Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Intermediate check specifications of measuring equipment for vehicle inspection bodyGB/T 37536-20192020-1-1
Axle (wheel) weighing instrument for motor vehicle detectionJT/T 1279-20192019-10-1
Computer monitor for vehicle trouble diagnosis JT/T 632-20182018-8-1
Motor vehicle exhaust analyzer —Part 1: Exhaust analyzer for Ignition vehiclesJT/T 386.1-20172018-2-1
Four-wheel alignerGB/T 33570-20172017-12-1
Mobile motorcycle safety technology inspection laneGB/T 28946-20122013-6-1
Platform brake testerGB/T 28529-20122013-6-1
Roller automobile speedometer testerGB/T 13563-20072008-1-1
Valve refacerJT/T 129-20072007-10-1
Vertical brake drum boring machineJT/T 126-20072007-10-1
Portable cylinder boring machineJT/T 115-20072007-10-1
Cylinder honing machineJT/T 125-20072007-10-1
Con-Rod bushing boring machineJT/T 122-20072007-10-1
Cylinder bushing boring machineJT/T 123-20072007-10-1
Verification Regulation of Platform Brake TesterJJG 1020-20072007-5-28
Multi-function automobile brake testerJT/T 649-20062006-5-1
Computer monitor for vehicle trouble diagnosisJT/T 632-20052006-1-1
Valve seats boring machineJT/T 637-20052006-1-1
Automotive front-wheel turning angle testerJT/T 634-20052006-1-1
Surface grinding machines with vertical grinding wheel spindle for engine cylinder body and coverJT/T 636-20052006-1-1
Autobody and frame alignment machineJT/T 639-20052006-1-1
Automotive suspension and steering clearance testerJT/T 633-20052006-1-1
Tire changerJT/T 635-20052006-1-1
Cleaning and detecting instrument for spray nozzles of vehicle engineJT/T 638-20052006-1-1
General requirements for the competence of automotive multiple-Function test stationGB/T 17993-20052005-12-1
Roller opposite forces type automobile brake tester GB/T 13564-20052005-8-1
Technical criteria of quick auto maintenance and repairDB31/T 343-20052005-6-1
Four-wheel alignmenterJT/T 505-20042004-7-15
Automobile engine multi-analyzerJT/T 503-20042004-7-15
OpacimetersJT/T 506-20042004-7-15
Analyzer for vehicle emission pollutantsJT/T 386-20042004-7-15
Vehicle headlamp testerJT/T 508-20042004-7-15
Automobile side slip testerJT/T 507-20042004-7-15
Automobile liftJT/T 155-20042004-7-15
Test-bed methods and evaluating index of dynamic property for motor vehiclesGB/T 18276-20002001-9-1
Technical standard rquirement for technicians in charge of quality-inspection of auto maintenance and repairJT/T 425-20002000-12-1
Specification for balancer on motor vehicle wheelJT/T 413-20002000-5-1
Roller opposite forces type automobile brake testerGB/T 13564-19921993-3-1
Roller speedometer testerGB/T 13563-19921993-3-1
Valve seat grinderJT/T 130-19931990-7-1
Hydraulic check-out stand of connecting rodGB 12069-19891990-7-1
Valve seat grinderGB 12068-19891990-7-1
Machine for cutting friction lining of brake shoeJT/T 124-19931990-7-1
Brake drum cutting machineGB 12064-19891990-7-1
The equipment for drilling rivetting and grinding brake-shoe liningGB 12065-19891990-7-1
Specifications for pneumatic valve grinderJT/T 114-19931990-3-1
Specifications for portable cylinder boring machineGB 11571-19891990-3-1
Specifications for pneumatic valve grinderGB 11570-19891990-3-1
Technical specification for cylinder boring grinding machineGB 11569-19891990-3-1
Technical specifications for cylinder boring grinding machineJT/T 113-19931990-3-1
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