Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
General specification for synchronous generator in shipsGB/T 12975-20212021-10-1
Power harmonic filter on marineGB/T 37318-20192019-10-1
General requirements for marine medium voltage DC power systemGB/T 35719-20172018-7-1
Requirements for ships shaft generator system—Part 2:Generator systemGB/T 35700.2-20172018-7-1
Marine converter of electric propulsionGB/T 35701-20172018-7-1
Ship shaft brushless doubly-fed AC generatorGB/T 35704-20172018-7-1
Electrical installations in ships equipment―Generators and motorsGB/T 35712-20172018-7-1
Shore power connection boxCB/T 4406-20142014-10-1
Electrical installations in ships—Part 503:Special features—AC supply systems with voltages in the range of above 1 kV up to and including 15 kVGB/T 29484-20132013-7-1
Marine battery installationGB/T 13603-20122012-11-1
Marine diesel generator setGB/T 13032-20102010-12-1
General specification for synchronous generator in shipGB/T 12975-20082009-4-1
General specification of motor for deck machinery in shipsJB/T 5794-20052005-9-1
Bimetallic thermal overload relay in shipsJB/T 5806-20052005-9-1
Specification of flameproof three phases asynchronous motor Part 6:Series YB 2-H flameproof three phases asynchronous motor for ships (Frame size 63 to 355)JB/T 7565.6-20042005-4-1
Lead - Acid batteries for starting in shipsCB/T 728-20002001-1-1
Lead - Acid batteries for communication and illumination in shipsCB/T 3821-20002001-1-1
Marine A.C low voltage switchboard-General specificationGB/T 11634-20002000-12-1
LW95 series change-over switch in shipsJB/T 9614-19992000-1-1
Light power generator units main diesel engine shaft working of fishing vesselSC/T 8114-19981999-1-1
Installation Requirements for Battery of Submarine CB 1310-19961997-6-1
Specification for DC Uninterruptible Power Supply for ShipCB 1290-19961997-4-1
Installation Requirements for Diesel Generator Set of Submarine CB 1284-19951996-8-1
Requirements for Installation Quality of Diesel Generator SetCB/T 3624-19941994-7-1
Technical Specifications for Marine AC Electric Three-output GeneratorsCB/T 3529-19931994-5-1
Marine battery installationGB/T 13603-19921993-4-1
Technical Specifications for Automatic Control Devices of Marine Generating PlantsCB/T 3152-19921992-10-1
Technical Specifications for Automatic Accurate Synchronizers for Marine Generating PlantsCB/T 3441-19921992-10-1
Technical Specifications for Self Starting Device of Marine Diesel Generating SetCB/T 3442-19921992-10-1
Marine Charge and Discharge BoardsCB/T 3046-19921992-10-1
Marine Distribution BoardsCB/T 1046-19921992-10-1
Marine Small-sized TransformerCB/T 1167-19921992-10-1
General specification for marine diesel generator setGB/T 13032-19911992-4-1
General specification for synchronous generator in shipGB/T 12975-19911992-3-1
Marine A.C. low voltage switchboard-Construction and basic dimensionGB 11803-19891990-7-1
General Technical Specifications for Low-frequency Transformer for Ship Electronic Equipment CB 904-19881989-12-1
MYN Type High-energy Zinc Oxide Varistor CB 1187-19881989-5-1
The technical requirements of power supplies for electronic equipments of fish boatsGB 3594-19831984-1-1
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