Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Terminology and classification of office suppliesT/CSSGA 1029-2020
Bionic baitT/CSSGA 1027-20192020-4-1
Manual paper cuttersQB/T 4845-20152016-1-1
Paper shredderQB/T 4844-20152016-1-1
Carbon PaperQB/T 1204-20142014-11-1
Document caseQB/T 4512-20132013-12-1
Document data bagQB/T 4513-20132013-12-1
Information technology - Office equipment - Minimum information to be specified for image scanners GB/T 28031-20112012-2-1
StaplesQB/T 1151-20112011-10-1
PasteQB/T 1962-20112011-10-1
Office GlueQB/T 1961-20112011-10-1
ClipsQB/T 1149-20112011-10-1
Office pinsQB/T 1148-20112011-10-1
Thunb TacksQB/T 1150-20112011-10-1
Correction tapeQB/T 4154-20102011-4-1
EraserQB/T 2309-20102011-4-1
Whiteboard writingQB/T 4153-20102011-4-1
Automatic Numbering MachineQB/T 4155-20102011-4-1
PunchQB/T 4104-20102011-3-1
Test chart for laser printerGB/T 22372-20082009-2-1
Cutters and knivesQB/T 2961-20082008-9-1
Book holderQB/T 2962-20082008-9-1
Circuitry experimental boardJY/T 0218-20072008-6-1
Teaching Tuning ForkJY/T 0395-20072008-6-1
Resistance Box for TeachingJY/T 0399-20072008-6-1
Technical requirement for environmental labeling products Remanufactured toner cartridgeHJ/T 413-20072008-4-1
Rule of the inspection of ink for ink jet printing for import and exportSN/T 1914-20072007-12-1
StaplerQB/T 1300-20072007-12-1
Glue stickQB/T 2857-20072007-12-1
Specification of the primary charging roller for laser printerJB/T 10741-20072007-11-1
FileQB/T 2771-20062006-12-1
Equipping Standard of Education Equipment for Mathematics and Science in Primary SchoolJY/T 0388-20062006-10-1
Equipping Standard of Education Equipment for Science Faculty in Junior Middle SchoolJY/T 0386-20062006-10-1
Standard for Science Lab Equipment in Primary & Secondary SchoolsJY/T 0385-20062006-10-1
Equipping Standard of Education Equipment for Science in Junior Middle SchoolJY/T 0387-20062006-10-1
Equipping Criteria for Instruments and Equipments in Numerical Control Technique Application MajorJY/T 0379-20062006-3-1
Technical specifications for energy conservation product certification for digital multifunction devicesCSC/T 31-20062006-2-23
StaplesQB/T 1151-20052005-9-1
Office pinsQB/T 1148-20052005-9-1
ClipsQB/T 1149-20052005-9-1
Thumb tacksQB/T 1150-20052005-9-1
Correction fluidsQB 2655-20042005-6-1
Correction fluidsQB/T 2655-20042005-6-1
Laboratory equipment power supply systemJY/T 0374-20042005-4-1
LCD Projector for teachingJY/T 0373-20042005-4-1
Demonstrator for Action of FuseJY/T 0364-20042005-1-23
Self-induction Phenomena DemonstratorJY/T 0365-20042005-1-23
Sensors applied experimental apparatusJY/T 0367-20042005-1-23
Sound Propagating DemonstratorJY/T 0371-20042005-1-23
Electric Element Black BoxJY/T 0366-20042005-1-23
Hand holding magnifierJY/T 0378-20042005-1-23
Demonstrating apparatus for microscopic biologyJY/T 0376-20042005-1-23
Dsect mirrorJY/T 0377-20042005-1-23
The Second Law of Newton Demonstration ApparatusJY/T 0368-20042005-1-23
Direct vision pocket spectroscopeJY/T 0375-20042005-1-23
Oilfilm experimental apparatnsJY/T 0372-20042005-1-23
Demonstrator of bodyfloat-sink conditionJY/T 0370-20042005-1-23
Testing regulations for educational equipment productsJY 0002-20032004-1-9
General quality requirements for educational equipment productsJY 0001-20032004-1-9
The plane geometry demonstratorJY 0008-19902004-1-9
Teaching knifebreak switchJY 0117-19912004-1-9
Specification for floating experimental box of primary schoolJY 0119-19912004-1-9
Samples of minerals and rocksJY 0005-19902004-1-9
Air trackJY 0063-19932004-1-9
The model of clockJY 0061-19912004-1-9
Specification of demonstrator for electron-beamJY 0017-19902004-1-9
