Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
General technical specifications for numerical control system of circular knitting machineFZ/T 99020-20182019-7-1
Numerical control system for air jet weaving machineFZ/T 99019-20172017-10-1
Electronic yarn clearing installationFZ/T 98003-20172017-10-1
Specification for FXD series of high efficiency three-phrase induction motor for textile purpose(Frame size 160-200)FZ/T 99008-20162017-4-1
Specification for FX series of high efficiency three-phrase induction motor for textile purpose(Frame size 90~225)FZ/T 99006-20162017-4-1
Specification for FTY series three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motorfor textile purpose(Frame size 80-355)FZ/T 99010-20162017-4-1
Electrical equipment for textile machinery—Control cabinet dimension seriesFZ/T 90072-20142014-10-1
Electrical control systems of textile machinery—Insulation resistance test specificationsFZ/T 99017-20132014-3-1
Electrical control systems of textile machinery—High-voltage test specificationsFZ/T 99018-20132014-3-1
Electrical control systems of textile machinery—Continuity of the protective bonding circuit test specificationsFZ/T 99016-20132014-3-1
Electrical Graphical and letter symbols of electrical equipment for textile machineryFZ/T 90109-20112012-7-1
Numerical control system for flat knitting machineFZ/T 97025-20112012-7-1
Rotor type open-end spinning machine FZ/T 92044-20112011-8-1
Electric motor base axle size FZ/T 90010-20092010-6-1
ClipFZ/T 92039-20092010-4-1
Chain for clips FZ/T 92012-20092010-4-1
DZ series spinning spindle bearingsFZ/T 92025-20082008-10-1
Cotton textile ring spinning spindlesFZ/T 92023-20082008-10-1
Jockey pulleyFZ/T 92020-20082008-10-1
Tin pullyFZ/T 92014-20082008-10-1
Detaching roller of comber for cottonFZ/T 92071-20002000-7-1
Cylinder of comber for cottonFZ/T 92070-20002000-7-1
The regulation of pigging for transmission natural gas pipelineSY/T 6383-19991999-12-1
Printing nickel screenFZ/T 92045-19991999-12-1
Technical regulations of general textile electric-driving controlgearFZ/T 99015-19981998-2-1
General specification for batchers deviceFZ/T 92057-19981998-2-1
General specification for plaiting deviceFZ/T 92058-19981998-2-1
General specification for feeding of material deviceFZ/T 92055-19981998-2-1
P-type positive infinitely variable FZ/T 92037-19951995-1-24
Techinical conditions of textile machinery and electrical equipment FZ/T 99014-19951995-1-24
Control box for Ordinary winder FZ/T 99013-19951995-1-24
Type FTW outer rotor three-phase permanent-magnetic synchronous motor FZ/T 99002-19911992-10-1
Type FYD and FYDZ electric spindle motor FZ/T 99001-19911992-10-1
Techinical conditions of FXD-series textile high-efficiency multispeed three-phase asynchronous motors (H160~200mm)FZ/T 99008-19931992-7-1
Textile FO-series three-phase asynchronous motors FZ/T 99003-19921992-7-1
Techinical conditions of FX-series textile high-efficiency three-phase asynchronous motors (H90~225mm)FZ/T 99006-19921992-7-1
Textile FW low power three-phase asynchronous motors FZ/T 99004-19921992-7-1
Type FTY three-phase permanent-magnetic synchronous motor FZ/T 99010-19931992-7-1
Textile JFO2-series and FO2-series high energy target three-phase asynchronous motors FZ/T 99005-19921992-7-1
Compilation method for textile electrical machine product model FZ/T 99011-19931992-7-1
Temperature cyclic detection and control device for chemical fiber equipment FZ 99009-19931992-7-1
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