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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Implementation rules for compulsory certification of safety glass - safety glass products CNCA 04C-028-2006
Technical specifications for manufacturing foamed ceramic plate by using ceramic industrial wasteT/GDACERCU 0019-2021
Test method for stress of glass—Laser polarization scattered-light methodT/ZBH 019-2021
Ceramic pigment made from chromium slagT/CBMCA 023-2021
Evaluation method and graduation for energy efficiency performance of insulating glass unitGB/T 39749-20212022-2-1
Measuring method of the energy consumption of flat glass furnaceGB/T 39809-20212022-2-1
Determination of flowability of fine ceramic powders—Calibrated funnelGB/T 39696-20202021-11-1
Test method for scratch resistance of ultrathin glass GB/T 39815-20212021-10-1
Glass in building—Determination of light transmittance, solar direct transmittance, total solar energy transmittance, ultraviolet transmittance and related glazing factorsGB/T 2680-20212021-10-1
Test method for impact strength of ultrathin glass—Ball drop methodGB/T 39814-20212021-10-1
Test method for elastic modulus,shear modulus and Poissons ratio of glassGB/T 37780-20192020-7-1
Test methods for bending strength of glassGB/T 37781-20192020-7-1
Test method of hardness and fracture toughness for ultra-thin glass—Low-load vickers hardness indentation methodGB/T 37900-20192020-7-1
In-situ test method for detection of structural risk of the insulating glassGB/T 37784-20192020-7-1
Test method for elastic moduli of ultra-thin glassGB/T 37788-20192020-7-1
Test methods of color and color difference for architectural glassGB/T 36142-20182019-4-1
Test methods for determining mechanical properties of sealing glass for vacuum glazingGB/T 34338-20172018-9-1
Test method for flexural property of thin and ultrathin glass--Three-point bending methodGB/T 34171-20172018-8-1
Aluminum silicate glass for aircraftGB/T 34185-20172018-8-1
In-situ test method for degradation ratio of vacuum degree of vacuum glazing―Photoelastic methodGB/T 32062-20152016-9-1
Escape test method for emergency windows of high speed multiple unitGB/T 32056-20152016-9-1
Fatigue load test method for windows,doors of high speed multiple unitGB/T 32059-20152016-9-1
Test method for glass hardness and scratch resistance of high speed multiple unitGB/T 32057-20152016-9-1
Test method of resistance bird impact and projectile impact for high speed multiple unit windshield and coach body exterior protected construction materialGB/T 32058-20152016-9-1
Test method for gravelling impact resistance of high speed multiple unit windowsGB/T 32060-20152016-9-1
Test method for elastic properties of glass at high temperatures―Impulse excitation of vibrationGB/T 31544-20152016-4-1
Specifications for safety glass manufacture process. Part 3:Specification for household safety glass manufacture processJC/T 2302-20152016-1-1
Test method for optical properties of photovoltaic glassGB/T 30983-20142015-3-1
Specification for safety glass manufacture process . Part 2: Specification for automotive safety glass manufacture processJC/T 2277-20142014-11-1
Thermochromic infrared tunable coated glassJC/T 2206-20142014-10-1
Test Method for the Defects of Glass - Photoelastic Scanning MethodGB/T 30020-20132014-8-1
Lead-free color glaze for glassJC/T 2145-20122013-6-1
Specification for coated glass manufacture processJC/T 2068-20112012-7-1
Specification for safety glass manufacture process Part 1: Specification for building safety glass manufacture processJC/T 2070-20112012-7-1
Specification for insulating glass manufacture processJC/T 2071-20112012-7-1
Measurement and calculation method of heat balance and thermal efficiency for ceramic industrial kilnGB/T 23459-20092010-1-1
Prevent weathering of glass material used on glassJC/T 1008-20062006-10-1
Road vehicles - Safety glazing materials - Method for the determination of solar transmittanceGB/T 5137.4-20012001-10-1
Methods for chemical analysis of class making sandsJC/T 753-20012001-10-1
Methods for Chemical Analysis of Borosilicate GlassesQB/T 3572-19991999-4-21
Road vehicles - Safety glazing materials - Test methods for resistant-to-chemicals and resistant-to-temperature changesGB/T 17339-19981998-12-1
Glass-Hydrolytic resistance of glass grains at 98℃-Method of test and classificationGB/T 6582-19971998-1-1
Glass-Resistance to attack by a boiling aqueous solution of mixed alkali-Method of test and classificationGB/T 6580-19971998-1-1
Test method for Youngs modulus sheat modulus and Poissons ratio of glass materialJC/T 678-19971998-1-1
Test method for flexure of glass materialJC/T 676-19971998-1-1
Glass--Determination of coefficient of mean linear thermal expansionGB/T 16920-19971998-1-1
Glass - The method for measuring coefficient of mean linear thermal expansionJC/T 679-19971998-1-1
Glass - The method for measuring thermal conductivityJC/T 675-19971998-1-1
Determination method for particle size of glass raw materialsJC/T 650-19961997-4-1
Road vehicles--Safety glazing materials--Test methods for mechanical propertiesGB/T 5137.1-19961996-10-1
Road vehicles-Safety glasses-Test methods for optical propertiesGB/T 5137.2-19961996-10-1
Road vehicles--Safety glazing materials--Test methods for resistance to radiation high temperature humidity fire and simulated weatheringGB/T 5137.3-19961996-10-1
STANDARD definitions of terms relating to flat glassGB/T 15764-19951996-8-1
Methods of chemical analysis of sodalime-alumina and borosilicate glassGB/T 1549-19941995-8-1
Determination of light transmittance, solar direct transmittance, total solar energy transmittance and ultraviolet transmittance for glass in building and related glazing factorsGB/T 2680-19941994-10-1
Test method for density of glass-Method of the sink-float comparisonGB/T 14901-19941994-10-1
Test Method of Stockline Shrinkage for Ceramic PasteQB/T 1548-19921993-3-1
Measurement Method for Ceramic Material Temperature Range Burning MethodQB/T 1547-19921993-3-1
Measurement Method for Ceramic Glaze Melting Temperature RangeQB/T 1546-19921993-3-1
Measurement Method for Relative Viscosity, Flowability and Thixotropy of Ceramic SlurryQB/T 1545-19921993-3-1
Determination and calculation for heat balance for glass kilnJC 488-19921993-2-1
Test Method for Whiteness of Domestic CeramicsQB/T 1503-19921993-2-1
Test Method for Particle Size of Ceramic Raw Materials and Ceramic PigmentsQB/T 1465-19921992-12-1
Standard Test Method for Plasticity Index of Ceramic ClayQB/T 1322-19911992-8-1
Test Method for Mean Liner Thermal Expansion Coefficient of Ceramic MaterialQB/T 1321-19911992-8-1
Methods for chemical analysis of glass making sandsGB 3404-19821983-10-1
Chemical analysis of the glass with sodium, calcium, silicon, aluminum and boronGB 1549-19791979-10-1
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