Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Waterproof needle-threadersCB 383-1965
Electrical cabinet linkCB 376-1965
Inlet wire seal plateCB 382-1965
Pressure-resistant cable gland CB 771-69
Fuse hand pliersCB 380-1965
Waterproof needle-threadersCB 383-65
Soft busbar CB 768-1979
Pressure-resistant cable gland CB 771-1969
Inlet wire socket CB 381-1965
Electric box feetCB 377-1965
Electrical cabinet lockCB 375-1965
Inlet wire socket CB 381-65
Soft busbar CB 768-79
Illustration frameCB 378-1965
Acoustic positioning systemGB/T 35705-20172018-7-1
Power cables with rated voltages 6 kV(Um=7.2 kV) up to 30 kV(Um=36 kV) for variable frequency drive in ships and offshore unitsCB/T 4405-20142014-10-1
Specification for soft busbarCB 768-20082008-10-1
Technical Requirements for Fishing Vessel Cable Laying SC/T 8098-19941995-1-1
Fireproof Through-penetration Equipment for Ship Electric Cable Technical Conditions CB 3386.1-19921993-2-1
Fireproof Through-penetration Equipment for Ship Electric Cable - Fire Resistance Test CB 3386.2-19921993-2-1
Cold Pressing Electric Wire and Cable Joint CB* 394-19881989-5-1
Technical requirement for renewal of sacrificial anode block on shipJT/T 4503-19831983-10-1
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