Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
The norm of energy consumption per unit product of aluminium-plastic composite panelDB31/ 723-2019
Determination of heavy metals in cement and clinker―ICP-OES methodT/CCAS 019-2021
Fly ash used for cement and concreteGB/T 1596-2005E
Lubrication management in cement enterprises—Part 4:Application criterion for hydraulic fluid of cement enterprisesT/CCAS 013.4-2020
Lubrication management in cement enterprises—Part 2:Application criterion for enclosed gear oil of cement enterprisesT/CCAS 013.2-2020
Lubrication management in cement enterprises—Part 3:Application criterion for turbine oil of cement enterprisesT/CCAS 013.3-2020
Blended portland cementT/CECS 10087-2020
Grinding aids for cement raw mealT/CCAS 021-2021
Test method for heat of hydration of cement(Isothermal conduction calorimetry)T/CCAS 017-2021
Kiln slag of metallurgical dust zinc extraction replacement of cement raw materialsT/CCAS 016-2020
Technical specification for cement grinding aidsT/CCAS 015-2020
Lubrication management in cement enterprises—Part 1:Guide for lubrication management in cement enterprisesT/CCAS 013.1-2020
Specification for verification and comprehensive evaluation of cement setting time automatic testerT/CCAS 020-2021
Production of fly ash pretreatment for co-combustion in cement kiln chlorideT/CCAS 010-2019
Determination of calorific value of low thermal value raw fuel for cementT/CCAS 018-2021
Ultra-low emission standard of air pollutants for cement industryT/CCAS 022-20222022-7-20
Test method of cement mortar strength(ISO method)GB/T 17671-20212022-7-1
Cement based binder for interior decoration GB/T 40376-20212022-3-1
Determination of quality consistency of concrete admixtures—Infrared spectrometryT/CECS 10149-20212022-2-1
Sulphoaluminate cement mending binder for marine engineeringGB/T 39711-20202021-11-1
Test method for dissolution rate and quantity of SO42- released from gypsumGB/T 39706-20202021-11-1
Limit and test method of ammonium ion content in fly ashGB/T 39701-20202021-11-1
Sulphoaluminate cement for marine rapid constructionGB/T 39712-20202021-11-1
Confirmation methods for delivering common Portland cementGB/T 39698-20202021-11-1
Coral aggregate used for concreteT/CECS 10090-20202020-11-1
The solidification agent of tailing backfillingT/CECS 10091-20202020-11-1
Test method for determining capability of cement exposed to seawaterGB/T 38140-20192020-9-1
Test methods for liquid raw materials of cement grinding aids—Gas chromatographyGB/T 38139-20192020-9-1
Calculation method of sulphur dioxide emission with portland cement clinker productionGB/T 37249-20182019-11-1
Sulpho-aluminate cement clinkerGB/T 37125-20182019-11-1
Common portland cement, including Amendment 3GB 175-2007/XG3-20182019-10-1
Slow-setting portland cement for roadbasesGB/T 35162-20172018-11-1
Combustible material preprocessed from CMSW for coprocessing in cement kilnGB/T 35170-20172018-11-1
Moderate-heat portland cement,low-heat portland cementGB/T 200-20172018-11-1
Limestone powder used for cement , mortar and concreteGB/T 35164-20172018-11-1
Determination of total organic carbon in limestoneGB/T 35151-20172018-11-1
Ultra-fine portland cementGB/T 35161-20172018-11-1
Methods for sampling and sample preparation of CMSW for coprocessing in cement kilnGB/T 35171-20172018-11-1
Methods for chemical analysis of cementGB/T 176-20172018-11-1
Masonry cementGB/T 3183-20172018-11-1
Specification for equipping and managing of the measuring instrument of energy in the cement production enterpriseGB/T 35461-20172018-11-1
