Code of China Chinese Classification Professional Classification ICS Classification Latest Value-added Services

Title Standard No. Implemented On
Specification for aquatic ecological monitoring of riverDB32/T 4178-2021
Guideline for urban ecological environmental protection planningT/GIA 003-2020
Technical specification of basic environment for ecological restoration of coal mining subsidenceDB32/T 4082-2021
Specification for Calculation of Ecological Flow for Rivers and LakesSL/T 712-20212021-10-1
Technical specifications for water ecological conservation by aquatic ecological investigation and making releasing planDB37/T 4332-20212021-4-11
Extent of protection delimits of marine observation environmentHY/T 238-20182018-9-1
Technical guideline for mangrove vegetation restorationHY/T 214-20172017-6-1
Technical specification for delineating source seawater protection areas for desalinationHY/T 220-20172017-6-1
Starch-based biodegradable resinGB/T 27868-20112012-9-1
Technical directives for the designation of special marine protected areaGB/T 25054-20102011-2-1
Technical guidelines for functional zonation and the overall plan compiling of special marine protected areaHY/T 118-20102010-3-1
Standard for the classification and categorization of special marine protected areaHY/T 117-20102010-3-1
Technical guidelines for selecting of ocean dumping areaHY/T 122-20092009-5-1
Technical regulation of in situ conservation site construction for agricultural wild plantsNY/T 1668-20082008-10-1
Technical Guidelines for Environmental Protection in Ecological Construction Projects for Check & Accept Completed ProjectHJ/T 394-20072008-2-1
specification for coastal wetland eco-monitoringHY/T 080-20052005-10-1
specification for eco-monitoring of seagrass bedHY/T 083-20052005-9-1
specification for eco-monitoring of coral reef ecosystemHY/T 082-20052005-9-1
specification for eco-monitorinig of mangrove ecosystemHY/T 081-20052005-9-1
Technical guidelines for environmental risk assessment on projectsHJ/T 169-20042004-12-11
Principle for classification of marine nature reservesGB/T 17504-19981999-4-1
for categories and grades of nature reservesGB/T 14529-19931994-1-1
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