Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Natural latex used for plant fibers in furnitureT/CNFA 12-2020
Technical specification of modified wood for furnitureGB/T 38467-20202020-10-1
Technical Specification of Double-faced Hollow-core Panel for FurnitureQB/T 4766-20142014-11-1
Castors for FurnitureQB/T 4765-20142014-11-1
Steel Members for FurnitureQB/T 4767-20142014-11-1
Hardware of furniture—Cup hingesQB/T 2189-20132013-12-1
General requirements for furniture packageQB/T 4465-20132013-12-1
Technical requirements and test methods of furniture connectorsGB/T 28203-20112012-9-1
Polymer board for furnitureGB/T 26696-20112011-12-1
Hardware for Furniture - Guide Rails - Requirements and Inspection QB/T 2454-19992000-1-1
Hardware for Furniture - Cup Hinges and Their Mounting Plates - Requirements and TestingQB/T 2189-19951996-7-1
Furniture Hardware Installation Size for Furniture HandlesQB/T 1241-19911992-4-1
Furniture Hardware Installation Dimension of Cyathiform Blind HingeQB/T 1242-19911992-4-1
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