Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Assessment specification for construction quality of hydraulic and hydroelectric engineeringSL 176-2007
Code for technical management of levee projectDB32/T 3935-2020
Specification for river management assessmentDB32/T 3936-2020
Code of practice for operating management of small and medium-sized irrigation and drainage pumping stationDB37/T 4165-2020
Data exchange interface of management platform for river (lake) chief systemDB37/T 3859-20202020-3-25
Technical specification for impact assessment of flood control and water transport in the water related construction projectsDB37/T 3704-20192019-12-18
Code for management of embankmentDB33/T 2201-20192019-4-26
Specification for setting signboad of water resources projectsDB33/T 2196-20192019-4-4
Basic terminology of pumped storage power stationGB/T 36550-20182019-2-1
Guide of archives classification for pumped storage power plantGB/T 36294-20182019-1-1
Specifications for Impact Roller Compaction of Silty Soil Subgrade in the Yellow River BasinDB37/T 3359-20182018-8-19
Inspection and assessment standard for separated item project construction quality of water conservancy engineering ― Rural water conservancy engineeringDB21/T 2481-20152015-8-8
Design code for construction transportation in water resources and hydropower projectsSL 667-20142014-7-21
Compilation guidelines for evaluation report of flood influenceSL 520-20142014-6-28
Unified design standard for reliability of hydraulic engineering structuresGB 50199-20132014-5-1
Code of Practice on Completion Review and Acceptancy of Hydrological Facilities and EquipemntSL 650-20142014-4-17
Code of Practice on Construction and Installation of Hydrological Facilities and EquipmentsSL 649-20142014-4-17
Design Code for Rural Water Supply EngineeringSL 687-20142014-4-13
Technical Specification for Magnesium Oxide Mixed in Hydraulic Concrete DL/T 5296-20132014-4-1
Technology Parameter Selection and Technical Requirements of Vibration Stress Relief for Hydro Steel StructureSL 647-20132014-2-20
Technical Specification of Reservoir-Induced Earthquake MonitoringSL 516-20132013-12-17
Specifications for construction planning for underground water resources and hydropower engineeringSL 642-20132013-12-17
Guide of Production Preparatory Work for Pumped Storage Power StationDL/T 1225-20132013-8-1
Specification for Unmanned Operation of Pumped Storage Power StationDL/T 1174-20122012-12-1
Planning guide of agricultural water engineeringSL 462-20122012-6-22
Code for design of hydraulic structures against ice and freezing actionGB/T 50662-20112012-3-1
Code for design of energy saving for water resources and hydropower projectsGB/T 50649-20112011-12-1
Code for engineering geological invcstigation of water resources and hydropowerGB 50487-20082009-8-1
Specifications for design secondary circuit of hydroengineeringSL 438-20082009-3-16
Design code for hydraulic concrete structuresSL 191-20082009-2-10
design guideline for water diversion projectSL 430-20082008-10-22
Acceptance specification for soil and water conservation engineering of development and construction projectsSL 387-20072008-1-8
General technical specification for safety of hydroelectric and hydraulic engineering constructionDL/T 5370-20072007-12-1
Specifications for drawing-up of boundary line of land requisition and treatment of hydroelectric projectDL/T 5376-20072007-12-1
Design specifications for resident relocation and township construction planning of hydroelectric projectDL/T 5380-20072007-12-1
Hydraulic overflow settlement gaugeDL/T 1047-20072007-12-1
Design specifications for rural resident relocation planning of hydroelectric projectDL/T 5378-20072007-12-1
Specifications for preparation of cost estimation (or evaluation) for land requisition and resident relocation of hydroelectric projectDL/T 5382-20072007-12-1
Design specifications for land requisition resident relocation planning of hydroelectric projectDL/T 5064-20072007-12-1
The vibrating steel wire jointmeterDL/T 1043-20072007-12-1
Horizontal displacement gauge of tensional wireDL/T 1046-20072007-12-1
Vibrating wire strain meterDL/T 1044-20072007-12-1
Design specifications for professional works for resident relocation planning of hydroelectric projectDL/T 5379-20072007-12-1
