Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Alkali-resistant glass fibres for cement concrete and mortarGB/T 38143-20192020-11-1
Technical requirements of anti-washout admixture for underwater concreteGB/T 37990-20192020-7-1
Expansive agents for concreteGB/T 23439-2017/XG1-20182019-11-1
Natural zeolite powder used in concrete and mortarJG/T 566-20182019-4-1
Flash setting admixtures for shotcreteGB/T 35159-20172018-11-1
Expansive agents for concreteGB/T 23439-20172018-11-1
Terms of concrete admixturesGB/T 8075-20172018-11-1
Latex and redispersible polymer powder for mortar and concreteGB/T 34557-20172018-9-1
Polycarboxylates high performance water-reducing admixtureJG/T 223-20172017-12-1
Limit of residual formaldehyde from the concrete admixturesGB 31040-20142015-12-1
Sulfate-resistant and corrosion-inhibiting admixtures for concreteGB/T 31296-20142015-10-1
Standard test methods for drying shrinkage stress and cracking possibility of cement mortar and concreteGB/T 29417-20122013-8-1
Methods for testing uniformity of concrete admixtureGB/T 8077-20122013-8-1
Terrazzo for building decorationJC/T 507-20122013-6-1
Silica fume for cement mortar and concreteGB/T 27690-20112012-8-1
Grouts admixture for post-tensioned pre-stressed concrete ductsJC/T 2093-20112012-7-1
Ground granulated electirc furnace phosphorous slag powder used for cement and concrete GB/T 26751-20112012-3-1
Grouting admixture for prestressed structureGB/T 25182-20102011-8-1
Anti - Freezing admixture for cement mortarJC/T 2031-20102011-3-1
Cement based wear resisting materialJG/T 270-20102010-8-1
Granulated blast furnace titanium slag used for cementJC/T 418-20092010-6-1
Expensive Agents for ConcreteGB 23439-20092010-3-1
Concrete AdmixturesGB 8076-20082009-12-30
Chopped basalt fiber for cement cement mortar and concreteGB/T 23265-20092009-11-5
Granulated blastfurnace slag used for cement productionGB/T 203-20082009-4-1
Technical specification for cast-in-situ foamed light soil (with explanation)CECS 249-20082009-3-1
Water-repellent admixture for mortar and concreteJC 474-20082008-12-1
Soundless cracking agentJC 506-20082008-12-1
Synthetic fibres for cement cement mortar and concreteGB/T 21120-20072008-6-1
Test methods for waste residue in silicate building material productsJC/T 1060-20072008-4-1
Unbonded prestressed concrete pipeJC/T 1056-20072008-4-1
Aluminium pastes for aerated concreteJC/T 407-20082006-12-1
Fiber cement flat sheets Part 2: Asbestos Fiber cement flat sheetsJC/T 412.2-20062006-11-1
Sulfate corrosion-resistance admixtures for concreteJC/T 1011-20062006-10-1
Phosphogypsum used for cement productionNY/T 1060-20062006-5-1
Pozzolanic materials used for cement productionGB/T 2847-20052006-3-1
Fly ash used for cement and concreteGB/T 1596-20052005-8-1
Flash setting admixtures for shotcreteJC/T 477-20052005-8-1
Flash setting admixtures for shotcreteJC 477-20052005-8-1
Definition, Classification, Nomenclature and Terms of Concrete AdGB/T 8075-20052005-8-1
Test method for actibity of industrial waste slag used as addition to cementGB/T 12957-20052005-8-1
Grinding aids for use in the manufacture of cementJC/T 667-20042005-4-1
Concrete anti-freezing admixturesJC 475-20042005-4-1
Limit of ammonia emitted from the concrete admixturesGB 18588-20012002-1-1
Fly ash for silicate building productsJC/T 409-20012001-10-1
Pozzolanic materials used for cement productionGB/T 2847-19961996-1-2
Granulated blastfurnace slag used for cement productionGB/T 203-19941995-6-1
Test method for activity of industrial waste slag used as addition to cementGB/T 12957-19911992-3-1
Fly ash used for cement and concreteGB/T 1596-19911992-3-1
Specifications for application technology of concrete additivesGBJ 119-19881988-12-1
Methods for testing uniformity of concrete admixtureGB/T 8077-20001988-4-1
Classification nomenclature and definition of concrete admixturesGB/T 8075-19871988-2-1
Granulated electric furnace phosphorous slag used for cement productionGB/T 6645-19861987-7-1
Grained blast-furnace slag for cementGB 203-19781978-12-1
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