Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Small craft—Navigation lights—Installation,placement and visibilityGB/T 40787-20212022-5-1
Small craft—Reciprocating internal combustion engines exhaust emission measurement—Test-bed measurement of gaseous and particulate exhaust emissions GB/T 38340-20192020-7-1
Small craft—Carbon monoxide (CO) detection systemsGB/T 33435-20162017-7-1
Small Craft - Quick Release System for Trapeze HarnessGB/T 30497-20142014-6-1
Small Craft - Permanently Installed Petrol and Diesel Fuel TanksGB/T 30498-20142014-6-1
Small craft - Fire protection - Part 2: Craft with a hull length of over 15mGB/T 20847.2-20132014-5-1
Small craft—Seacocks and through-hull fittings—Part 2:Non-metallicGB/T 19317.2-20122013-7-1
Small craft—Bilge-pumping systemsGB/T 28964-20122013-7-1
Small craft—Anchoring,mooring and towing—Strong pointsGB/T 26087-20102011-7-1
Small craft—Man-overboard prevention and recoveryGB/T 19319-20102010-12-1
Small craft - Fire-resistant fuel hosesGB/T 14652.1-20092009-11-1
Small craft - Marine propulsion reciprocating internal combustion engines - Power measurements and declarationsGB/T 11700-20092009-11-1
Small craft - Electrically operated direct-current bilge pumpsGB/T 17846-20092009-11-1
Small craft - Electrical devices - Lightning-protection systemsGB/T 18573-20092009-11-1
Small craft - Non-fire-resistant fuel hosesGB/T 14652.2-20092009-11-1
Small craft - Measurement of airborne sound emitted by powered recreational craft GB/T 19322-20082009-7-1
Small craft - Remote steering systems for inboard mini jet boats GB/T 19316-20082008-9-1
Small craft with inboard engine - Propeller shaft ends and bossesGB/T 11699-20082008-9-1
Small craft—Watertight cockpits and quick-draining cockpitsGB/T 20896-20072007-9-1
Small craft—Liquid-fuelled galley stovesGB/T 20894-20072007-9-1
Immersion suits—Part 1:Constant wear suits requirements including safetyGB/T 20898.1-20072007-9-1
Immersion suits—Part 2:Abandonment suits requirements including safetyGB/T 20898.2-20072007-9-1
Immersion suits—Part 3: Test methodsGB/T 20898.3-20072007-9-1
Small craft—Inboard diesel engines—Engine-mounted fuel and electrical componentsGB/T 20845-20072007-7-1
Small craft—Inboard petrol engines—Engine-mounted fuel and electrical componentsGB/T 20844-20072007-7-1
2007 Small craft—Fire protection—Part 1: Craft with a hull length of up to and including 15 mGB/T 20847.1-20072007-7-1
Small craft—Graphical symbolsGB/T 19918-20052006-4-1
Small craft—Windows, portlights, hatches, deadlights and doors—Strength and watertightness requirementsGB/T 19919-20052006-4-1
Small craft--Marine propulsion engines and systems--Power measurements and declarationsGB/T 11700-20032004-4-1
Small craft--Seacocks and through-hull fittings--Part 1: MetallicGB/T 19317.1-20032004-4-1
Small craft - Maximum load capacityGB/T 19315-20032004-4-1
Small craft - Hydraulic steering systemsGB/T 19318-20032004-4-1
Small craft - Backfire flame control for petrol enginesGB/T 19320-20032004-4-1
Small craft--Hull construction and scantlings--Part 1: Materials: Thermosetting resins,glass-fibre reinforcement,reference laminateGB/T 19314.1-20032004-4-1
Small craft - Permanently installed fuel systems and fixed fuel tanksGB/T 19310-20032004-4-1
Small craft―Measurement of airborne sound emitted by bpowered recreational craftGB/T 19322-20032004-4-1
Small craft—Start-in-gear protectionGB/T 19313-20032004-4-1
Small craft―Man-overboard prevention and recoveryGB/T 19319-20032004-4-1
Small craft with inboard engine―Propeller shaft ends and bosses with 1:16 taperGB/T 19309-20032004-4-1
Small craft—Electrical systems—Extra-low-voltage d.c. installationsGB/T 19311-20032004-4-1
Small craft―Remote steering systems for inboard minijetGB/T 19316-20032004-4-1
Small craft—Ventilation of petrol engine and/ir petrol tank compartmentsGB/T 19312-20032004-4-1
Small craft—Steering gear—Geared link systemsGB/T 19321-20032004-4-1
Small craft-Electrical systems - Alternating current installationsGB/T 18814-20022003-1-1
Small craft less than 8 m length of hull--Determination of maximum propulsion power ratingGB/T 18822-20022003-1-1
Small craft - Liquefied petroleum gas(LPG)systemsGB/T 18821-20022003-1-1
Small craft - Toilet waste retention systemsGB/T 11686-20022003-1-1
Small craft--Portable fuel systems for outboard motorsGB/T 18571-20012002-8-1
Small craft - Static thrust measurement for outboard matorsGB/T 18572-20012002-8-1
Small craft--Electrical devices --Lightning protectionGB/T 18573-20012002-8-1
Small craft--Fire-resistant fuel hosesGB/T 14652.1-20012002-8-1
Small craft--Remote steering systems for single outboard motors of 15kW to 40kW powerGB/T 17845-19992000-6-1
Small craft - Electrical fansGB/T 17847-19992000-6-1
Small craft - Remote steering systemsGB/T 17844-19992000-6-1
Small craft--Electrically operated bilge-pumpsGB/T 17846-19992000-6-1
Small craft--Electrical devices--Protection against ignition of surrounding flammable gasesGB/T 17726-19991999-12-1
Small craft. Fuel hosesGB/T 14652-19931994-7-1
Yacht - Rigging Screws for Stainless Steel Wire Rope - Principal Dimensions for Forks, Connection Pins and Lantern RingsCB/T 3479-19921993-7-1
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