-1
Guidelines for urban river and lake systems planningSL 431-20082009-2-10
Standard for scenic and historic areas classificationCJJ/T 121-20082008-12-1
Technique code for village rehabilitationGB 50445-20082008-8-1
Geographical names - SignsGB 17733-20082008-8-1
Code for urban public facilities planningGB 50442-20082008-7-1
Code for Shanghai transport planningDG/TJ 08-2039-20082008-7-1
Standard for urban planning on earthquake resistance and hazardous preventionGB 50413-20072007-11-1
Technical specification for water scenery and fountain engineeringCECS 218-20072007-8-1
Standard for planning of townGB 50188-20072007-5-1
town and village planning standardGB 50188-20062006-12-1
Quality acceptance specification of municipal underground projects construction DG/TJ 08-236-20062006-9-1
Technical specification for urban fundamental geographic information systemCJJ 100-20042004-5-1
Standard for drawing in urban planningCJJ/T 97-20032003-12-1
Technical guideline for environmental impact assessment of development areaHJ/T 131-20032003-9-1
Code for Urban Construction Archives DescriptionGB/T 50323-20012001-7-1
Code for Engineering Desigh of Generic Cabling System for Civic Residential BuildingsCECS 119-20002000-10-1
Standard for market planning of town and townshipCJJ/T 87-20002000-6-1
Code for Scenic area PlanningGB 50298-19992000-1-1
Code of Urban Engineering Pipeline Comprehensive PlanningGB 50289-19981999-5-1
Standard for Basic Terminology of Urban PlanningGB/T 50280-19981999-2-1
Town and village planning standardGB 50188-19931994-6-1
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