Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical requirements for safety and energy efficiency of lithium bromide absorption cold (hot) water units in distributed energy supply systemsDB31/T 435-2021
Test method of the performance of high efficiency particulate air filter—Efficiency and resistanceGB/T 6165-20212021-11-1
Distribution manifold of cold/hot waterGB/T 29730-20132014-6-1
Self-operating flow control valve for heating and cooling systemGB/T 29735-20132014-6-1
Technical requirement for environmental labeling products Heating radiatorsHJ 508-20092010-1-1
High efficiency particulate air filterGB/T 13554-20082009-6-1
Smoke damper(vent)GA 481-20042004-10-1
Cleaning code for air duct system in heating, ventilating and air-GB 19210-20032003-6-30
Heating radiator - Cast iron wing-type radiatorJG 4-20022002-10-1
Non-combustibility ventilating pipes of inorganic material and fiberglassJG/T 117-19992000-6-1
Eccentric butterfly valve for heat-supplyCJ/T 92-19992000-3-1
Wheels for site dumpersJG/T 6-19991999-6-4
Steel column type radiatorJG/T 1-19991999-6-4
Steel Panel RadiatorJG/T 2-19991999-6-4
Heating radiator—Cast iron column-wing-type radiatorJG/T 3047-19981999-2-1
Heating radiator - Steel finned-tube convectorJG/T 3012.2-19981999-2-1
Test Method for Air-conditioning Units Used in Railway Passenger CarsTB/T 2433-19931994-7-1
Medical room air conditionerYY 0116-19931993-5-1
High efficency particulate air filterGB/T 13554-19921993-3-1
Heating Radiator Series Parameters, Thread and AccessoriesJGJ 31-19861987-5-1
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