Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical specification for low deck semi-trailerJT/T 1284-20202020-4-1
Performance and Determination of PVC Slush Skin of Automotive Instrument PanelQC/T 1026-20162016-7-1
Automobile recovery - Terminology GB/T 26989-20112012-3-1
Marks for recoverability of automobile parts GB/T 26988-20112012-3-1
Fixed Displacement Compressor Assembly with Double headed Swash Plate for Automobile Air Conditioning SystemQC/T 835-20102010-12-1
Pressure Relief Valve for Automobile Air Conditioning SystemQC/T 833-20102010-12-1
Variable Displacement Swash Plate Type Compressor Assembly for Automobile Air ConditioningQC/T 834-20102010-12-1
Automobile chassis dynamometerJT/T 445-20082008-12-1
General specifications for automotive chassis dynamometersJT/T 445-20012001-8-1
Measure method of stress and deformation for bus body skeletonGB/T 6792-19961997-1-1
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