Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Acoustics―Laboratory methods of underwater target strength measurementGB/T 31014-20142015-2-1
Marine echo-sounding equipmentGB/T 8016-20092009-11-1
Acoustics--High-power characteristics of underwater sound projectors and their measurementsGB/T 7967-20022002-12-1
Acoustics-Measurement of underwater sound transducersGB/T 7965-19872002-12-1
General specification for active sonar of naval shipCB 1350-19991999-8-1
General specification for own noise monitor of submarineCB 1342-19981999-6-1
Specification for handle-sonarCB 1327-19971998-6-1
Measurement method of hydrophone phase consistencyGB/T 16165-19961996-10-1
General specification for echo-sounding equipment in shipsGB/T 8016-19951996-8-1
Technical Conditions for Installation of Sonar Equipment of ShipsCB 1251-19941995-5-1
Common Piezoceramic Components for UnderWater Sound CB 1218-19931994-8-1
Acoustics - Measurement of underwater sound transducersGB/T 7965-20021993-1-2
Acoustics--High-power characteristics and measurements of underwater sound projectorsGB/T 7967-19871988-4-1
General Technical Specifications for Inductance Coil for Ship Electronic Equipment CB 1166-19861987-10-1
Free-field calibration method of underwater sound transducerGB 3223-19821983-7-1
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