Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
QJ A 1731-1998 General Specifications for Solar Panel QJ A 1731-1998
QJ A 987-1995 General Specification for DC/DC Power Converter QJ A 987-1995
Calibration specification for stable character of AC voltage stable sourceQJ 3233-20052006-5-1
Test method for calibration of solar cellsQJ 1017A-20042004-12-1
Series for module DC/DC converterQJ 1228B-20042004-12-1
QJ B 1228-2004 Series for Module DC/DC ConverterQJ B 1228-20042004-12-1
General specification for spacecraft distributorsQJ 3195-20042003-12-1
Distribution criterion for spacecraft electrical powerQJ 3169-20032003-12-1
General Specification for Solar Panel QJ 1731A-19981998-12-1
Cell Array - Design Code for Power Supply System of Storage BatteryQJ 3019-19981998-9-1
Requirements for System Interface of Sattelite Power SupplyQJ 2944-19971997-10-5
Detailed Specification for Zinc Silver Storage Battery Pack of 15XYG45--(3)GQJ 2923-19971997-9-1
Detailed Specification for Zinc Silver Storage Battery Pack of 20XYZ20, 20XYZ10 and 14XYG45QJ 2924-19971997-9-1
General Specification of Air-supply CarQJ 2763-19951996-1-1
General Specifications for DC/DC Power Converter QJ 987A-19951995-12-1
Voltage, Current and Frequency Series for Power Converter QJ 829A-19951995-11-1
General requirements for aircraft internal lighting equipment HB 6491-19911991-10-1
General Technical Specification for DC-AC Converter QJ 986-19861986-12-1
Standard Solar CellQJ 1018-19861986-12-1
Vehicle-mounted CAMAC Power Supply QJ 985-19861986-12-1
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