Specification for optical groupJY 0047-19912004-1-9
Optical diskJY 0033-19912004-1-9
Chemical experimental kits for junior secondary schoolsJY 0007-19902004-1-9
Coumting setJY 0060-19942004-1-9
Linear wheatstone bridge for teachingJY 0048-19912004-1-9
Teaching magnetJY 0057-19942004-1-9
Lnclined-slot trackJY 0041-19932004-1-9
Demonstrator of electromagnetic oscillationJY 0018-19902004-1-9
Prism. SpectroscopeJY 0035-19912004-1-9
The transparent celestial globeJY 0003-19902004-1-9
Resistance coilJY 0029-19912004-1-9
The optical bench for common educationJY 0034-19912004-1-9
Specification for mechanical experimental box of primary schoolJY 0118-19912004-1-9
The limit errors without tolerance indication on drawings and technical documents for educational equipmentJY 0027-19932004-1-9
Induction coilJY 0019-19912004-1-9
Technical specifications of the moonmotion instrumentJY 0004-19902004-1-9
NewtonringsJY 221-19872002-5-1
Capsella embryo developmental modelJY 0356-19992000-6-1
Specimen of corn for testing genetic rulesJY 0353-19992000-6-1
Partial dentition and dissected molaris modelJY 0354-19992000-6-1
General rules for animal skeleton specimensJY 0153-19992000-6-1
Magnetic pieces for demonstrating ABO blood typeJY 0355-19992000-6-1
Power SupplyJY 0361-19992000-6-1
RheostatJY 0028-19992000-6-1
Rheostat human muscular system modelJY 0357-19992000-6-1
Storge cell with adjustable internal resistanceJY 0206-19992000-6-1
Signal generator for teachingJY 0362-19992000-6-1
Miliken oil drop instrumentJY 0358-19992000-6-1
StaplerQB/T 1300-19981999-6-1
Rubber Pencil Eraser QB/T 2336-19971998-8-1
Portable Mechanical Typewriter for Spelling Text QB/T 2308-19971998-4-1
General specification for teching optical instrumentsJY 0347-19961996-6-1
A mathematic teaching aidkit for primary schoolJY 0346-19941996-6-1
Specifcation of Demonstrator for Application of Optical FiberJY 0349-19961996-6-1
Laser Optical Demonstration InstrumentJY 0350-19961996-6-1
Geo-beardJY 0344-19941996-6-1
Mosses slide specimenJY 0339-19931996-6-1
Lichen slide specimenJY 0338-19931996-6-1
SpectrometerJY 0351-19961996-6-1
Science teaching kit for primary schoolJY 0352-19961996-6-1
DenomstratiwgabacusJY 0345-19941996-6-1
Ferns slide specimenJY 0340-19931996-6-1
Reproductive organ embryonic development of angiosperm seed slide specimenJY 0341-19931996-6-1
Storage, usage and protection requirements for teaching radioactive sourceJY 0348-19961996-6-1
Specification for the capacity vnit demonstratorJY 0343-19941996-6-1
Angiosperm seed slide specimenJY 0342-19931996-6-1
Carbonic InkQB/T 2063-19941995-8-1
Stencil paper for typingQB/T 1963-19941995-2-1
Stencil paper for hand-cuttingQB/T 1964-19941995-2-1
Abacus QB/T 1747-19931994-12-1
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape for Kraft Paper HG/T 2408-19921994-12-1
Triple Prism JY 142-19821994-6-1
Technical Specification for Miniature Transformer JY 15-19851994-6-1
Concave-convex MirrorJY 138-19821994-6-1
Dismountable Transformer JY 14-19881994-6-1
Glass BrickJY 140-19821994-6-1
Small Plane Mirror JY 139-19821994-6-1
DC High Voltage Power Supply JY 16-19881994-6-1
Demonstration Instrument for Interference, Diffraction and Polarization of Light JY 141-19821994-6-1
Instructions for Transformer Principle JY 13-19881994-6-1
Specification for wilson cloud chamberJY 0188-19911994-4-1
Chlamydomonas w.m. slide specimenJY 0337-19931994-4-1
Specification for human sprinal cord and vertebral modelJY 0322-19911994-4-1
Specification of geometrical model for the primary schoolJY 0308-19911994-4-1
Specification for electric current experimental box of primary schoolJY 0124-19911994-4-1
Compuoting cards for childrenJY 0207-19911994-4-1
