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Title Standard No. Implemented On
Magnesium partially stabilized zirconia ceramic element for oxygen measurement in molten steelGB/T 39974-20212021-12-1
Test method for thermal conductivity of high thermal conductivity ceramicsGB/T 39862-20212021-10-1
Zirconia ceramics knifeGB/T 39232-20202021-10-1
Testing method for drying loss of fine ceramic powdersGB/T 39687-20202021-7-1
Test method for air-purification performance of photocatalytic materials and products—Removal of nitric oxideGB/T 39716-20202021-7-1
Test method for determining density of ceramic coatingsGB/T 39688-20202021-7-1
Test method for determining bonding strength of ceramic coatingsGB/T 39685-20202021-7-1
Ceramic flat membrane for water treatmentGB/T 39717-20202021-7-1
Test method for determining elastic modulus and strength of thick ceramic coatingsGB/T 39686-20202021-7-1
Testing mothed for specific surface area of ceramic powders—BET gas adsorption operationGB/T 39713-20202021-7-1
Cordierite-based ceramic high temperature gas filter elementsGB/T 37251-20182019-11-1
Silicon nitride ceramic powderGB/T 37258-20182019-11-1
Test method for ionic conductivity of functional ceramics for oxygen sensorGB/T 37253-20182019-11-1
Test method of evaluating antifungal activity of photocatalytic materials and productsGB/T 37247-20182019-11-1
Zirconia ceramics element for planar oxygen sensorGB/T 37252-20182019-11-1
Test method for response time of functional ceramics for oxygen sensorGB/T 37250-20182019-11-1
Test method for thermal-shock resistance of fine ceramicsGB/T 37246-20182019-9-1
Thermal analysis-mass spectrometry coupling method for ceramics materialsGB/T 36402-20182019-5-1
Silicon carbide high temperature ceramic filter elementGB/T 32978-20162017-7-1
Ceramic ball bearings―Silicon nitride ballsGB/T 31703-20152016-5-1
Test method for interfacial bond strength of fine ceramic materials―Cross-bondedGB/T 31541-20152016-4-1
Si3N4 ceramic insulation components for polycrystalline silicon productionJC/T 2349-20152016-1-1
Method for the quantitative phase analysis of silicon nitrideJC/T 2342-20152016-1-1
Test method for abrasion resistance of fine ceramics at room temperatureJC/T 2345-20152016-1-1
Silicon carbide ceramic filtersJC/T 2346-20152016-1-1
Heat storage ceramic ballsJC/T 2348-20152016-1-1
Ceramic membrane for electrolyticJC/T 2344-20152016-1-1
Ceramic mould for glovesJC/T 2347-20152016-1-1
Single crystal alumina tube prepared by edge-defined film-fed crystal growthJC/T 2343-20152016-1-1
UV light sources for testing properties of photocatalytic materialsGB/T 30809-20142015-2-1
Testing method on adhesion of fine ceramic coatings―ScratchingGB/T 30707-20142014-12-1
Measurment method and evaluating of the antibacterial characteristics of photocatalysis materials under visible light irridationGB/T 30706-20142014-12-1
Dielectric ceramic materials of barium zirconate titanate-Determination of the zirconium, titanium and barium content-X-ray fluorescence spectrometric methodJC/T 2213-20142014-10-1
Paper machine ceramic dehydration componentJC/T 2208-20142014-10-1
Test method of building ceramics for photocatalysisJC/T 2210-20142014-10-1
Alumina ceramic lining board wear-resistant pipeJC/T 2209-20142014-10-1
Solid-state pressureless sintered silicon carbide ceramic heat exchanger tubesJC/T 2212-20142014-10-1
Test method for conducting erosion resistant of fine ceramics at high temperatureJC/T 2211-20142014-10-1
Paper machine ceramic desander componentJC/T 2207-20142014-10-1
High purity paratellurite single crystal for nuclear physicsJC/T 2139-20122013-6-1
Thick film ceramic resistive plate for throttle position sensorJC/T 2141-20122013-6-1
Test method for ceramic whiskers morphologyJC/T 2151-20122013-6-1
Ceramic materials based on tetragonal zirconiaJC/T 2143-20122013-6-1
Determination of trace metal elements in high purity alumina by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometryJC/T 2147-20122013-6-1
Thick film ceramic resistive plate for fuel level sensorJC/T 2140-20122013-6-1
Magnesium oxide ceramic for metallurgyJC/T 2142-20122013-6-1
Alumina ceramic wear-resistant composite lining board GB/T 27979-20112012-10-1
Fused Silica Ceramic Crucible for Solar Poly-crystalline Silicon Crystal GrowthJC/T 2067-20112012-7-1
Antistatic ceramic tilesGB 26539-20112012-4-1
Ceramic liner with steel sleeve for mud pumpGB/T 25999-20102011-10-1
