Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Cast iron heating radiatorGB/T 19913-20182019-1-1
Electric Towel RackT/CCMSA 50104-20182018-12-28
Steel panel radiatorJG/T 2-20182018-12-1
Aluminum column-wing type radiatorJG/T 143-20182018-12-1
Steel tube radiatorJG/T 148-20182018-12-1
General technical specification for steel heating radiator accessoriesGB/T 32835-20162017-7-1
Convector Copper Tube RadiatorJG/T 221-20162016-12-1
Copper-Aluminum Coloum - Wing Type RadiatorJG/T 220-20162016-12-1
Steel-aluminum compound radiatorGB/T 31542-20152016-2-1
Steel heating radiatorGB 29039-20122013-11-1
Electric heating radiatorJG/T 236-20082009-2-1
Shading & Thermal Aluminum Screen for GreenhouseNY/T 1363-20072007-7-1
Cast iron heating radiatorGB 19913-20052006-5-1
Water boiling gas appliancesCJ/T 29-20032004-6-1
Enamelling hot-water units in store typeQB/T 2590-20032003-10-1
The storage type heat exchanger of guide flow type and half storage type heat exchanger(construction of U-pipe column)CJ/T 163-20022002-10-1
Preformed directly buried insulating fittings with polyurethane [PUR] foamed-plastics and high density polyethylene [PE] casing pipesCJ/T 155-20012002-6-1
Preformed directly buried insulating pipes for polyurethane (PUR) foamed plastics and glass fiber reinforced plastics protect layersCJ/T 129-20002001-6-1
Preformed directly buried insulating pipes for polyurethand [PUR] foamed-plastics and high density polyethylene [PE] protect pipesCJ/T 114-20002000-10-1
Specification for wear-resistant pipesDL/T 680-19991999-10-1
Domestic gas instantaneous water heaterGB 6932-19941995-10-1
Semi-instantaneous water heaterCJ/T 3047-19951994-12-1
Heat flow meter for buildingJG/T 3016-19941994-12-1
Joint for district heating pipeline sleeve expansion jointCJ/T 3016.2-19941994-12-1
Requirements of Readiness and Methods of Inspection and Assessment for Thermal PipelinesSJ/T 31445-19941994-6-1
Hemi-fast open water heater hot water supply design rules (with explanation)CECS 60-19941993-3-1
Water boiling gas appliancesGB 12202-19901990-8-1
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