Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Common data dictionary for geometry inspection quality information model of mechanical productGB/T 39591-20202021-7-1
Technical Specification for Parts and Assembling Unit of Test Equipment in Aircraft Manufacture HB 900-20002001-1-1
General Instructions on Aviation Parts Shot Peening Strengthening Process HB/Z 26-19921992-12-1
Transform bushingHB 3315-19911991-7-1
Ladder guide pin used for line drilling machine HB 3318-19911991-7-1
BoltHB 3323-19911991-7-1
Space point stationary precision toolHB 3305-19911991-7-1
Holder used for staff gaugeHB 3312-19911991-7-1
Universal Fixed Changing Distance PlateHB 4511-19911991-7-1
Horizontal short precision toolHB 3302-19911991-7-1
Horizontal long precision toolHB 3301-19911991-7-1
Crosswise high precision appliance (for scribing and drilling table)HB 3306-19911991-7-1
Crosswise low precision appliance (for scribing and drilling table)HB 3307-19911991-7-1
Ruler for Adjusting and Changing DistanceHB 4517-19911991-7-1
Longitudinal low precision appliance (for scribing and drilling table)HB 3309-19911991-7-1
Rectangular Plate (For Wye Bearing Y Assembly Machine)HB 4512-19911991-7-1
Omnipotent precision toolHB 3303-19911991-7-1
Longitudinal high precision tool (for frame assembly machine)HB 3299-19911991-7-1
Pressing partsHB 3320-19911991-7-1
Lock bushingHB 3314-19911991-7-1
Ruler for adjusting and changing distanceHB 3311-19911991-7-1
BushingHB 3316-19911991-7-1
Crosswise low precision tool (for frame assembly machine)HB 3298-19911991-7-1
Hole Distance StopHB 4514-19911991-7-1
Standard underboardingHB 3313-19911991-7-1
Cement injection gunHB 3324-19911991-7-1
Sine Precision MoldsHB 4510-19911991-7-1
BushHB 4516-19911991-7-1
Techinical conditions for scoring drilling hole platform HB/Z 24-19911991-7-1
Longitudinal low precision tool (for frame assembly machine)HB 3300-19911991-7-1
Pressing partsHB 3322-19911991-7-1
Rectangular Plate (For Scribing and Drilling Table )HB 4513-19911991-7-1
Inserted pin used for frame assembly machineHB 3317-19911991-7-1
Square box precision toolHB 3304-19911991-7-1
Plate for fixing and changing distanceHB 3310-19911991-7-1
Longitudinal high precision appliance (for scribing and drilling table)HB 3308-19911991-7-1
Bolt used for slotHB 3325-19911991-7-1
Holder used for frame beamHB 3319-19911991-7-1
Pressing partsHB 3321-19911991-7-1
Standard Padding BlockHB 4515-19911991-7-1
Universal Mountings (Without Drawings)HB 4444-19901990-12-1
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