Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Aluminium flange CB 667-68
Mushroom ventilation head with fairingCB 445-1965
Type and basic dimension of round fixed air outlet CB 715-68
Type and basic dimension of round fixed air outlet CB 715-1968
Aluminium flange CB 667-1968
Ships and marine technology - Positioning of magnetic compasses in shipsCB/T 3965-20052005-7-1
Shipss drain plugs of vent pipesCB/T 532-19992002-10-1
Mushroom ventilators for shipCB/T 295-20002001-1-1
Ventilation Fence CB/T 462-19961997-4-1
Air Duct HangersCB/T 210-19951996-8-1
Air Shutter for Air DuctCB/T 3726-19951996-8-1
Marine Air Pipe HeadCB/T 3594-19941994-8-1
Requirements for Installation Quality of Compartment Air Duct and AccessoriesCB/T 3626-19941994-7-1
Air pipe head CBM 1067-19811993-9-1
Air pipe heads for oil tankCBM 1105-19821993-9-1
Air pipe heads for water tankCBM 1106-19821993-9-1
Fireproofing Ventilation Head of Oil Hold CB 457-19941993-7-1
Welding of ventilation flanges for shipsCB/T 64-19991993-7-1
Ships bulkhead pipe parts of vent pipesCB/T 204-19991993-5-1
Guide Tuyere for Navigation Bridge of Auxiliary Ships CB 1174-19871987-10-1
Pipe Type Natural Draft CoverCB* 294-19841985-3-1
Ships mushroom ventilatorsGB 3887-19831984-5-1
Ships bulkhead pipe parts of vent pipesGB 3035-19821982-12-1
CQ-type Ventilator Watertight Cover CB* 752-19801981-10-1
Vent Penetration Fittings and Bulkhead Riser PlatesCB* 690-19801981-10-1
Air pipe head for marine useGB 1858-19801980-10-1
Normal diameters for ventilation pipe line and accessories for ships metric seriesGB 1560-19791980-5-1
Welding of ventilation flanges for shipsGB 1561-19791980-5-1
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