Ground granulated blast furnace slag used for cement,mortar and concreteGB/T 18046-20172018-11-1
White portland cementGB/T 2015-20172018-9-1
Portland cement for roadGB/T 13693-20172018-9-1
Portland cement used for pipe pile without high pressure steamGB/T 34189-20172018-8-1
Fly ash used for cement and concreteGB/T 1596-20172018-6-1
Implementation guidelines for management and control system of risk classification for production safety of cement manufacturing industry commerceDB37/T 3151-20182018-3-24
Implementation guidelines for the system of screening for and elimination of hidden risks of work safety accidents of cement manufacturing industry commerceDB37/T 3152-20182018-3-24
Social responsibility evaluation index system of cement enterpriseT/CCAS 003-20182018-3-1
Guidance on social responsibility reporting of cement enterpriseT/CCAS 002-20182018-3-1
Guidance on social responsibility of cement enterpriseT/CCAS 001-20182018-3-1
Oil well cementGB/T 10238-2015/XG1-20172017-11-1
Limit and determination of the water-soluble chromium(Ⅵ) content for cementGB 31893-20152016-10-1
Oil well cementGB/T 10238-20152016-8-1
Calcium aluminate cementGB/T 201-20152016-5-1
Portland cement for nuclear power engineeringGB/T 31545-20152016-2-1
Portland cement used for ocean projectGB/T 31289-20142015-10-1
Nomenclature and terminology of cementGB/T 4131-20142015-2-1
Test method for determinging cement densityGB/T 208-20142014-12-1
Test methods of physical property for dry-mix mortarGB/T 29756-20132014-6-1
Methods for chemical analysis of limestone,quicklime and hydrated lime for building materials industryGB/T 5762-20122013-8-1
Methods for dealing with the waste solution of chemical analysis of cementGB/T 29422-20122013-8-1
Methods for chemical analysis of free silicon dioxide for cement clinkerGB/T 28629-20122013-2-1
Determination of the waste content in the raw mix of cement GB/T 27978-20112012-10-1
Methods for chemical analysis of granulated blastfurnace slag GB/T 27975-20112012-10-1
Methods for chemical analysis of fly ash and coal gangue as building materialGB/T 27974-20112012-10-1
Test and calculation methods of electricity efficiency of cement productionGB/T 27977-20112012-10-1
Methods for chemical analysis of volatilized silicaGB/T 27973-20112012-10-1
Banking and related financial services - Triple DEA - Modes of operation - Implementation guidelines GB/T 27927-20112012-5-1
Cement grinding aids GB/T 26748-20112012-3-1
Test methods for water requirement of normal consistency,setting time and soundness of the portland cementGB/T 1346-20112012-3-1
Test method for grindability of cement raw materials (Bond method) GB/T 26567-20112012-2-1
Test method for burnability of cement raw meal GB/T 26566-20112012-2-1
Steel slag cement for roadGB 25029-20102011-7-1
Steel slag cement for roadGB/T 25029-20102011-7-1
Precast prestressed spun concrete square pilesJC/T 2029-20102011-3-1
Limestone portand cementJC/T 600-20102011-3-1
Self-stressing ferro-Sulphoaluminate CementJC/T 437-20102011-3-1
Methods for Performance-Measuring of Raw Meal Nodule of CementJC/T 455-20092010-6-1
Test method for determining expansive ratio of expansive cementJC/T 313-20092010-6-1
Methods of chemical analysis of silicious raw materials for cement industryJC/T 874-20092010-6-1
Methods for chemical analysis of alunite expansive cementJC/T 312-20092010-6-1
Ranking of common Portland cementsJC/T 452-20092010-6-1
Methods of chemical analysis of iron raw materials for cement industryJC/T 850-20092010-6-1
Rotary kiln dust used in cement JC/T 742-20092010-6-1
Testing mehtod of the early stiffening of cement(Paste Method and Mortar Method)JC/T 602-20092010-6-1