Specifications for drawing-up of boundary line of land requisition and treatment of hydroelectric projectDL/T 5377-20072007-12-1
Design specifications for cleaning of reservoir zone of hydroelectric projectDL/T 5381-20072007-12-1
Flake ice storage for concrete coolingSL 374-20072007-8-11
Code of valuation with bill quantity of water conservancy construction worksGB 50501-20072007-7-1
Drawing standard of geologic for hydropower and water resources projectDL/T 5351-20062007-3-1
Drawing standard for base of hydropower and water conservancy projectDL/T 5347-20062007-3-1
Design specification for slope of hydropwer and water conservancy projectDL/T 5353-20062007-3-1
Drawing standard of electrical engineering for hydropower and water resources projectDL/T 5350-20062007-3-1
Drawing standard for hydraulic machinery of hydropower and water conservancy projectDL/T 5349-20062007-3-1
Drawing standard for hydraulic structure of hydropower and water conservancy projectDL/T 5348-20062007-3-1
Test code for hydraulic concreteSL 352-20062006-12-1
Code for hydropower engineering geological investigationGB 50287-20062006-11-1
Design code for anti-frost-heave of canal and its structureSL 23-20062006-10-1
Code for Design of Hydraulic Structures against Ice and Freezing ActionSL 211-20062006-10-1
Guideline of chemical supervisionDL/T 246-20062006-10-1
Assessment code of practice for quality of soil and water conservation engineeringSL 336-20062006-7-1
Code of practice worked out of soil and water conservation planningSL 335-20062006-6-1
Code for blasting safety monitoring of hydropower and water resources engineeringDL/T 5333-20052006-6-1
Technique guideline for water conservancy combined with schistosomiasis preventionSL/Z 318-20052005-4-29
Guideline for telecommunication service of water departmentSL 292-20042004-6-20
Standard for drawing of water resources and hydropower engineering SL 73-19952004-5-20
Specification for construction supervision of water resources projectsSL 288-20032004-1-1
Specifications on land requisition and resettlement design for construction of water resources and hydropower projectSL 290-20032003-12-1
Guide for short-circuit current calculation in three-phase a.c. systems of hydropower engineeringDL/T 5163-20022002-12-1
Regulation for hydrologic computation of water resources and hydropower projectsSL 278-20022002-12-1
Design code for desiliting basin of water conservancy and hydropower projectsSL 269-20012001-12-1
Specifications for rock tests in water conservancy and hydroelectric engineeringSL 264-20012001-4-1
Specification on investigation of natural building material for water conservancy and hydropower engineeringSL 251-20002000-8-1
Standard for classification and flood control of water resources and hydroelectric projectSL 252-20002000-8-1
Design code of communication for water conservancy and hydropower projectsDL/T 5080-19971998-7-1
Design Normal of Hydraulic Structures against Ice and Freezing ActionSL 211-19981998-7-1
Specifications for load design of hydraulic structuresDL 5077-19971998-2-1
Specification on energy economy design of water resources and hydroelectric projectsDL/T 5015-19961996-8-1
Regulation for water conservancy computation of water projectsSL 104-19951996-5-1
Posts in water resources and hydroelectric constructionSL 301.2-19931993-12-1
Posts in scientific reserch and designSL 301.7-19931993-12-1
Posts in hydro (thermal) electric power (local electric power)SL 301.3-19931993-12-1
Leading postsSL 301.1-19931993-12-1
Posts in water project managementSL 301.5-19931993-12-1
Posts in hydrologySL 301.6-19931993-12-1
Evaluation Standard for Construction Quality Inspection of Water Conservancy Project (on Trail)DGJ 08-1990-20001993-7-1
Operation Specifications for Exploratory Tunneling of Hydraulic and Hydroelectric Engineering SDJ 208-19821992-12-1
Specification for construction of hydraulic prestressed anchorageSL 46-19941992-9-1
Specification for construction survey in watew resources and hydropower engineering SL 52-19931992-9-1
Working Regulation for Safety of Electrie Power Construction (Construction Work Section)SDJ 064-19821989-3-17
Working Regulation for Safety of Electrie Power Construction (Heat Engine Installation Section)SDJ 062-19821989-3-17
Specification for Design of Steel Gate in Hydraulic and HydroelectrDL/T 5039-19951905-6-17
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