Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Fundamental specification for collection, analysis and application of cigarette retail market information. Part 1: ProfileYC/T 455.1-2013
Radio frequency identification application criterion to logistic distribution of tobacco commercialYC/T 556-20172017-8-15
Criteria for cleaner production of reconstituted tobacco industryYC/T 555-20172017-8-15
The diagram of standard system for work safety in tobacco industryYC/Z 557-20172017-8-15
Specification of technical check for the special measuring instrument of tobacco industry—Part 3:The cigarette and filter rod length instrumentYC/T 547.3-20162016-11-15
Specification of technical check for the special measuring instrument of tobacco industry—Part 2:The cigarette draw resistance and filter rod pressure drop instrumentYC/T 547.2-20162016-11-15
Management criterion for cigarette logistics local sharing storage between industrial and commercial enterprisesYC/T 518-20142015-1-15
Guidelines for data acquisition and processing on primary phase of cigarette productionYC/Z 502-20142014-6-11
Implementation Specifications for TobaccoIndustry Information System Safety Level Protection YC/T 495-20142014-4-15
Visual Management Requirement and Assessment for Cigarette Factory YC/T 485-20142014-4-15
Safety Code for Internetworking between Production and Management Networks of Tobacco Industy EnterpriseYC/T 494-20142014-4-15
Specifications for Tobacco Industry Enterprises Application Integration Technology - Part 2: Service BusYC/T 493.2-20142014-4-15
Specifications for Tobacco Industry Enterprises Application Integration Technology - Part 1: Portals Integration YC/T 493.1-20142014-4-15
Safety management specification for tobacco logistics distribution center of tobacco commercialYC/T 478-20132013-9-1
Function specification of cigarette logistics distribution management information system of tobacco commercial enterprisesYC/T 477-20132013-9-1
Codes for tobacco leaf—Part 8:Goods and materials code for tobacco leafYC/T 210.8-20132013-3-15
The interface of peripheral equipment in tobacco leaf management—Part 1:Tobacco leaf acquisitionYC/T 329.1-20132013-3-15
Codes for tobacco leaf—Part 7:Infrastructure code for tobacco leafYC/T 210.7-20132013-3-15
Information collection,analysis and application for cigarette market—Part 3:Information analysis and applicationYC/T 455.3-20132013-2-1
Fundamental specification for collection,analysis and application of cigarette retail market information—Part 2:Information collectionYC/T 455.2-20132013-2-1
Knowledge classification and coding of cigarette lndustrial enterprisesYC/T 450-20122012-9-15
Specification of cigarettes logistics distribution vehicle management for tobacco commercial enterprisesYC/T 438-20122012-8-1
Specification of cigarettes delivery service for tobacco commercial enterprisesYC/T 439-20122012-8-1
Specification for predicting and forecasting of tobacco disease and insect pestYC/T 435-20122012-4-15
Statistical indicator system of logistics for tobacco industrial enterprisesYC/T 399-20112011-7-15
Technical code for unified video surveillance system platform of tobacco commercial enterpriseslogistics centersYC/T 402-20112011-7-15
Functional specification of logistics management system for tobacco commercial enterprises at provincial levelYC/T 401-20112011-7-15
Logistics quota technical specification for tobacco commercial enterpriseYC/T 397-20112011-7-15
Worksite management specification for logistics distribution center of tobacco commercial enterprisesYC/T 398-20112011-7-15
Coding regulation of mobile telecommunication user identification card for tobacco logistics transportation management system in tobacco commercial enterprisesYC/T 400-20112011-7-15
Specification for manufacturing execution system function and implement of cigarette industry enterpriseYC/T 388-20112011-4-1
Logistics operation specification for tobacco industrial enterprisesYC/T 355-20102010-8-15
Cellulose diacetate flake for cigaretteYC/T 358-20102010-8-15
Safety signs of cigarette enterprise - Specification for useYC/T 323-20092010-3-1
Printed cigarette carton and packet packaging papersYC/T 330-20092010-3-1
Regulation for disposal of tobacco wasteYC/T 321-20092010-3-1
Technical specification for digital certificate application interface to tobacco industryYC/T 327-20092010-3-1
Data exchange rules for cigarette logistics warehouse management system of tobacco commercial enterprisesYC/T 302-20092009-5-1
Standard to inspection-acceptance of the installation engineering for the cigarette carton picking and sorting systemYC/T 307-20092009-5-1
Measurement guideline for cigarette manufacturing process capabilityYC/T 295-20092009-5-1
Tobacco logistics equipment—Cigarette carton picking and sorting equipmentYC/T 306-20092009-5-1
Statistical indicator system of tobacco logistics for tobacco commercial enterprisesYC/T 303-20092009-5-1
Performance evaluation for tobacco logistics distribution center of tobacco commercial enterprisesYC/T 304-20092009-5-1
Store tobacco pest management - Safety regulation for mixed fumigation with phosphine and carbon dioxideYC 301-20092009-5-1
Services standard for tobacco logistics distribution center of tobacco commercial enterprisesYC/T 305-20092009-5-1
Specifications for the parameters of cigarette manufacturing technology using informationizationYC/Z 317-20092009-3-1
Energy consumption in tobacco industrial enterpriseYC/T 280-20082009-1-1
Tobacco industry enterprise on-the-spot evaluation guideline of quality control group activities achievementYC/T 281-20082009-1-1
Cigarette paperGB/T 12655-20072008-1-1
Calculating methods of economic benefit on tobacco agriculture technology productionYC/T 220-20072007-5-1
General-purpose flat pallets for through transit of tobacco industry goodsYC/T 215-20072007-5-1
Regulation of quality-control for the purchase and delivery of leaf tobaccoYC/T 192-20052005-10-1
Tobacco flavor--SamplingYC/T 145.10-20032003-7-1
Tobacco flavourings and casingsYC/T 164-20032003-7-1
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