Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Quality inspection standard for overhaul project of traffic shiplockDB32/T 3973-2021
Construction code for river wayDB33/T 614-20162016-6-12
Technical code of design and constrution for long tube and large diameter post tensioned prestress concrete cylinder pileDB33/T 927-20142014-8-7
Standard for Fundamental Terms of Port EngineeringGB/T 50186-20132014-6-1
Design Code of General Layout for Sea PortsJTS 165-20132014-5-1
Specification for Compilation of Marine Traffic Engineering Quota JTS 111-20132014-1-1
Design and Construction Regulation for Pretensioned Prestressing High Strength Concrete Cylinder Pile in Marine Traffic Engineering JTS 167-8-20132014-1-1
The Stipulation for the Preparation of Preliminary Design Documents of Port EngineeringJTS 110-4-20082009-9-1
Construction Supervision Code for Water Transportation ProjectsJTJ 216-20002009-4-1
Technical Code of Blasting for Port and Waterway EngineeringJTS 204-20082009-2-1
Standard bidding documents for construction of port and waterway worksJTS 110-8-20082009-1-1
Standard for Quality Inspection of Port and Waterway Engineering SurveyJTS 258-20082009-1-1
Safety Protection Standard for Port and Waterway Engineering ConstructionJTS 205-1-20082009-1-1
Technical code of quality inspection and assessment for compound precast concrete Retaining wall of inland waterwayDB33/T 714-20082008-11-17
The Stipulation for Preparation of Preliminary Design Documents of Waterway EngineeringJTS 110-5-20082008-9-1
Technical Specification for corrosion Protection of Steel Structures for Sea Port ConstructionJTS 153-3-20072008-5-1
Design code of environment protection for port engineeringJTS 149-1-20072008-2-1
Standards for Quality Inspection of Dredging and Reclamation WorksJTJ 324-20062007-6-1
Technical Specification for Detection and Assessment of Harbour and Marine StructuresJTJ 302-20062007-5-1
Technical Code for Application of Geosythetics for Port and Waterway EngineeringJTJ 239-20052006-6-1
Standard of Quality Inspection for Port Equipment Installation ConstructionJTJ 244-20052006-6-1
Technical Specification of Prototype Observation for Water Transport Engineering HydrostructureJTJ 218-20052006-5-1
Design and Construction Technical Code for Resilient Pile Facilities for Por EngineeringJTJ 279-20052006-5-1
Specification for Design and Construction of Composite Foundation of Stone Column in Harbour EngineeringJTJ 246-20042005-4-1
Code for Electric Design of ShiplocksJTJ 310-20042005-4-1
Standard of Quality Inspection and Assessment for Waterway Regulation WorksJTJ 314-20042004-8-1
Design and Construction Technical Code for Diaphragm wall Structure of Port EngineeringJTJ 303-20032004-4-1
Technical Code of Regulation Works for Naigation ChannelJTJ 312-20032004-4-1
Design Specification for Liquefied Natural Gas Port and Jetty (Tentaive)JTJ 304-20032004-3-1
Code for Design of Lock Gates and Valves of ShiplocksJTJ 308-20032003-9-1
Specification for Testing of Pile Under Static Load in Harbour EngineeringJTJ 255-20022003-4-1
Design and Construction Technical Standard for Cast in-Situ Pile of Harbour EngineeringJTJ 248-20012002-5-1
The Technical Code of Subsidiary Facilities for WharfJTJ 297-20012002-5-1
Environmental Impact Assessment Specifications for Inland Waterway ProjectJTJ 227-20012002-1-1
Specification for Dynamic Testing of Piles in Port EngineeringJTJ 249-20012002-1-1
Code for Design and Construction of Port and Waterway Revetment EngineeringJTJ 300-20002001-6-1
Code of Hydrology for Inland Waterway and HarbourJTJ 214-20002001-6-1
Code for Pile Foundation of Harbour Engineering Supplement (Horizontal Bearing Capacity of Piles)JTJ 254-19982001-5-1
Design and Construction Code of Rock-socketed Piles for Harbour EngineeringJTJ 285-20002001-5-1
Technical Specifications for Bonding and Repair of Concrete in Port EngineeringJTJ/T 271-19992000-5-1
Technical Specifications for Non-destructive Inspection of Concrete Structures in port EngineeringJTJ/T 272-19992000-5-1
Technical Specification for Excavation Volume Measurement in Maintenance Dredging Engineering for Port on Muddy GroundJTJ/T 322-19992000-5-1
Code for Fire-prevention Design of Oil Loading/Unloading TerminalsJTJ 237-19991999-12-31
The Technical Code of Dredging EngineeringJTJ 319-19991999-12-1
Design Code for Harbour Engineering Concrete StructuresJTJ 267-19981999-6-1
Technical Standard for Cellular Steel Sheetpile WharfJTJ 293-19981999-6-1
Code of Design and Construction of BreakwatersJTJ 298-19981999-6-1
Code for Design and Construction of Sloping Wharf and Floating WharfJTJ 294-19981999-6-1
Standard of Quality Inspection and Assessment for port Engineering ConstructionJTJ 221-19981999-5-1
Design Code for Hydrojunction General Layout of Canalization WorksJTJ 220-19981999-5-1
Testing Code of Concrete for Port and Waterwog EngineeringJTJ 270-19981999-5-1
Standard of Quality Inspection and Assessmont for Dock Engineering ConstructionJTJ 332-19981999-5-1
Technical specifications for current and sediment simulation of inland river navigation channels and portsJTJ/T 232-19981999-5-1
Code for Engineering Geological Investigation of Canalization WorksJTJ 241-19981999-5-1
Code for pulverized-fuel ash backfill technique in harbour engineeringJTJ/T 260-19971997-10-1
Port engineening technical code of design and constraction for large diameter post tensioned prestress concrete cylinder pileJTJ 261-19971997-10-1
Technical Code of Road and Stockyard Pavement for the Port AreaJTJ 296-19961997-5-1
Code of engineering for local wire telephone communication system in harborJTJ/T 343-19961997-5-1
Harbour Engineering Graphics StandardJTJ 206-19961997-5-1
The Standard of Basic Technical Terms for Waterway EngineeringJTJ/T 204-19961997-5-1
Standard for Measuring of Quantities of Soils and Rocks in Dredging WorksJTJ/T 321-19961997-3-1
Code for design of river port engineeringGB 50192-19931994-8-1
Code for Design of Steel Structures in Port EngineeringJTJ 288-19931994-2-1
Unified standard of reliability of structrual design for harbour engineeringGB 50158-19921993-4-1
Code for blasting technics in water transport engineeringJTJ 286-19901991-10-1
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