Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Sleeper for ballasted track—Concrete sleeperGB/T 37330-20192019-7-1
Low vibration track components. Part 1:Concrete blockTB/T 3515.1-20182019-2-1
Low vibration track components-Part 3:Rubber bootTB/T 3515.3-20182019-2-1
The specification of rubber pads for turnout of passenger and freight railway lineTB/T 3514-20182019-2-1
Low vibration track components. Part 4:Block padTB/T 3515.4-20182019-2-1
Concrete turnout sleeper for ballasted track of heavy-haul railwayT/ZZB 0146-20162016-12-31
Concrete turnout sleeper for ballasted trackTB/T 3080-20142015-5-1
Sign board for railway track and signalTB/T 2493-20132013-7-1
Prestressed concrete broad sleeper for ballasted trackTB/T 3298-20132013-6-1
Switch and crossing railsTB/T 3109-20132013-6-1
Concrete sleeper embedded in ballastless track on turnout section of high-speed railwayTB/T 3297-20132013-6-1
Concrete sleeperTB/T 2190-20132013-6-1
Prestressed concrete sleeper for ballasted track of high-speed railwayTB/T 3300-20132013-6-1
Technology Conditions of Ladder SleeperCJ/T 401-20122013-1-1
Technical specifications for using and repairing of used railsTB/T 3119-20052005-6-27
Specifications of uplifting tie plate underside rail for concrete sleeperTB/T 1781-20042005-1-15
Ordinary Road LampTB/T 1346-19792004-11-1
Technical Specification for Insulated Gauge RodsTB/T 2492-20042004-8-1
Technical specification for the heat treated railsTB/T 2635-20042004-3-1
Spring clip-I fastenings Part 5: Track insulators for spring clip-I II fasteningsTB/T 1495.5-20032003-12-1
Technical rule for the concrete switch sleeperTB/T 3080-20032003-7-29
Specification of compromise railsTB/T 3066-20022003-2-1
Spring clip-Ⅱ fastenings Part 2:Spring clipTB/T 3065.2-20022003-2-1
Spring clip-Ⅱ fastenings Part 1: Assembling and configureTB/T 3065.1-20022003-2-1
Fatigue Test Method for TypeⅠ and TypeⅡ Fastening Elastic Strip TB/T 2329-20022002-12-1
Technical Specification for Electric Arc Repair Welding of Steel Rail TB/T 1631-20022002-7-1
Reservation and Inspection Method for Common Rail SeamTB/T 1857-19862002-7-1
Thread spikeTB/T 3049-20022002-7-1
Glued insulated rail technology conditionsTB/T 2975-20002000-11-1
Technical requirements for spherical bearingsGB/T 17955-20002000-8-1
Antirust Coating for Screw Spike Sulfur Anchoring and Isolation TB/Z 5-19762000-6-1
General Technical Specifications for Welding of JH Type Steel Rail Bond Wire TB/T 2936-19981999-4-1
Steel Rail Acceptance Inspection TB/T 2924-19981998-11-1
Evaluation Methods for Quality State Examination of Jointless Track TB/T 2819-19971998-1-1
Test Method for Dowty RetarderTB/T 2774-19971997-9-1
Test Method for Load-bearing Bending Moment of Prestressed Concrete TB/T 2692-19961996-10-1
Test Method for Fastener Assembly FatigueTB/T 2491-19941995-4-1
Test for Transverse Force of FastenerTB/T 2490.2-19941995-4-1
Test for Vertical Force of FastenerTB/T 2490.3-19941995-4-1
Test for Axial Force of Fastener BoltTB/T 2490.1-19941995-4-1
Ordinary Track Rod TB/T 1780-19861993-10-1
Sleeper Screws, Screw SpikesTB 564-19921992-12-31
Elastic Strips - Type Fasteners - Assembling and Configuration TB/T 1495.1-19921992-12-31
I-shaped Elastic Strip Fastenings - Gauge Apron TB/T 1495.3-19921992-12-31
I-shaped Elastic Strip Fastenings - Flat Washer TB/T 1495.4-19921992-12-31
I-shaped Elastic Strip Fastenings - Elastic StripTB/T 1495.2-19921992-12-31
High-strength Fastener for Rail Insulation Joint TB 2129-19901992-10-1
General Technical Specifications for Hydraulic Tie Respacer TB/T 2135-19901990-12-1
Thread spikeGB 10487-19891989-10-1
Allowed Abrasion Limit for Steel RailTB 2097-19891989-5-1
I-shaped Elastic Strip Adjust-upward Fastening - Gauge Apron TB 1911.2-19871988-8-1
I-shaped Heightening Fastenings - Assembling Auxiliaries TB/T 1911.1-19871988-8-1
I-shaped Elastic Strip Adjust-upward Fastening - Apron Block TB 1911.3-19871988-8-1
YG Type Steel Rail Fixture Wire TB 1459-19831983-6-1
JS Plug-type Steel Rail Match LineTB 1458-19831983-6-1
Type and Size of Rubber Tie Plates under Rail 50kg/m for Concrete Sleepers and Concrete Sleeper Plates TB 1388-19811981-4-1
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