Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Code for construction and acceptance of 1000kV overhead transmission lineQ/GDW 153-2006
Code for Construction and Acceptance of 110kV~750kV Overhead Transmission LineGB 50233-20142015-8-1
Guidelines for Working Drawing Estimate of Transmission and Transformer ProjectDL/T 5468-20132013-10-1
Guidelines for Item Segregation of Construction Budget for Overhead Transmission Line ProjectsDL/T 5472-20132013-10-1
Guidelines for Feasibility Study Cost Estimation of Transmission and Transformer ProjectDL/T 5469-20132013-10-1
Guidelines for Preliminary Design Budgetary Estimate of Transmission and Transformer ProjectDL/T 5467-20132013-10-1
Guidelines for Item Segregation of Construction Budget for Cable Transmission Line ProjectDL/T 5476-20132013-10-1
Construction Technology Guide for Tension Stringing of 1000kV Overhead Transmission LineDL/T 5290-20132013-8-1
Code for design of 1000kV substation GB 50697-20112012-3-1
Code for Design of 110kV~750kV Overhead Transmission LineGB 50545-20102010-7-1
Code for Design of 66kV or under Overhead Electrical Power Transmission LineGB 50061-20102010-7-1
Code for Design of Relaying Protection and Automatic Device of Electric Power InstallationsGB/T 50062-20082009-6-1
Code for design of cables of electric engineeringGB 50217-20072008-4-1
Construction technology guidance for tension stringing of 750k V overhead transmission lineDL/T 5343-20062007-3-1
Technical code for exploration and surveying of large crossing overhead transmission lineDL/T 5049-20062006-10-1
The design rules of telecommunication lines against danger and interference effects from power transmission linesDL/T 5033-20062006-10-1
Construction technology guidance for the assembling and erection of the steel towers of 750k V overhead transmission lineDL/T 5342-20062006-9-14
Code for design of steel cable tray engineeringCECS 31-20062006-8-1
Code of start-up & completion acceptance for HVDC transmission projectDL/T 968-20052006-6-1
Technical specification for oil evacuation and nitrogen injection equipment of transformerCECS 187-20052005-10-1
Code for construction and acceptance of 110~500kV overhead transmission lineGB 50233-20052005-10-1
Guides of laying for asbestos-Cement pipe for well casingJC/T 744-1984(1996)2005-7-1
Technical rule for designing HVDC converter stationDL/T 5223-20052005-6-1
Technical code for designing of electric energy metering systemDL/T 5202-20042005-6-1
Code of valuation with bill quantity of electric power construction works Transmission line worksDL/T 5205-20052005-6-1
Design rule for 35kV~220kV urban under ground substationDL/T 5216-20052005-6-1
Technical rule for design of urban power cablesDL/T 5221-20052005-6-1
Technical rule of communication design for 220kV~500kV substationDL/T 5225-20052005-6-1
Code for designing over-head distribution transmission line up to 10kVDL/T 5220-20052005-6-1
Design technical rule for selecting conductor and electrical equiDL/T 5222-20052005-6-1
Technical regulation for designing foundation of overhead transmission lineDL/T 5219-20052005-6-1
Hydraulic and hydroelectric engineering design code for high voltage electrical installationSL 311-20042005-2-1
Technical code for investigation of geotechnical engineering of substationDL/T 5170-20022002-12-1
Code for construction quality checkout and evaluation of 110kV~500kV overhead transmission linesDL/T 5168-20022002-12-1
Technical code for designing AC station service of 220kV~500kV substationDL/T 5155-20022002-9-1
Design code for the miniaturization rural substationDL/T 5078-19972002-9-1
Technical code for designing electrical measuring and energy metering deviceDL/T 5137-20012002-5-1
Technical code for designing computerized monitoring and control system of 220~500kV substationsDL/T 5149-20012002-5-1
Technical specifications for aerial photographing and surveying of overhead transmission lineDL/T 5138-20012002-5-1
Technical code for the surveying of 35kV~220kV overhead transmission linesDL/T 5146-20012002-5-1
Designing Technical Rules for Security and Automaticity EquipmentDL/T 5147-20012002-5-1
Technical Code for Designing of Electrical Secondary Wiring in Fossil Fuel Power Plants and SubstationsDL/T 5136-20012002-5-1
The rural electric network construct and reconstruct technical guideDL/T 5131-20012002-2-1
Technical regulation for design of steel transmission poleDL/T 5130-20012002-2-1
Technical code of exploration and surveying for 500kV overhead transmission lineDL/T 5122-20002001-1-1
Immunity requirement for protection and control equipment in 500kV substationDL/Z 713-20002001-1-1
Provisional Regulations on Administration of Design, Construction and Operation of Rural Low-Voltage UnderGround Power LinesSD 117-19842000-12-1
Operation code of cross power transmission line in installing the conductorDL 5106-19992000-7-1
Design code for unattended substation of 35kV~110kVDL/T 5103-19992000-7-1
Flexible metal wire protection tube wiring project technical specification (with explanation)CECS 87-19961996-12-18
Code for Design of 10kV & Under Electric SubstationGB 50053-19941994-11-1
10kv and Below Mobile Substation for Open Pit MineMT 322-19931993-10-1
Design code for substation(35~110kv)GB 50059-19921993-5-1
Process Specification for Over-head Power Line Implosion Pressure ConstructionSDJ 277-19901992-12-1
Guides of laying for asbestos-cement pipe for well casingGB 4552-19841985-3-1
Guides of laying for asbestos-cement water and gas pipelinesGB 4551-19841985-3-1
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