Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Terms of food machine. Part 1: Terms of diet processing machineSB/T 10291.1-1997
Quality requirement for soft ice cream serving-machineGB/T 20978-20212022-12-1
Special individual dining tableware—Part 1:Basic requirementsDB37/T 4377.1-20212021-6-10
Cold turboextractor for fruitGH/T 1273-20192020-3-1
Cup type juice extractor for industryGH/T 1274-20192020-3-1
Code for installation and acceptance of stainless steel pipes in food industryQB/T 4848-20152016-3-1
Technical requirements for meat product processing equipment - Cutting and mixing machineSB/T 11077-20132014-12-1
Terms of food machine—Part 2:Pastry processing machineSB/T 10291.2-20122012-6-1
Terms of food machine—Part 1:Diet processing machineSB/T 10291.1-20122012-6-1
Code for design of pigs slaughtering and cutting roomsGB 50317-20092009-10-1
General terminology of technology and equipment for grain and oils industryGB/T 8874-20082009-1-20
Soft ice cream machineGB/T 20978-20072007-12-1
General terms of technology and equipment for grain and oil industryGB 8874-19881988-7-1
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