Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Specification for JXZ type miniaturized three-dimensional damping isolatorQJ 3210-20052005-7-1
Cylindrical Helical Extension Spring Made of Stainless Steel Wire HB 5867-5868-19902003-12-1
Cylindrical Helical Compression Spring Made of Stainless Steel Wire HB 5865-5866-19902003-12-1
Compressed springHB 8291-20022003-2-24
Spring for Lock of Junction Box HB 2-55-19941995-1-1
Cloud-shape Lock Spring HB 2-54-19941995-1-1
Design and Manufacture of Cylindrical Spiral Compression Spring and Extension Spring of Piano Wires HB/Z 240-19931994-6-1
Technical Specifications for Cylindrical Helical Compression and Extension Springs Made of Stainless Steel Wire HB 5869-19901990-12-1
Design and manufacture of cylindrical spiral compression spring and extension spring made of carbon alloy wires HB/Z 18-19901990-12-1
Elastic locking screw slot?HB 0-60-19831984-7-1
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