Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Terminology for domestic ceramicsGB/T 5000-20182018-10-1
Terminology of defects for domestic ceramicsGB/T 3303-20182018-10-1
Classification of domestic ceramicsGB/T 5001-20182018-10-1
Stone for ceramicQB/T 2264-20162016-7-1
Quartz for domestic ceramicQB/T 1637-20162016-7-1
Identification method for material of polypropylene (PP-R,PP-B,PP-H) pipes or fittingsGB/T 32463-20152016-7-1
Test method for Vickers hardness of domestic ceramic glazeQB/T 4780-20152015-10-1
Test method for relative viscosity||relative liquidity and thixotropy of ceramicQB/T 1545-20152015-10-1
Test method for true density of ceramic material and pigmentQB/T 1010-20152015-10-1
Test method for physical property of gesso for ceramic mouldQB/T 1640-20152015-10-1
Cold chain logistics-Technical requirements of insulated containersDB12/T 559-20152015-7-1
The Norm of Energy Consumption per Unit Products of Domestic CeramicsQB/T 4667-20142014-10-1
Test method for Bright Liquid Gold and Bright Liquid PlatinumQB/T 2382-20142014-10-1
Bone Charcoal for Bone ChinaQB/T 4666-20142014-10-1
Bright Liquid Gold and Bright Liquid PlatinumQB/T 2381-20142014-10-1
Chemical Porcelain CrucibleQB/T 1991-20142014-10-1
Chemical Porcelain Evaporating DishQB/T 1992-20142014-10-1
Test method for mean liner thermal expansion coefficient of ceramic materialQB/T 1321-20122013-6-1
Fireclay crucibleQB/T 2820-20062007-5-1
Safe and hygienic requirements of thermotolerant glass wareGB 17762-19992004-10-24
Standard permissible limits and testing method for release of lead or cadmium from ceramic cookwareGB 8058-20032004-10-14
Determination of Sieve Residue of Domestic Ceramic Raw MaterialQB/T 2435-19991999-12-1
Technical requirements and test methods of glass hydrometersGB/T 17763-19991999-12-1
Determination of Water Content of Domestic Ceramic Raw MaterialQB/T 2434-19991999-12-1
Actual Density Determination of Ceramic Material and PigmentQB/T 1010-19991999-12-1
Inner containers of the vacuum flask - Thermal shock - Test methodQB/T 3727-19991999-4-21
Inner containers of the vacuum flask - Heat loss - Test methodQB/T 3726-19991999-4-21
Inner containers of the vacuum flask--Resistance to vertical load--Test methodQB/T 3724-19991999-4-21
The Measurement of Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion with Double Line Method QB/T 2298-19971998-2-1
Test method for bending of rigid cellular plasticsGB/T 8812-19881988-7-1
Test Method for Peel Force of Flexible Laminated PlasticsGB 8808-19881988-7-1
Test method for water absorption of rigid cellular plasticsGB/T 8810-19881988-7-1
Test method for pendulum impact resistance of plastic filmsGB 8809-19881988-7-1
Test method for specular gloss of plasticsGB 8807-19881988-7-1
Glass containers-Vertical axis deviation of bottlestest methodsGB/T 8452-19871988-5-1
Standard permissible limite and testing method for release of lead or cadmium from ceramic cookwareGB 8058-19871988-3-1
of vitreous and porcelain enamelsGB/T 7410-19871987-7-1
Standard test method for impact resistance of glass containersGB 6552-19861987-3-1
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