Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Terms of aircraft flight control system HB 6486-2008
General requirements for flight control systems of civil small and light unmanned helicopter GB/T 38911-20202021-2-1
Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation Requirement and Method for Control System of Ground-to-Air Radio Frequency Homing MissilesQJ 3289-20072007-11-1
TurnbucklesHB 5-21-26-19832003-2-24
General Specification for Aircraft Handling Rollers HB 7598-19981998-7-1
Guide for Design of Strength and Rigidity of Airplane Control SystemHB/Z 287-19961996-10-1
Minimum Performance Requirements for Magnetic Unstable Direction Instrument of Civil Aircraft HB 7097-19941995-1-1
Minimum Performance Requirements for Autopilot of Civil Aircraft HB 7102-19941995-1-1
General Specification for Flexible and Rigid Push-And-pull Type Control Gear of AircraftHB 6646-19921993-3-1
Congruent draw bar HB 6471-19901991-6-1
Technical specification for control operating rod at closed ends HB 6475-19901991-6-1
Lock washer HB 6473-19901991-6-1
Tooth form washer HB 6474-19901991-6-1
Ordinary draw bar HB 6472-19901991-6-1
General specification for heading attitude reference system HB 6435-19901990-12-1
Forkhead socketHB 5-38-19831984-7-1
Spherical Moving Joint of Control RodHB 5-42-19831984-7-1
Weave End-closing of Steel Wire Rope on Lantern Ring HB 5-4-19831984-7-1
SleeveHB 5-40-19831984-7-1
Earring BoltHB 5-33-19831984-7-1
Twin-earrings Sleeve HB 5-35-19831984-7-1
Universal Joint HB 5-41-19831984-7-1
Control Operating Rod of Aircrafts HB 5-48-19831984-7-1
Wearing BushHB 5-44-19831984-7-1
Sealing Device of Lead-out Point of Wire RopeHB 5-1-19831984-7-1
Steel Lantern Ring HB 5-5-19831984-7-1
Wearing Bush Stop Dog HB 5-45-19831984-7-1
Earring Sleeve HB 5-34-19831984-7-1
Plastic Lantern Ring With Bushing HB 5-6-19831984-7-1
Ball of Control HandleHB 5-43-19831984-7-1
Wire Rope Leading Block HB 5-47-19831984-7-1
Steel Wire Rope Annular Knitted JointHB 5-2-19831984-7-1
Wire Rope Spherical Knitted Joint HB 5-3-19831984-7-1
Forkhead With Bushing HB 5-39-19831984-7-1
Technical Conditions for Turn-buckleHB 5-31-19831984-7-1
Constraining of Wire Rope on Lantern RingHB 5-8-19831984-7-1
Torsioning of Wire Rope on Lantern RingHB 5-9-19831984-7-1
Wearing Bush Brake HB 5-46-19831984-7-1
Switch HandleHB 5-50-19831984-7-1
Plastic Lantern Ring HB 5-7-19831984-7-1
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