Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Fairlead with horizontal rollerCB 435-1965
Mooring pipeCB 34-1976
Specification for Helix Anchoring Machine of SubmarineCB/Z 887-2007
Mooring pipeCB 34-76
Cam chain controller CB 712-1968
Fairlead with horizontal rollerCB 435-65
Cam chain controller CB 712-68
Simplicity type cableing clenchesCB 531-66
Simplicity type cableing clenchesCB 531-1966
Marine combine connecting line for mooringGB/T 41216-20212022-7-1
Technical requirements for deepwater positioning and mooring systemGB/T 39097-20202021-4-1
Ships and marine technology—Ships mooring and towing fittings—Pedestal fairleadsGB/T 37453-20192019-12-1
Ships and marine technology—Ships mooring and towing fittings—Shipside roller fairleadsGB/T 37448-20192019-12-1
Ships and marine technology—Ships mooring and towing fittings—Universal fairleads without upper rollerGB/T 36582-20182019-4-1
Ships and marine technology—Ship's mooring and towing fittings—Steel rollersGB/T 36664-20182019-4-1
Ships and marine technology—Ships mooring and towing fittings—Closed chocksGB/T 36663-20182019-4-1
Ships and marine technology—Ships mooring and towing fittings—Recessed bitts(steel plate type)GB/T 36667-20182019-4-1
Ships and marine technology - Ship's mooring and towing fittings - Recessed bitts(casting type)GB/T 36884-20182019-4-1
Ships and marine technology—Ships mooring and towing fittings—Cruciform bollardsGB/T 36665-20182019-4-1
Ships and marine technology—Ship’s mooring and towing fittings—Panama chocksGB/T 11586-20182019-1-1
Ships and marine technology—Ships mooring and towing fittings—Universal fairleads with upper rollerGB/T 36217-20182018-12-1
Ships and marine technology—Ships mooring and towing fittings—Mooring chocksGB/T 36213-20182018-12-1
Large yachts—Deck equipment—Anchoring equipmentsGB/T 35353-20172018-7-1
Electro-welded anchor chainsGB/T 549-20172017-9-1
Hall anchorGB/T 546-20162017-7-1
Design guideline for seagoing vessels bow anchoringCB/Z 280-20112011-10-1
Tail-fin anchorCB/T 4128-20112011-10-1
Light weight type anchorCB/T 4135-20112011-10-1
The landing boom for S.t Lawrance seawayCB/T 4136-20112011-10-1
Devils clawsCB/T 288-20112011-10-1
Admiralty anchorCB/T 4181-20112011-10-1
BollardsGB/T 554-20082009-2-1
Pool—N anchorCB/T 3221-20082008-10-1
Stockless anchorCB/T 3983-20082008-10-1
Shipbuilding - Cable stoppers GB/T 21484-20082008-9-1
Electro-welded anchor chainsGB/T 549-20082008-9-1
Mooring pipeCB/T 34-20072007-10-1
Mooring chainGB/T 20848-20072007-7-1
AC-14 high holding power anchorCB/T 3972-20052006-5-1
Fairlead with horizontal rollerCB/T 435-20052005-7-1
Specification for lift mooring bittsCB 776-20042004-12-1
Pincer form cable leading apparatus for inland river shipJT/T 359-20042004-9-1
Ventilation type mooring bittsCB/T 3031-20002001-1-1
Dog type cable clenchesCB/T 3143-19992001-1-1
Single -- Roller fairlead with cleatCB/T 436-20002001-1-1
Adjustable chain stopperCB/T 3822-19992001-1-1
Roller-type cable stopperCB/T 3844-20002001-1-1
Derrick boom for anchorCB/T 431-20002001-1-1
Ship cross bittsCB/T 3845-20002001-1-1
Safety shackles of buoyCB/T 3043-19992001-1-1
Antistatic ropes technical condition of oil tankerJT/T 407-19991999-12-31
FairleadsCB/T 38-19991999-8-1
Easy detachable chain ringCB/T 3914-19991999-6-1
Hall anchorGB/T 546-19971998-6-1
Code for Reversible Mooring CavelCB 843-19961997-6-1
Screw Chain ControllersCB/T 178-19961997-4-1
Square FairleadCB/T 3768-19961997-4-1
Electro-welded anchor chainsGB/T 549-19961996-11-1
Mooring Cordage ReelCB/T 498-19951996-8-1
Rope stopperJT/T 255-19951996-6-1
Tongue type stopperJT/T 353-19951996-6-1
Plough type anchorJT/T 354-19951996-6-1
Bakes Anchor CB/T 711-19951996-4-1
Berth Chain Controllers CB/T 806-19941995-8-1
Anchor shackleGB/T 547-19941995-5-1
Technical Requirements for Installation of Anchor Arrangement for Fishing Vessel SC/T 8071-19941995-1-1
Chain Controller for Single Point Mooring CB/T 3672-19951994-7-1
Ships swivel shackleGB/T 14526-19931994-3-1
Grapnel anchorCB/T 24-19991993-5-1
Panama chocksGB 11586-19891990-3-1
Safety shackles of buoyGB 11588-19891990-3-1
Marine roller fairleadsGB 10105-19881989-10-1
Buoy shackleGB/T 10101-19881989-10-1
Openable towing chock CB 653-19791989-3-1
Tools for Dismantling of Anchor Chains - Wedge CB* 3276.4-19851987-1-1
Tools for Dismantling of Anchor Chains - Lateral Pin Punch CB* 3276.2-19851987-1-1
Tools for Dismantling of Anchor Chains - Taper Pin Punch CB* 3276.1-19851987-1-1
Tools for Dismantling of Anchor Chains - Draw Hooks of Anchor ChainsCB* 3276.5-19851987-1-1
Tools for Dismantling of Anchor Chains - Punching Piece of CrosspieceCB* 3276.3-19851987-1-1
Cast steel anchor chain cablesGB/T 550-19841985-10-1
Anchor chain casting steel--Technical specificationsGB 552-19841985-10-1
Cast Steel Chain Controller for Switch Blade CB* 286-19841985-8-1
Fairlead for Working Ship CB* 3015-19831985-5-1
Marine roller--Type cable stopperGB 4443-19841985-3-1
Grapnel anchorGB 4442-19841985-3-1
Lingulate Chain Controller for Guide Roller CB* 3138-19831985-1-1
Folding Fairlead CB 775-19821984-10-1
Electro-welded anchor chainsGB 549-19831984-5-1
Chainlet for ShipsCB* 21-19831984-5-1
Sliding Wedge Type Steel Rope ControllerCB* 3137-19831984-5-1
Technical requirement for repair of anchor and anchor chainJT/T 4504-19831983-10-1
Hall anchor--Type and dimensionsGB 546-19761977-7-1
Anchor-shackle--Type and dimensionsGB 547-19761977-7-1
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