Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
General specification of taxing wheel assembly for helicopterHB 7769-20052006-5-1
Test Requirements for Performance of Landing Gear SystemHB 7666-20002001-1-1
BufferHB 935-20002001-1-1
Design Guideline on the Lift Device of Aircrafts HB/Z 321-19981999-3-1
Terms of Landing Gear Device System HB 7584-19981998-7-1
Design Requirements for Mooring of AirframeHB 7082-19941995-1-1
Design Requirements for Mooring of Shipborne Helicopter HB 7077-19941995-1-1
Design Requirements for Brake System of Aircraft WheelHB 6761-19931994-6-1
Drop Test Methods and Requirements for Undercarriage BufferHB 6645-19921993-3-1
Aircraft Arrestment HookHB 6648-19921993-3-1
Minimum performance requirements for airplane wheel and airplane wheel-brake equipment of civil aircraft HB 6550-19911992-3-1
General technical specification for aircraft hydraulic brake valve HB 6496-19911991-10-1
General technical requirements for undercarriage system HB 6482-19901991-6-1
General technical specification for metal used for parachute HB 6362-19891989-12-1
Parachute sewing part (silk, cloth) HB 6361-19891989-12-1
General Requirements for Aircraft Brake Parachute SystemHB 6177-19881988-9-1
Rise-fall Frame for Aircraft Oil-gas Buffer HB 6176-19881988-9-1
Non-holomorph Single End Go-side Plain Plug Gauge M82~M150 Used for Bottom Hole of Internal Screw Thread Process HB 3884-19861987-1-1
Tyre Changer (D=800~1260mm) (Drawings Unprovided) HB 3871-19861986-12-1
Tire changer (D=480~850mm)(drawing is not provided)HB 3475-19841985-3-1
Aircraft Wheel and Brake Equipment - Code for Design HB 5648-19811982-1-1
Standard for Structural Elements of Aircraft Wheel (I)HB 5650-19811982-1-1
General Technical Specifications for Aircraft Wheel HB 5651-19811982-1-1
Series and Type Spectrum for Aircraft WheelHB 5649-19811982-1-1
Aircraft Tubeless Valve Assembly HB 4-121-19791979-7-1
Aircraft Valve and Valve Core Threaded HB 4-122-19791979-7-1
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