Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Stern barrel of fishing vesselSC/T 8039-20012001-10-1
Technique requirements for setting of main diesel engine lip surface gercase of fishing vesselSC/T 8043-19971998-5-1
Technical requirements for making and working of fishing vessel honeycomb ductSC/T 8069-19971998-5-1
The technical requirements of plane freezer for fishing vesselSC/T 8035-19971997-12-1
Hoisting Wire Pulley on Fishing Vessel SC/T 8011-19941996-10-1
Suspender Topping Lift Pull Ring on Fishing Vessel SC/T 8020-19941996-10-1
Guide Sheave on Fishing Vessel SC/T 8015-19941996-10-1
Suspender Bearing on Fishing Vessel SC/T 8019-19941996-10-1
Ground Pulley on Fishing Vessel SC/T 8013-19941996-10-1
Vertical Roller on Fishing Vessel SC/T 8014-19941996-10-1
The auto-closed liquidmenters of fishing vesselSC/T 8029-19971996-10-1
Suspender on Fishing Vessel SC/T 8018-19941996-10-1
Technical Requirements for Installation of Sacrificial Anode for Fishing Vessel SC/T 8122-19941995-1-1
Technical Requirements for Installation of Mooring Fittings for Fishing Vessel SC/T 8072-19941995-1-1
Fishing Vessel Trawl Gallow SC/T 8107-19941995-1-1
Structural Type for Insulation of Fishing Vessel Fresh Fish Hold SC/T 8075-19941995-1-1
Technical Requirements for Tail Shaft, Intermediate Shaft and Thrust Shaft of Fishing Vessel SC/T 8083-19941995-1-1
Technical Requirements for Installation of Hydraulic Tandem Type WinchSC/T 8091-19941995-1-1
Technical Requirements for Installation of 2×25kN/42m Motor-driven Winch SC/T 8092-19941995-1-1
Filter Cartridge of Lubricant Cleaner SC/T 8135-19941995-1-1
Manual Trail Net Slip Hook for Fishing Vessel SC/T 8055-19941993-6-1
Trail Net Slip Hook Pulley for Fishing Vessel SC/T 8056-19941993-6-1
Cresset and Shape Configuration of Motor Fishing Vessel SC/T 57-19861987-10-1
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