Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Color of Railway Light Signal TB/T 2081-1989
Code for design of railway signalingTB 10007-20062006-4-10
Technical specification for protection against lightning electromagnetic impulse on railway signaling equipmentsTB/T 3074-20032003-9-1
EMC tests and limits for railway electrical signaling apparatusTB/T 3073-20032003-9-1
Lens color light signals institutions and signal representationTB/T 1413-20012001-12-1
-48V DC Power Distribution Equipment for Use of Railway Communication Station TB/T 2993.2-20002000-11-1
AC Distribution Equipment for Railway Communication Station TB/T 2993.1-20002000-11-1
Graphical Symbols for Railway SignalingTB/T 1122-19922000-11-1
-48V High-frequency Switch Rectifying Equipment for Use of Railway Communication Station TB/T 2993.3-20002000-11-1
Grounded Use of Railway Signal Products under Ambient ConditionsTB/T 1433-19991999-9-1
Test Method for Railway Ground Signal Product at High and Low Temperature TB/T 2953-19991999-9-1
Code for design of railway signalingTB 10007-19991999-6-1
Code for construction of railway signalingTB 10206-19991999-6-1
Graphical Symbols Displayed on Colour Screen for Railway Signal TB/T 2893-19981998-9-1
Compilation Principle and Management Measure for Product Model of Railway Signaling TB 1022-19981998-9-1
Test Method for Vibration of Railway Ground Signal ProductTB/T 2846-19971997-10-1
Technical Specification for Centralized Traffic Control and Dispatch Monitoring SystemTB/T 1694-19951996-10-1
Railway Signal Failure - Safety PrincipleTB/T 2615-19941995-7-1
XSZ-135 Combined Signaling GearTB/T 2498-19941995-3-1
Assessment Method for Reliability Requirements of Railway Signal Product TB/T 2468-19931994-7-1
Compilation Principle for Lettered Symbols of Railway SignalingTB 1023-19921992-12-31
Signalling Technique Conditions of Railway Locomotive TB/T 2117-19901990-12-1
Drawing Method of Wiring Diagram for Railway Signal ProductTB/T 2080-19891989-12-1
Drawing Method of Circuit Diagram for Railway Signal ProductTB/T 2079-19891989-12-1
Terminology for Railway SignalingTB/T 454-19811982-1-1
Combination, Combined Rack and Composite RackTB/T 1281-19781978-10-1
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