Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Schematic symbols of aircraft environmental control systemsGB/T 39092-20202021-4-1
Aircraft environment control system terminology GB/T 38932-20202020-12-1
Test methods for civil multi-rotor unmanned aircraft systemGB/T 38058-20192020-5-1
List of aerospace equivalent terms—Part 7: Aircraft reliabilityGB/T 35853.7-20182018-10-1
List of aerospace equivalent terms—Part 8:AircraftGB/T 35853.8-20182018-10-1
List of aerospace equivalent terms—Part 9:Aircraft structureGB/T 35853.9-20182018-2-6
Airplane - Jacks clearance dimensionsGB/T 21635-20082008-10-1
Specification for air cargo unit load devicesGB/T 15140-20082008-10-1
General specification for actuator mechanical interlocking of pylonHB 7765-20052006-5-1
General specification for rotor blade folding device for helicopterHB 7771-20052006-5-1
Packaging and interfacing for integrated modular avionic of civil aircraftHB 7704-20012002-2-1
Quantity symbols of professional technology of aviation accessoriesHB 6-1980-19782001-6-1
Minimum Performance Requirements for Airborne Wind Shear System of Civil AircraftHB 7582-19981998-7-1
Minimum Performance Requirements for Combustion Heat Exchange Type Heater in Civil Aircraft HB 7581-19981998-7-1
Nondestructive testing in aircraft Uitrasonic testingMH/T 3002.4-19971998-5-1
Nondestructive testing in aircraft Eddy current testingMH/T 3002.5-19971998-5-1
Design Guideline on Avionic Equipment of Civil Aircraft HB/Z 298-19971997-10-1
Nomenclature of Model for Airborne Electronic ProductsHB 7577-19971997-10-1
Design Guideline on the Testability of Avionics System and Equipment HB/Z 301-19971997-10-1
Nomenclature of Model for Aviation Electric Product HB 7482-19971997-10-1
Interface Requirements of Civil Aircraft Electronic Equipment HB 7390-19961996-10-1
General Specification for Airborne Fire Control System HB 7394-19961996-10-1
Aviation Product Electric Fitting Process - Manufacturing of Wire Bundle and Cable HB 7262.3-19951996-1-1
Dry Air Storage Process of Aeroengine EquipmentHB/Z 5029-19951996-1-1
Aviation Product Electric Fitting Process - Installation of Electronic Devices HB 7262.1-19951996-1-1
Aviation Product Electric Fitting Process - Conformal Coating of Printed Board Assembly Part HB 7262.7-19951996-1-1
General Specification for Aircrafts Heating Power Deicing System HB 7171-19951996-1-1
Aviation Product Electric Fitting Process - Sealing and Encapsulating of Electronic Group and Components HB 7262.4-19951996-1-1
Aviation Product Electric Fitting Process - Bonding Fixation of Electronic Devices HB 7262.6-19951996-1-1
Aviation Product Electric Fitting Process - Welding of Electronic Devices HB 7262.2-19951996-1-1
Aviation Product Electric Fitting Process - Cleaning of Printed Board Assembly Part HB 7262.5-19951996-1-1
General Specifications for Crushable Cowling of Airborne Rocket LauncherHB 7095-19941995-1-1
Adopting Requirements for Standard Electronic Module for Airborne Equipment HB 7092-19941995-1-1
Double-hinged Bearing Quick Release Lock HB 6541-19911993-3-1
General Design Code for Airborne Bomb Shackle for LaunchingHB 6628-19921992-12-1
Technical specification for connecting rod quick release lock HB 6538-19911992-3-1
Technical specification for hinge type bearing quick release lock HB 6543-19911992-3-1
Technical specification for light type sealing quick release lock HB 6540-19911992-3-1
Light type sealing quick release lock HB 6539-19911992-3-1
Single hinge bearing type quick release lock HB 6542-19911992-3-1
Connecting rod quick release lock HB 6537-19911992-3-1
Design guideline for lightning protection and overlapping of civil aircraft HB/Z 185-19901991-6-1
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