Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical requirements of beam trawlerDB31/T1006-20162016-12-1
General provisions for programming mooring,sea trials and fishing of sea going fishery vesselGB/T 25505-20102011-7-1
Numbering for category of fishing vessel shapeSC/T 8003-20072008-3-1
Structural type of fishing vessel deckingSC/T 8108-20012001-10-1
Nodes of steel fishing vesselSC/T 8060-20012001-10-1
Requirements of quality in the manufacture of fiberglass reinforced plastics fishing vesselSC/T 8067-20012001-10-1
Fundamental terms of fisheries vesselSC/T 8002-20002000-4-1
Operating rule of foam for insulating layer on fishing vesselSC/T 8095-19971998-5-1
Division structure type for firefighting of fishing vesselSC/T 8032-19971998-5-1
Quality Requirements for Weld Appearance of Fishing Vessel Body SC/T 8131-19941995-1-1
Construction Precision for Steel Fishing Vessel Body SC/T 8078-19941995-1-1
Quality Requirements for Manufacture and Installation of Fishing Vessel Cabin Woodwork SC/T 8073-19941995-1-1
Code for Inspection of Wire Mesh Cement Fishing Vessel on SeaSC/T 8103-19941995-1-1
Code for Construction of Wire Mesh Cement Fishing Vessel on SeaSC/T 8101-19941995-1-1
Fundamental terms of fisheries vesselGB 11781-19891900-7-1
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