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Title Standard No. Implemented On
List of aerospace equivalent terms—Part 4:Flight dynamicsGB/T 35853.4-20182018-10-1
General design specification for biological experiment facility in spaceGB/T 32700-20162016-9-1
Aircraft-Identification of servicing,maintenance,ground handling and safety/hazard pointsGB/T 16992-20082008-10-1
Requirements for load test and spectrum establishment of helicopter structureHB 7817-20062007-5-1
Design requirements for helicopter tail-structureHB 7768-20052006-5-1
General requirements of fatigue test for aircraft structureHB 7714-20022003-2-1
General requirements of static strength test for aircraft structureHB 7713-20022003-2-1
Requirements for Anti-corrosion Design of Airplane Structure HB 7671-20002001-1-1
General Requirements for Flight Test Modification HB 7672-20002001-1-1
Design Guideline on Composite Material Structure of Military Aircraft HB/Z 322-19981999-3-1
General Design Requirements for Civil Aircraft StructureHB 7495-19971997-10-1
General Specifications for Kitchen of Civil Aircraft HB 7050-19941995-1-1
General requirements for aircraft lighting color and signal color HB 6441-19901990-12-1
Basic Technical Requirements for White-light Illumination in Aircraft Cabin HB 5885-19851986-5-1
Inspection and Test for White-light Illumination in Aircraft Cabin HB 5886-19851986-5-1
General Technical Requirements for Lighting and Display-use Light Guide Plate of Aircraft CabinHB 5863-19841985-5-1
Technical conditions for small size blade type pneumatic engine seriesHB 3434-19841984-10-1
Test method for Inspection of Red Light Illumination in Aircraft Cabin (on trail)HB 5521-19801980-10-1
Basic Technique Requirements for Red Light Illumination in Aircraft Cabin (on trail)HB 5520-19801980-10-1
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