Force moment tableJY 0173-19931994-4-1
Spring vibratorJY 0332-19931994-4-1
Honey bee leg w.m. slide specimenJY 0336-19931994-4-1
Specification for human skin modelJY 0315-19911994-4-1
Specification for Centripetal Force Demonstrator (Method of Pressing Lever and Comparison)JY 0136-19941994-4-1
Specification for human brain stem modelJY 0324-19911994-4-1
Teaching optical benchJY 0329-19931994-4-1
Technical Conditions of Feather and Guinea Tube (Newton Tube)JY 0129-19911994-4-1
Specification for anodonta anatomical modelJY 0311-19911994-4-1
Technical specifications for the model of iron-smelting blast furnaceJY 0305-19911994-4-1
Specification for human inner ear modelJY 0321-19911994-4-1
Detecting dew pointJY 0334-19931994-4-1
Specification for human liver, pancreas and duldenum modelJY 0323-19911994-4-1
Building blocksJY 0134-19911994-4-1
Technical specifications for the model of reaction chamber for sulphuric aid productionJY 0303-19911994-4-1
Technical specifications for the model of steelification converterJY 0306-19911994-4-1
Spring longitudinal wave demonstratorJY 0333-19931994-4-1
Environment specification of tronsterence tore and tert for the mechanics hear teaching instrumentJY 0213-19941994-4-1
Models of the ladder-shaped dsm and the ditchJY 0309-19911994-4-1
Technical specifications for the model of boiling-roasterJY 0302-19911994-4-1
Specification for human, nephron and renal corpuscle modelJY 0319-19911994-4-1
Specification for magnet experimental box of primary schoolJY 0122-19911994-4-1
Specification for electrostatic experimental box of primary schoolJY 0123-19911994-4-1
Specification for earthworm anatomical modelJY 0314-19911994-4-1
Technical specifications for the model of the ammonia synthetic columnJY 0304-19911994-4-1
Centripetal apparatusJY 0331-19931994-4-1
Demonstsatos for showing the edge Lines and the area of the cuboidJY 0307-19911994-4-1
Insect mouth-parts w.m. slide specimenJY 0335-19931994-4-1
Specification for cell membrane structure modelJY 0317-19911994-4-1
Bi-PrismJY 0301-19911994-4-1
Specification for fossil Arechaeopteryx and its restoration modelJY 0313-19911994-4-1
The technical standard of demonstrator for dispersion and composition of sunlightJY 0310-19911994-4-1
Specification for silkworm life cycle specimenJY 0325-19931994-4-1
Specification for ox stomach anatomical modelJY 0312-19911994-4-1
A set for producing absorption spectrum of sodiumJY 0201-19911994-4-1
Specification for funaria hygrometrica life cycle specimenJY 0327-19931994-4-1
Specification for human vertebrae modelJY 0318-19911994-4-1
Aneroid barometerJY 0128-19911994-4-1
Color counting sticksJY 0130-19911994-4-1
Specification for fern life cycle specimenJY 0326-19931994-4-1
Specification for human lymph node modelJY 0316-19911994-4-1
Specification for lifecycle specimen cabbage butterflyJY 0320-19911994-4-1
Pointer - Type Electric Meter for TeachingJY 0330-19931993-10-1
Ink PenQB/T 1655-19921993-9-1
Specifications for Models in Relief of Various Systems of Human BodyJY 0328-19931993-5-1
StenographQB/T 1152-19911992-1-1
Chinese Typewriter - Zinc Alloy Letter QB/T 1147-19911992-1-1
Machinery Chinese TypewriterQB/T 1144-19911992-1-1
Machinery Chinese Typewriter - Technical Requirement and Test Method for Galvanized PartsQB/T 1146-19911992-1-1
Machinery Chinese Typewriter - Technical Requirement and Test Method for Painting PartsQB/T 1145-19911992-1-1
Methods of type designation for producets of teaching instrument and equipmentJY 0026-19911991-4-1
Technical specifications for vertical electrolysers with the block membrane JY 0006-19901990-9-1
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