Honeycomb ceramicsGB/T 25994-20102011-10-1
Test methods for density and apparent porosity of fine ceramicsGB/T 25995-20102011-10-1
Chemical analysis methods of fritted glaze for ceramicsGB/T 16537-20102011-5-1
MoSi2 heating elementJC/T 2014-20102011-3-1
Thermal analysis - Mass spectrometry coupling method for ceramicsJC/T 2019-20102011-3-1
Special products of silicon carbide-Reaction bonded silicon carbide plateJC/T 2013-20102011-3-1
Test method for adsorption capacity of mesoporous materialsJC/T 2021-20102011-3-1
Fused silica rolls for horizontal glass tempering furnacesJC/T 687-20102011-3-1
Test method for transmittance of translucent fine ceramicsJC/T 2020-20102011-3-1
Translucent Alumina Ceramic Tube for Metal Halide LampsJC/T 2024-20102011-3-1
Test method for evaluating aging behavior of tetragonal zirconia polycrystallinesJC/T 2015-20102011-3-1
Alumina grinding ballJC/T 848.1-20102011-3-1
Zirconia ceramic for precious metal meltingJC/T 2022-20102011-3-1
Test method for fluorescent decay time of scintillators excited by pulsed X-rayJC/T 2026-20102011-3-1
Test method for machinability of dental fine ceramicsJC/T 2016-20102011-3-1
Alumina grinding mill liningsJC/T 848.2-20102011-3-1
Fine ceramics(advanced ceramics advanced technical ceramics)—Test method for fracture toughness of monolithic ceramics at room temperature by single edge precracked beam(SEPB)methodGB/T 23806-20092009-12-1
Fine ceramics(advanced ceramics advanced technical ceramics)—Classification systemecificationGB/T 23807-20092009-12-1
Fine ceramics(advanced ceramics advanced technical ceramics)—Test method for tensile strength of monolithic ceramics at room temperatureGB/T 23805-20092009-12-1
Fine ceramics (advanced ceramics advanced technical ceramics) - Test method for hardness of monolithic ceramics at room temperatureGB/T 16534-20092009-12-1
Fine ceramics(advanced ceramics advanced technical ceramics)—VocabularyGB/T 17991-20092009-12-1
Acid resisting bricks and tilesGB/T 8488-20082009-5-1
Fine ceramics (advanced ceramics advanced technical ceramics) - Test method for linear thermal expansion of monolithic ceramics by push-rod techniqueGB/T 16535-20082009-5-1
Fine ceramics (advanced ceramics advanced technical ceramics) - Test method for flexural strength of monolithic ceramics at elevated temperatureGB/T 14390-20082009-5-1
Zirconia ceramic edged ringJC/T 1058-20072008-4-1
Fine ceramics (advanced ceramics,advanced technical ceramics) - Test method for for flexural strength of monolithic ceramics at room temperature GB/T 6569-20062006-9-1
Fine ceramics(advanced ceramics,advanced technical ceramics)?Sample preparation for the determination of particle size distribution of ceramic powdersGB/T 20117-20062006-9-1
Test method for compressive strength of fine ceramics (advanced ceramics, advanced technical ceramics) GB/T 8489-20062006-9-1
Test methods for elastic moduli of fine ceramics (advanced ceramics, advanced technical ceramics) - Bending methodGB/T 10700-20062006-9-1
Zirconia powder with low specific surface area and better sinter abilityJC/T 995-20062006-8-1
Ceramic foam filterJC/T 895-20012002-6-1
Honeycomb ceramicsJC/T 686-19981998-10-1
Test method for apparent porosity and bulk density of porous ceramicGB/T 1966-19961997-4-1
Test method for acid and alkaline-resistance of porous ceramicGB/T 1970-19961997-4-1
Test method for permeability of porous ceramicGB/T 1969-19961997-4-1
Chemical analyzing methods of fritted glaze for ceramicsGB/T 16537-19961997-4-1
Test method for cross-bending strength of porous ceramicsGB/T 1965-19961997-4-1
Test method for linear thermal expansion of high performance ceramicsGB/T 16535-19961997-4-1
Test method for Vickers hardness of high performance ceramicsGB/T 16534-19961997-4-1
Test method for pore diameter of porous ceramicGB/T 1967-19961997-4-1
Test method for crushing strength of porous ceramicGB/T 1964-19961997-4-1
Test method for flexural strength of high performance ceramics at elevated temperatureGB/T 14390-19931993-12-2
method for impact toughness of high performance ceramicsGB/T 14389-19931993-2-1
Test methods for elastic modulus of high performance ceramicsGB/T 10700-19891989-1-2
Testing method for compressive (crushing) strength of hing performance ceramicsGB/T 8489-19871988-8-1
Ceramic tube for thermocouple protectionGB 2935-19821982-7-1
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