Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Test methods of multiple units glass, windows static pressure and windows sealing performanceGB/T 39709-20202021-11-1
Test method for flexibility of ultrathin glass—Two point bending methodGB/T 38686-20202021-2-1
Measuring method for ultra-thin glass reheating line shrinkage—Dilatometer methodGB/T 37991-20192020-7-1
Anti-soiling and easy-to-clean coated glassGB/T 37830-20192020-7-1
Test methods for electrically properties for electrically heated aircraft glassGB/T 37826-20192020-7-1
Test methods for optical properties for aircraft glassGB/T 37831-20192020-7-1
Lightweight crystalline silicon photovoltaic(PV)laminated glassGB/T 37896-20192020-7-1
Glass for shower enclosuresGB/T 36266-20182019-7-1
Easy clean glassT/ZBH 008-20192019-5-1
High aluminum silicate cover glass for touch panelGB/T 36259-20182019-5-1
Glass for the transparent part of passive ultra-low energy consumption buildingT/ZBH 012-20192019-5-1
Anti-glare and anti-reflective glass for electronic displayGB/T 36260-20182019-5-1
Lighting glass tube for light emitting diodeGB/T 35846-20182019-1-1
Photovoltaic(PV)glass-Test method and performance evaluation of exposure to hot-dry and sand-dust environmentGB/T 34613-20172018-9-1
Test method of mirror shape for solar collectorGB/T 34334-20172018-9-1
Photovoltaic vacuum glassGB/T 34337-20172018-9-1
Photovoltaic(PV)glass—Test method and performance evaluation of exposure to damp heat outdoor environment GB/T 34561-20172018-9-1
Photovoltaic(PV)glass-Test method and performance evaluation of exposure to urban environment in temperate climateGB/T 34614-20172018-9-1
Light weight thermally strengthened glassGB/T 34328-20172018-9-1
Thin float glass for liquid crystal display(LCD) applicationsGB/T 20314-20172018-8-1
Photovoltaic glass--Accelerated aging test method under multi-factor coupling conditionsGB/T 34179-20172018-8-1
Measurement of nanofilm thickness on glass substrate-Profilometric methodGB/T 33826-20172017-12-1
Solar glass―Part 3:Reflective glass mirrorGB/T 30984.3-20162017-11-1
Reflectance test method of reflective glass mirror for concentrated solar power systemGB/T 33234-20162017-11-1
Hail impact test method of reflective glass mirror for concentrated solar powerGB/T 33235-20162017-11-1
Electromagnetic shielding glassGB/T 32995-20162017-9-1
Substrate glass for thin film transistor liquid crystal display deviceGB/T 31958-20152016-8-1
Solar glass―Part 1:Ultra-clear patterned glassGB/T 30984.1-20152016-8-1
Solar glass-Part 2:Transparent conductive oxide coated glassGB/T 30984.2-20142015-3-1
Measurement method for contact angle of nano-film surfaceGB/T 30447-20132014-10-1
Peripheral injection molding safety glass unitJC/T 2202-20142014-10-1
Measurement Method for Photolysis Performance Index of Photocatalytic Nano-materialsGB/T 30452-20132014-10-1
Reflective particles decorated glassGB/T 29757-20132014-6-1
Thermally toughened safety glass for shipsGB 11946-20132014-5-1
Thermal insulation painted glassGB/T 29501-20132013-12-1
Glass for solar cell moduleJC/T 2001-20092010-6-1
Sight glass for pressure vesselsGB/T 23259-20092009-11-5
Heat Strengthened GlassGB/T 17841-20082009-6-1
Film mounted glassJC 846-20072008-4-1
Film mounted glassJC/T 846-20072008-4-1
Electrically heated glazing materials for locomotives and ships—Part 1:Heated glass panes for ships rectangular windowsGB 14681.1-20062006-12-1
Electrically heatedGB 14681.2-20062006-12-1
Glass - ceramics & Ceramics Combined TileJC/T 994-20062006-8-1
Household glass-washbowl and tabletopJC 981-20052005-7-1
Safety Glazing Materials for Road VehiclesGB 9656-20032004-4-1
Heat bent glassJC/T 915-20032003-12-1
Road vehicles - safety glazing materials - TerminologyJC/T 632-20022003-3-1
Shipbuilding and marine structures--Toughened safety glass paned for rectangular windows and side scuttles--Punch method of non-destructive strength testingGB/T 3385-20012001-10-1
Test method for measurement of stress in glassGB/T 18144-20002000-12-1
Bullet resistant glazingGB 17840-19992000-8-1
Tempered and heat-strengthened glass used in curtain wallsGB 17841-19992000-8-1
Laminated glassGB 9962-19992000-8-1
Tempered glassGB/T 9963-19981998-1-2
Performance test method for electric heating glass of rear auto windowJC/T 673-19971998-1-1
Electric heating glass of rear auto windowJC/T 672-19971998-1-1
Safety glasses for road vehicles (for certification)GB 9656-19961996-10-1
Glass mosaicGB/T 7697-19961996-10-1
Glass Plate for LiquidometerQB 2112-19951996-3-1
Electrically heated glazing materials for locomotives and shipsGB 14681-19931994-7-1
Tempered glassGB 9963-19881989-7-1
Impact test method of safety glasses for road vehiclesGB/T 4125-19841984-12-1
The method of tempered glass impact test(227g steel ball test)GB/T 2843-19811982-7-1
Test Methods of Safety Glazing Materials Used on Road VehicleGB/T 5137.2-20021905-6-24
Test Methods of Safety Glazing Materials Used on Road VehicleGB/T 5137.1-20021905-6-24
Test Methods of Safety Glazing Materials Used on Road VehicleGB/T 5137.3-20021905-6-24
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