Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical specification of site testing of commercial masonry mortar DG/TJ 08-2021-2007
Technical requirements for chopped basalt fiber concrete precast componentsT/TMAC 037-2021
Technical requirements for recycled aggregate of decoration waste used in engineering fillingDB31/T 1254-2020
Lightweight concrete of sulphoaluminate cementGB/T 37989-20192020-7-1
Calcium and magnesium oxides based expansive agent for concreteT/CECS 10082-20202020-6-1
Aggregate for high performance concreteJG/T 568-20192020-6-1
Technical requirements of recycled aggregate concreteDB31/T 1128-20192019-5-1
Test method for compressive strength of extrusion concreteJG/T 520-20182019-4-1
Radiation shielding concreteGB/T 34008-20172018-6-1
Mineral admixtures for high strength and high performance concreteGB/T 18736-20172018-2-1
Cementitious self-levelling compound for floor JC/T 985-20172017-10-1
Steel frame lightweight thermal insulation boardJG/T 513-20172017-9-1
Standard for test method of performance on ordinary fresh concreteGB/T 50080-20162017-4-1
The Washed Sea Sand for Construction and Municipal EngineeringJG/T 494-20162016-12-1
Plaster and screed mortarJC/T 2326-20152016-1-1
Colored sand for building decorationJC/T 2328-20152016-1-1
Technical specification for application of foaming lightweight concrete to filling engineeringDB31/T 931-20152016-1-1
Energy storage temperature-adjustable dry-mixed mortar for buildingsJC/T 2338-20152016-1-1
Reactive powder concreteGB/T 31387-20152015-11-1
Code for application technique of cementitious groutGB/T 50448-20152015-11-1
Iron tailings sandGB/T 31288-20142015-10-1
Ready-mixed mortar terminologyGB/T 31245-20142015-6-1
Concrete with Ground LimestoneGB/T 30190-20132014-9-1
Ready-mixed concreteGB/T 14902-20122013-9-1
Alkali-activated slag-fly ash concrete for anticorrosive cement productsGB/T 29423-20122013-8-1
Gypsum plasterGB/T 28627-20122013-2-1
Calcium aluminate agents for dry-mixed mortarGB/T 28631-20122013-2-1
Mortars for external thermal composite systems based on extruded polystyreneJC/T 2084-20112012-7-1
Technical specification for manufacture technics and application of dry-mixedJC/T 2089-20112012-7-1
Repair of concrete structures using polymer cement mortarJG/T 336-20112012-5-1
Sand for constructionGB/T 14684-20112012-2-1
Pebble and crushed stone for constructionGB/T 14685-20112012-2-1
Recycled coarse aggregate for concreteGB/T 25177-20102011-8-1
Recycled fine aggregate for concrete and mortarGB/T 25176-20102011-8-1
Dry-mixed masonry and plastering mortar of buildingJG/T 291-20112011-8-1
Standard for test methods of long-term performance and durability of ordinary concreteGB/T 50082-20092010-7-1
Sand for silicate building productsJC/T 622-20092010-6-1
Standard for test method of basic properties of construction mortarJGJ/T 70-20092009-6-1
Mould for concrete specimensJG 237-20082009-3-1
Eaw materials for magnesia cementJC/T 449-20082008-12-1
Code for utility technique of granulated blast-furnace slag used in concreteDG/TJ 08-501-20082008-9-1
Technical requirement for environmental labeling products Ready-mixed concreteHJ/T 412-20072008-4-1
Ready-mixed mortarJG/T 230-20072008-2-1
Gypsum bindersJC/T 1025-20072007-10-1
Decorative render and plaster for wallJC/T 1024-20072007-10-1
Gypsum based self-leveling floor compoundJC/T 1023-20072007-10-1
Petrochemical coolers and exchangers frame design code reinforced concreteSH/T 3067-20072007-7-1
Standard for technical requirements and test method of sand and crushed stone (or gravel) for ordinary concreteJGJ 52-20062007-6-1
Dry mix thermal insulating composition for buildingsGB/T 20473-20062007-2-1
Standard of Water for ConcreteJGJ 63-20062006-12-1
Technical specification for application of high performance concreteCECS 207-20062006-11-1
Method for determination of industrial waste slag contents of building material productionNY/T 1147-20062006-10-1
Production and application technology specification of commercial mortar DG/TJ 08-502-20062006-6-1
Sheet material for curing concrete for water saving and moisture retentionJG/T 188-20062006-6-1
Technical specification for detecting strength ofCECS 02-20052005-12-1
Cementitious groutJC/T 986-20052005-8-1
Test Methods of Cement and Concrete for Highway EngineeringJTG E30-20052005-8-1
Cementitious self-leveling floor mortarJC/T 985-20052005-8-1
Test method for cracking-resistance of cement mortarJC/T 951-20052005-7-1
Ground silica sand used for pretensioned spun high-strength concrete pilesJC/T 950-20052005-7-1
Determinating of the compressive strength of spun high - strength concrete coresGB/T 19496-20042004-12-1
Ready-mixed concreteGB/T 14902-20032003-12-1
The specification code for non-destructively testing the compressive strength of high-strength concreteDG/TJ 08-507-20032003-8-1
Standard for test method of performance on ordinary fresh concreteGB/T 50080-20022003-6-1
Curing compounds for cement concreteJC 901-20022003-3-1
Interface treating agent for concreteJC/T 907-20022003-3-1
Concrete floor hardenerJC/T 906-20022003-3-1
Technical specification for lightweight aggregate concreteJGJ 51-20022003-1-1
Fatigue Test Method for Prestressed Concrete SleepersTB/T 1878-20022002-12-1
Mineral admixtures for high strength and high performance concreteGB/T 18736-20022002-12-1
Special masonry mortar and plaster mortar for autoclaved aerated concreteJC/T 890-20012002-6-1
Special masonry mortar and plaster mortar for autoclaved aerated concreteJC 890-20012002-6-1
Sand for BuildingGB/T 14684-20012002-2-1
Steel fiber reinforced concreteJG/T 3064-19991999-12-1
FA glue material for architectural mortarJG/T 3062-19991999-12-1
Natural zeolite powder used in concrete and mortarJG/T 3048-19981999-3-15
Technical specifications for production of ready-mixed concrete DBJ 08-227-19971997-9-1
Test method of concrete compressive strength for extrution hollow cored slabJG/T 3023-19951996-4-1
Mould for Concrete SpecimensJG 3019-19941995-7-1
Pigments used in concrete and mortar and their test methodJC/T 539-19941994-11-1
Read y- mixed concreteGB 14902-19941994-10-1
Standard for Technical Requirements and Test Method of Sand and Crushed Stone (or Gravel) for Ordinary ConcreteJGJ 52-19921993-10-1
Sand, alkali reactivity of rapid test methodCECS 48-19931993-5-3
Technical specifications for compressive strength of hardened mortar by impact method YB 9248-19921993-4-1
Technical Code for Construction of Sprayed ConcreteYBJ 226-19911991-10-1
Technical specification for inspection and assessment of concrete compression strength by pull-out method YBJ 229-19911991-10-1
Quality Standard and Test Method of Gravel and Crushed Stone for Ordinary Concrete JGJ 53-19921991-9-1
Test method for concrete mixture viscosity - shock table consolidation methodTB/T 2181-19901991-8-30
Terms and their definition of ferrocementGB/T 4582-19841985-6-1
Test method for lightweight aggregatesGB/T 2842-19811982-7-1
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