Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Underground electrical cable for airport lighting circuitsMH/T 6049-20202020-10-1
Aircraft rescue equipment―Movable pavementGB/T 31448-20152015-8-1
Aircraft rescue equipment―Hoisting airbagsGB/T 31450-20152015-8-1
Aircraft rescue equipment―Landing gear traction hanging riggingGB/T 31451-20152015-8-1
Aircraft rescue equipment―Hoisting beam and slingsGB/T 31452-20152015-8-1
Baggage handling system - Check-in Belt conveyorMH/T 6051-20092009-12-1
Baggage handling system - Belt conveyorMH/T 6050-20092009-12-1
Standard of civil aircraft refueling procedure MH/T 6005-20092009-5-1
Security installation of civil aviation transportation airportMH/T 7003-20082008-4-1
General technical requirement of test program set for aircraft ground automatic test equipmentHB 7784-20052006-5-1
Taxiway edge retro-reflective markerMH/T 6035-20052005-5-1
General specification for military air traffic control systemSJ 20921-20052005-4-1
Micro-dose X-ray security inspection system for civil aviationMH 7011-20032004-5-1
General design requirements for aircraft drawbar HB 7693-20012002-2-1
Control MechanismHB 1860-20002001-1-1
Stop dog HB 1854-20002001-1-1
Support Trundle HB 1821-20002001-1-1
Vertical Shaft Seat HB 1819-20002001-1-1
Straight Wheel Fork HB 1816-20002001-1-1
Rubber Coated TruckleHB 1831-20002001-1-1
Airplane ground equipment - support leg of parts and component HB 4013-20002001-1-1
Radom Ground Equipment Box HB 3464-20002001-1-1
Flat Ladder ButtHB 1856-20002001-1-1
Footrest HB 3161-20002001-1-1
Sharp ladder butt HB 1857-20002001-1-1
Steering Wheel Fork HB 1859-20002001-1-1
Ratchet Wrench HB 1847-20002001-1-1
Support LegHB 1852-20002001-1-1
Spare Parts of Airplane Ground Equipment - Anti-skid Ladder ButtHB 4015-20002001-1-1
Sleeve HB 1850-20002001-1-1
Spare Parts of Airplane Ground Equipment - ClampHB 4014-20002001-1-1
Stop Pin HB 3162-20002001-1-1
Vertical Shaft HB 1817-20002001-1-1
Handwheels with Sleeve HB 1848-20002001-1-1
Longitudinal Wheel HB 1822-20002001-1-1
Guide Wheel HB 1811-20002001-1-1
Handwheels HB 1849-20002001-1-1
GyrostatHB 1815-20002001-1-1
Quick Release Pin HB 3163-20002001-1-1
Cast Iron Truckle HB 1832-20002001-1-1
Guide Wheel with Positioner HB 1813-20002001-1-1
Fixed Vertical Shaft SeatHB 1818-20002001-1-1
T-shape Key HB 1851-20002001-1-1
Rubber Gasket HB 1855-20002001-1-1
Ground equipment of general aviation aerodromeGB/T 17836-19992000-5-1
General Specification for Chain Module for Aircraft Ground Mooring HB 7457-19961997-1-1
Chain Module for Type-I Aircraft Ground Mooring HB 7455-19961997-1-1
Chain Module for Type-II Aircraft Ground Mooring HB 7456-19961997-1-1
General specification for ground equipment of HF/SSB air-ground communication Part 2: Maintenance specification for HF/SSB equipmentMH/T 4002.2-19951996-3-15
General specification for ground equipment of VHF air-ground communication Part 2: Maintenance specification for VHF equipmentMH 4001.2-19951996-3-15
General specification for ground equipment of VHF air-ground communication Part 1: Technical specification for VHF equipmentMH 4001.1-19951996-3-15
General specification for ground equipment of HF/SSB air-ground communication Part 1: Technical specification for HF/SSB equipmentMH/T 4002.1-19951996-3-15
General Specification for Digital Oil Volume Measurement System HB 7168-19951996-1-1
Construction Standards of Security & Protection Installation of Civil Aviation Transportation AirportMH 7003-19951995-6-1
General Specifications for Ground Gear of Aircrafts HB 6991-19941994-12-1
General Specification for GSE Maneuverability of Towable AircraftHB 6883-19931994-6-1
FT-9733 Type Hydraulic Working Ladder (Drawings Unprovided)HB 4539-19921992-12-1
Performance identification requirements and methods for IOS of ground-based computer measurement and control system HB 6489-19911991-10-1
Connector for Ground Electrical Power Source of Aircraft HB 6184-19881988-12-1
Guide Wheel Fork of Pneumatic WheelHB 3133-19871988-1-1
Nylon-coated Iron Overhang Wheel HB 3132-19871988-1-1
SpokeHB 1836-19871988-1-1
Cast Iron Overhang WheelHB 1830-19871988-1-1
Laminated Bearing Wheel (with bearing installed)HB 1826-19871988-1-1
Shaft Sleeve HB 1842-19871988-1-1
Outrigger Shaft HB 1841-19871988-1-1
Nylon-coated Aluminium Overhang Wheel (with bearing installed)HB 3131-19871988-1-1
Laminated Overhang Wheel (with bearing installed)HB 1828-19871988-1-1
Laminated Overhang Wheel (with bearing installed)HB 1829-19871988-1-1
Outrigger Shaft of Pneumatic WheelHB 3134-19871988-1-1
Bearing Cap HB 1843-19871988-1-1
Laminated Bearing Wheel (with bearing installed)HB 1825-19871988-1-1
Obturating RingHB 1845-19871988-1-1
Cast Iron Bearing WheelHB 1827-19871988-1-1
Tyre HB 1837-19871988-1-1
Bearing Cage HB 1844-19871988-1-1
Hydraulic Working Ladder (H=1.2~2.5m) (Drawings Unprovided) HB 3872-19861986-12-1
Folding Stair (Drawings Unprovided) HB 3649-19851986-3-1
Chock (Drawings Unprovided) HB 3652-19851986-3-1
Funnel (drawing is not provided)HB 3473-19841985-3-1
Double-purpose ladder (drawing is not provided)HB 3463-19841985-3-1
Cabin working ladder (drawing is not provided)HB 3462-19841985-3-1
Backing ladder (drawing is not provided)HB 3469-19841985-3-1
Oiler (drawing is not provided)HB 3470-19841985-3-1
Oil drum (drawing is not provided)HB 3471-19841985-3-1
Airplane wheel destuffing lift cart (drawing is not provided)HB 3476-19841985-3-1
Oil drip tray (drawing is not provided)HB 3472-19841985-3-1
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