Methods for determining air content in cement mortarJC/T 601-20092010-6-1
Method for determining residue water-extractable sulfate in cement mortarJC/T 668-20092010-6-1
Method for assessing the uniformity of-cement strengthJC/T 578-20092010-6-1
Calcium Sulpho-aluminate modified Portland CementJC/T 1099-20092010-6-1
Apparatus for determining physical performance of oil well cenmentJC/T 2000-20092010-6-1
Magnesium slag portland cementGB/T 23933-20092009-9-1
Common portland cementGB 175-2007/XG1-20092009-9-1
Methods for chemical analysis of cementGB/T 176-20082009-4-1
Test Method for Determining Capability of Resisting Sulfate CorrodGB/T 749-20082009-4-1
Sampling method for cementGB/T 12573-20082009-4-1
Low heat portland steel slag cementJC/T 1082-20082008-12-1
Methods for chemical analysis of China ISO standard sandJC/T 1084-20082008-12-1
Steel slag cement for roadJC/T 1087-20082008-12-1
X-ray fluorescence analyzer for cementJC/T 1085-20082008-12-1
The method for determining the chloride diffusion coefficient for cementJC/T 1086-20082008-12-1
Methods for chemical analysis of granulated electric furnace phosphorous slagJC/T 1088-20082008-12-1
Test method for compatibility of cement and water-reducing agentJC/T 1083-20082008-12-1
Steel slag masonry cementJC/T 1090-20082008-12-1
Portland cement clinkerGB/T 21372-20082008-8-1
Testing method for specific surface of cement—Blaine methodGB/T 8074-20082008-8-1
Test methods for heat of hydration of cementGB/T 12959-20082008-8-1
By-product gypsum used in cementGB/T 21371-20082008-8-1
Ground granulated blast furnace slag used for cement and concreteGB/T 18046-20082008-7-1
Methods for chemical analysis of aluminate cementGB/T 205-20082008-7-1
Methods for chemical analysis of chloride for cenmentJC/T 1073-20082008-7-1
Common Portland CementsGB 175-20072008-6-1
Quantitative determination of constituents of cementGB/T 12960-20072007-10-1
Portland steel slag cementGB/T 13590-20062007-2-1
Portland steel slag cementGB 13590-20062007-2-1
Sulphoaluminate cementGB 20472-20062007-2-1
Portland phosphorous slag cementJC/T 740-20062006-10-1
Testing method for particle size of cementJC/T 721-20062006-10-1
Determination of calorific value of cement black raw mealJC/T 1005-20062006-10-1
Technical specification for polymer modified cementitous waterproofing materials and penetrating and crystalling waterproofing materialsCECS 195-20062006-4-1
Oil well cementGB 10238-20052006-3-1
Portland cement for road GB 13693-20052005-12-1
Sulfate Resistance Portland CementGB 748-20052005-12-1
Portland cement for roadGB/T 13693-20052005-12-1
White portland cementGB/T 2015-20052005-8-1
Test Method for Fluidity of Cement MortarGB/T 2419-20052005-8-1
The Test Sieving Method for Fineness of CementGB/T 1345-20052005-8-1
Ultra-rapid hardening regulated set aluminate cementJC/T 736-1985(1996)2005-7-1
Boiling box for determing soundness of cementJC/T 955-20052005-7-1
Curing box for cement mortar specimensJC/T 959-20052005-7-1
Flow table for determine mortar fluidityJC/T 958-20052005-7-1
Automatic compression machine for testing cement strengthJC/T 960-20052005-7-1
Le Chatelier for determining soundness of cement pasteJC/T 954-20052005-7-1
Type I low pH value sulphoraluminate cementJC/T 737-1986(1996)2005-7-1
Standard test method for drying shinkage of mortarJC/T 603-20042005-4-1
Alunite expansive cementJC/T 311-20042005-4-1
Accelerated test method for cement strengthJC/T 738-20042005-4-1
Method of physical test for self-stressing cementJC/T 453-20042005-4-1
Method of wear abrasion for harden mortarJC/T 421-20042005-4-1
