Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical inspection and appraisal for safety performance of vehicles involved in road traffic accidentsGA/T 642-2020
Trace identification in road traffic accidentsGA/T 1087-20212022-5-1
Photographing for road traffic accident scenesGA/T 50-20192020-1-1
The filing documents of road traffic accidentsGA 40-20182018-5-1
General technical specifications for road traffic accident scene drawing systemGA/T 1381-20182018-3-26
Investigation on trace and physical evidence of road traffic accidentGA 41-20142015-4-1
Drawing of the scene for road traffic accidentGA 49-20142014-5-1
Photographing for road traffic accident sceneGA 50-20142014-5-1
Trace identification in road traffic accidentsGA/T 1087-20132013-10-1
Vehicle test devices for road traffic accident sceneGA/T 1013-20122013-1-1
The drawing of the scene for the road traffic accidentGA 49-20092010-1-1
Examination of dead body in road traffic accidentsGA 268-20092010-1-1
The filing document of road traffic accidentGA 40-20082009-1-1
The graphics symbols for the scene of road traffic accidentGB/T 11797-20052005-11-1
The photography of examination in road traffic accidentGA 50-20052005-11-1
The investigation of the trace and physical evidence at the road traffic accident sceneGA 41-20052005-5-1
General specification for loghting equipment in vehicle at traffic accident sceneGA/T 488-20042004-10-1
The graphics symbols-For the scene of road traffic accidentGB/T 11797-19891990-7-1
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