Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Ordinary Road LampTB/T 1347-1990
Tamping toolTB/T 1347-20122012-6-1
Work and operation standard for railway maintenance construction Ballast replacing construction with heavy-duty track maintenance machineryTB/T 2658.20-20042005-1-15
Track dynamic stabilizer Part 1: The whole machine performanceTB/T 3064.1-20032003-9-1
General technical specification for rail flat carTB/T 2033-20032003-9-1
General technical specification for hydraulic track lifting and lining toolTB/T 1925-20032003-9-1
Track dynamic stabilizer Part 2: Dynamic drive unitTB/T 3064.2-20032003-9-1
Track dynamic stabilizer Part 3: System performanceTB/T 3064.3-20032003-9-1
Track dynamic stabilizer Part 4: Stabilize unitTB/T 3064.4-20032003-9-1
Currency technical condition for rail drilling machineTB/T 2102-20022003-6-1
General technical specification for ballast distributing and regulating machineTB/T 3071-20022003-6-1
Operation Standard - Large Screen Scarifier Operation TB/T 2658.16-19981999-4-1
Operation Standard - Small Line Machinery OperationTB/T 2658.15-19981999-4-1
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