Technologic rules for X-ray fluorescence analysis of cementsGB/T 19140-20032004-1-1
Moderate Heat Portland Cement Low Heat Portland Cement Low Heat PortGB 200-20032004-1-1
Masonry cementGB/T 3183-20032004-1-1
Rapid hardening sulphoaluminate cement Rapid hardening ferri-aluminate cementJC 933-20032003-12-1
Technical condition of coal for cement shaft kilnJC/T 912-20032003-12-1
Directives for the grading of conventional cement productJC/T 452-20022002-12-1
Test Methods for Water Requirement of Normal Consistency, SettingGB/T 1346-20012001-10-1
Test method for potential expansion of portland cement mortars exposed to sulfateGB/T 749-20012001-10-1
Test code on polymer-modified cement martorDL/T 5126-20012001-7-1
Magnesium Oxide Portland Cement and Slag Magnesium Oxide Portland Cement (Temporary)技术条件 105-19572000-12-1
建标 (Construction standard) 33-1961 Lime pozzolanic cement JIANBIAO 33-19612000-12-1
建标 (Construction standard) 34-1961 Plasticized portland cement JIANBIAO 34-19612000-12-1
建标 (Construction standard) 36-1961 Standard for red mud supersulphated cement JIANBIAO 36-19612000-12-1
建标 (Construction standard) 37-1961 Anhydrite cement JIANBIAO 37-19612000-12-1
建标 (Construction standard) 32-1961 Lime slag cement JIANBIAO 32-19612000-12-1
Methods for chemical analysis of aluminate cementGB/T 205-20002000-6-1
Aluminate cementsGB 201-20002000-6-1
Sampling method of cementGB 12573-19902000-1-1
Portland Cement and Ordinary Portland CementGB 175-19991999-12-1
Oil well cementGB 10238-19981999-4-1
Composite portland cementGB 12958-19991999-1-2
Method of testing cements--Determination of strengthGB/T 17671-19991998-12-5
Masonry cementGB/T 3183-19971998-2-1
Nomenclature, definition and terminology of cementGB/T 4131-19971998-2-1
Test method for calcium sulfate in hydrated cement mortarJC/T 668-19971997-12-1
Method for Chemical Analysis of CementGB/T 176-19961996-12-1
Method for measuring air content in cement bonded sandJC/T 601-19951996-10-1
High Water Filling Material MT/T 420-19951996-3-1
Method for determining the contents of constituents of cementGB/T 12960-19961996-1-2
Test method for fluidity of cement mortarGB/T 2419-19941995-6-1
method for soundness of portland cementGB/T 750-19921993-6-1
Portland cement for roadGB 13693-19921993-6-1
Steel and iron slag cementGB 13590-19921993-6-1
Water for Analytical Laboratory Use - Specification and Test MethodGB 6682-19861993-5-1
Portland blastfurnace-slag cement portland pozzolana cement and portland fly-ash cementGB 1344-19921993-3-1
Standard test method for water requirement for normal consistency setting time and soundness of the portland cementGB/T 1346-19891992-12-1
Test method for fineness of cement--The 80μm sieveGB/T 1345-19911992-3-1
Test method for heat of hydration of cement-The heat of solution methodGB/T 12959-19911992-3-1
White portland cementGB/T 2015-19911992-1-1
Chemical analysis method of chlorine in cement raw materialJC/T 420-19911991-11-1
Rapid harding portland cementGB 199-19901991-1-1
Moderate heat portland cement-Low heat portland slag cementGB 200-19891989-12-1
Testing method for specific surface of cement; Blaine methodGB/T 8074-19871988-2-1
method for chemical analysis of cementGB 176-19871988-2-1
Test method for strength of hydraulic cement mortarGB/T 177-19851985-10-1
Test method for heat of hydration of cement(adiabatic method)GB/T 2022-19801981-1-1
Standard sand for cement strength testGB 178-19771979-7-1
Porland Blast Furnace-slag Cement, Portland Poxolana Cement and PorGB 1344-19991905-6-21
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