Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
General specification for pump of aircraft fuel systemHB 5644-2008
Aerospace—Hydraulic fluid components—Expression of particulate contamintion levelsGB/T 39095-20202021-4-1
Grounds-service connections of aircraft potable water, toilet-flush water and toilet drainGB/T 36258-20182019-1-1
Aircraft ducting and pipling―Profile dimensions for flanges of V-band couplingsGB/T 31767-20152016-2-1
Aircraft - Gravity Filling OrificesGB/T 30209-20132014-10-1
Aircraft - Pressure Refuelling ConnectionsGB/T 30212-20132014-10-1
Filter of oil filler HB 4-1996-19692003-2-24
Specification of cover for fuel tank refuelHB 8072-20022003-2-24
Pollution control requirements of aircraft fuel systemHB 7685-20012002-2-1
Oil TankHB 938-20002001-1-1
Airtight Oil Tank HB 937-20002001-1-1
Hydraulic Booster HB 2977-20002001-1-1
Internal Dismountable Non-self Sealing Liquid Box for Aircrafts HB 7622-19981999-3-1
Design Code for Fuel Oil System of Civil Aircrafts for Transportation HB 7621-19981999-3-1
Guide for Design and Installation of Aircraft Flexible Tank HB/Z 325-19981999-3-1
General Specification for Ventilation and Pressurization System of Airplane Tank HB 7585-19981998-7-1
Plug-taper Pipe Type Inflight Refuelling Cab Control and DisplayHB 7297-19961996-10-1
Design Guideline on the Equivalent Test Run Specifications for the Acceleration of Aero-engine Plunger Type Fuel Pump HB/Z 288-19961996-10-1
Test Requirements for Aircrafts Fuel System Ground Simulation HB 7169-19951996-1-1
General Specification for Integral Fuel Tank of Civil Craft HB 7252-19951996-1-1
General Specifications for Motor-driven Socket Switch of Fuel OilHB 7116-19941995-6-1
Minimum Performance Requirements for Fuel Oil Flowmeter of Civil Aircraft HB 7099-19941995-1-1
Pressure Decline Test Method for Aircraft Fuel System Attachments HB 6778-19931994-6-1
General Specification for Polysulfide Sealant Used in the Integral Tank and Fuel Oil Tank of Aircrafts HB 5483-19911991-10-1
Recommended symbols for schematic diagram of aircraft fuel system HB 6484-19901991-6-1
Installation requirements for aircraft fuel system pipelinesHB 6483-19901991-6-1
Technical specification for FYX-800 type splitter aircraft auxiliary oil tank HB 6210-19891989-12-1
Installation and Calibration for Oil Volume Measurement System of Capacitance Fuel Oil HB 6178-19881988-9-1
Standard for Overall Dimension of Pressure Refueling Nozzle of Aircraft HB 6130-19871987-10-1
Technical Specification for FYX-1400 Type Decomposable Auxiliary Oil Tank of AircraftHB 6118-19871987-7-1
General Technical Specifications of Fuel Filter for AviationHB 6100-19861987-5-1
Dimensional Standard for Aircraft Pressure Refueling Connections HB 5942-19861987-1-1
General Technical Specifications for the Measurement of Capacitive Oil Consumption and its Control System HB 5858-19841985-1-1
Clamp for installing fuseHB 9-8-19831984-10-1
Series and Type Spectrum of Oil Pump for Aircraft Fuel SystemHB 5645-19811982-1-1
Self sealing riveting for integral tank (on trail)HB/Z 25-19801980-12-1
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