Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Specification for after-salesservice of building sanitary ceramics industryT/CCIA 0012-2021
Method for determination of leachable harmful substances in wall materialsGB/T 39804-20212021-10-1
Test method for physical properties of raw material of sintered brick and tileGB/T 36495-20182019-6-1
Test method of fiber content of fiber reinforced concrete and its productGB/T 35843-20182019-1-1
Testing method for thermal reliability of phase change materials used in buildingsJG/T 534-20182018-11-1
Test method for emission rate of volatile organic compounds in building decorating and refurbishing materials by test chamberJG/T 528-20172018-5-1
Analytic methods for waste residue mixing amount in wall materialsGB/T 32989-20162017-9-1
Test method for performance of concrete paving unitsGB/T 32987-20162017-9-1
Test method for effective thermal conductivity of wall materialsGB/T 32981-20162017-7-1
Water based fluororesin coatings for exterior wallJG/T 508-20162017-6-1
Technical Specification of Energy-saving Profiles for Exclude Smoke SkylightJG/T 460-20142015-4-1
General Technical Requirements of Automatic Control System for Building Doors and WindowsJG/T 458-20142015-4-1
Terms for wood-plastic compositeJC/T 2222-20142014-10-1
Test Methods for Building WallboardGB/T 30100-20132014-9-1
Graduation and test method for thermal insulating properties of curtain wallsGB/T 29043-20122013-9-1
Exterior wall coatings determination of water vapour transmission rate and classification standardJG/T 309-20112011-8-1
Testing for water vapour adsorption/desorption performance of building materialsJC/T 2002-20092010-6-1
Test method for abrasion resistance of inorganic paving materialsGB/T 12988-20092009-11-5
Test methods of the concrete compressive strength of concrete pipes for waterGB/T 11837-20092009-11-5
Test methods of specular gloss for decorative building materialsGB/T 13891-20082009-4-1
The white standard plate for colorimetry and photometryGB/T 9086-20072008-2-1
Analytic method of waste dregs mixing amount during bricks and tiles bakingNY/T 1058-20062006-5-1
Classifying and coding of construction productsJG/T 151-20032003-10-1
Test method for abrasion resistance of inorganic paving materialsGB/T 12988-19911992-8-1
Definitions of terms relating to calculating and measuring methods of heat balance for building material kilnsGB 10697-19891989-12-1
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