Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Technical conditions of Neurcytes islolated W.M (trial)?JY 99-19822004-9-1
Myocardial biopsy technical conditions (trial)?JY 98-19822004-9-1
Earthworms crosscutting technical conditions (trial)?JY 82-19822004-7-15
Single flat leather piece on the technical conditions (trial)?JY 89-19822004-7-15
Technical conditions of frog gastrula slice (trial)?JY 87-19822004-7-15
Three type smear bacteria technical conditions (trial)?JY 78-19822004-7-15
Stratified squamous epithelium slicing technical conditions (trial)?JY 90-19822004-7-15
Technical conditions of Gastrula stage of egg of Frog sec (trial)JY 86-19822004-7-15
Technical conditions of Smooth muscle islolated W.M (trial)JY 97-19822004-7-15
Technical conditions of frog cleavage slice (trial)?JY 85-19822004-7-15
Salivary gland chromosome technique loading conditions (trial)?JY 88-19822004-7-15
Polyps slitting and technical conditions (trial)?JY 81-19822004-7-15
Technical conditions of skin of human sec (trial)JY 91-19822004-7-15
Human blood smear technical conditions (trial)?JY 95-19822004-7-15
Actinomycetes technique loading conditions (trial)?JY 77-19822004-7-15
Yeast technique loading conditions (trial) JY 79-19822004-7-15
Loose connective tissue slice technology loading condition (trial)?JY 94-19822004-7-15
Fibrous connective tissue (tendon slitting) technical conditions (trial)?JY 93-19822004-7-15
Paramecium technique loading conditions (trial)?JY 80-19822004-7-15
Technical conditions of skin of human sec (trial)JY 92-19822004-7-15
Technical conditions of Skeletal muscle T.S.and L.S (trial)JY 96-19822004-7-15
Plant radicle crosscutting technical conditions (trial)?JY 69-19822004-7-15
Technical Specification for Transection of Spinal Cord JY 100-19821996-6-1
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